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The stay-at-home wife should do it. And since every wife should be a stay-at-home wife, every wife should do it... The woman's role is to keep the HOME. Not to earn money, not to make business deals; she is to keep the home. And if a job keeps her from so much as taking out the trash (so long as she is physically able), that job is disobedient to the Bible's instructions on marriage.

GPickypick, Christianity.com Forums 21 Comments [12/1/2003 12:00:00 AM]
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Proverbs 31, R'tard.

2/3/2007 2:04:35 AM


Yes, because every family can survive on a single income these days. Especially these good Christan families who don't believe in birth control. I'm sure a great many of working mothers would love to be at home with their kids...but they work so that they can *KEEP* the home.

2/28/2007 4:44:19 AM


Kat, I don't mean to pick on you, but that line of reasoning kind of bugs me. I don't think it addresses this guy's central problem, which is that he thinks women are subservient.
It doesn't matter why a woman works. Men don't need an excuse to work; why should women only work if they need the money?

2/28/2007 10:12:07 PM


Virgin for sure.

2/28/2007 10:38:46 PM

T. McGee

@ JP - Because to aspire to anything other than taking out the trash, baking cookies, and birthing 15 children is to deny your "natural" role as a woman.

Methinks people like this guy are simply terrified of a woman who could outsmart or outearn them.

10/31/2008 7:36:50 PM

Freedom Bound

exactly Proverbs 31!!!

"[a wife]considers a field and buys it.... makes linen garments and sells them etc etc etc "


Read your f*cking Bible!! What is it these fundies are fundamentalist about when they don't even read the book they claim to be following?

10/31/2008 7:43:47 PM

Guess who has a microschlong...

10/31/2008 7:48:09 PM


Alternatively, whoever is physically closest to the trash at the time it needs to be taken out could take it out. OR you could trade off.

10/31/2008 7:53:52 PM

a mind far far away

Let me get this straight. Fundy Dad + Fundy Mom = dozens of fundy (probably) kids. Fundy Dad = high school drop out (because of all the terrible satanisms that they taught) = minimum wage job. I'm not sure he's thought this all the way through. My wife is in college studying psychology (criminal psychology to be exact), and after she's done, or we've gotten some things under control, I'm going myself for astrophysics. But tell my wife that, I guarantee you won't walk away without a black eye, if you walk away at all.

10/31/2008 8:27:20 PM


So...when's YOUR place gonna get foreclosed? Because...uh...as I'm aware, most women work out of home because if they didn't, they WOULDN'T HAVE A FUCKING HOME OTHERWISE.

10/31/2008 8:54:36 PM


...whoever is physically closest to the trash...

Homer's Law: He who tops it off, drops it off.

10/31/2008 8:58:09 PM


In the closert, much?

11/1/2008 12:56:25 AM


'Barefoot and pregnant' award.

11/1/2008 2:45:04 AM

Yeah...tell that to all the single mothers out there who don't have a man to earn money or make business deals. Do you want them to beg on the street so that their children can survive, then? Stupid, misogynistic moron.

11/1/2008 1:43:26 PM


So you're voting for Obama, right GPickypick? You can't vote Republican because obviously Sarah Palin is violating biblical law by earning money, making business/political deals, etc..

11/3/2008 2:53:39 PM

Allegory for Jesus

" that job is disobedient to the Bible's instructions on marriage."

We know. Where are the people like you when there are people trying to take credit for our society's moral foundations? You'd be quite a help to the side of the debate that you actually disagree with.

7/29/2010 6:17:03 PM


Should she be barefoot and pregnant too?

7/6/2011 10:47:43 AM


So should the chain around her ankle be no longer than absolutely necessary to enable her to get from the kitchen to the end of the drive, or are you one of those more enlightened fundies who expects his woman to drive to the supermarket and buy food (in which case the chains are mental rather than physical)?

7/6/2011 12:35:28 PM


The woman's role is to keep the HOME. Not to earn money, not to make business deals; she is to keep the home.

Watch how fast his stance on this reverses during the divorce settlement.

7/6/2011 2:37:22 PM

Good luck starving

7/4/2014 1:00:43 AM


There were no stay-at-home wives in Biblical time; everyone worked full time (as in "from sunrise to sunset") back then.
Stay-at-home wives is just a tiny parenthesis in history.

Besides, MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS! Let other people manage their lives their way.

7/4/2014 1:53:52 AM

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