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The Titanic was built in Northern Ireland and it was claimed that the ship was so big that even God wouldn't sink it.

Most people don't know that a protestant worker wrote on the side of the hull ( so it would be under the waterline), to Hell with the Pope.

Co-incidence is God's way of staying anonymous.

eireblood, Y!A 17 Comments [12/31/2008 10:05:59 PM]
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Citation needed. Also, why does an all-knowing, all-powerful, self-admittedly homicidally vain and jealous being want to stay anonymous?

1/1/2009 7:22:37 AM

rubber chicken

However, the facts demonstrate this to be complete and utter bullshit.

The truth is Gods way of not existing.

1/1/2009 8:18:42 AM


If "most people don't know this,,," how is it that you do? You do realise that lying is a sin, don't you?

Why would a supposedly 'omnipotent' god even want to remain anonymous?

My sister and I called each to wish each a Happy New Year. I got a busy tone. So did she. We were calling each other at exactly the same time. Coincidence or your anonymous god trying to split the family and stop us from talking to each other? (It didn't work, we got through 2 mins later)

1/1/2009 8:37:51 AM


"Most people don't know that a protestant worker wrote on the side of the hull ( so it would be under the waterline), to Hell with the Pope. "

Most people don't know it because it's bullshit! If it were true the workers responsible, not the boat! Let's see,, Christians: Tranfer sins, tranfer blame, transfer free thought.

1/1/2009 2:13:27 PM


If that story is true, why would God punish innocent passengers and not the guilty worker?

1/1/2009 2:37:40 PM

Man Called True

From Preacher:

"D'ye think that's why it sank?"
"Could be. Or could've been the fucking big iceberg that hit it."

1/1/2009 3:19:53 PM

Citation Fucking Needed.

1/2/2009 7:26:10 PM


Most people don't know, but there was a dead mummified Egyptian priestess on the voyage, and she was pissed off enough to cause the ship to steer right toward the iceberg. All the dead passengers and crew still on the bottom are her slaves.

One wonders whether the long soak was good for her complexion.

1/2/2009 7:54:56 PM


Yeah what everyone else said...citation needed or its bullshit.

1/2/2009 8:01:17 PM

Dr. Quasius

Neither of these thing occurred. Fuck you.

1/2/2009 9:44:36 PM


Writting "to hell with the pope" is done in Irish grade three printing exercises. And why not?

I'm pretty sure it was an iceberg.
Or maybe the Sub-Mariner?

2/3/2009 11:23:30 PM


I agree with this, to Hell with the Pope and his stupid hat.

2/3/2009 11:41:58 PM


Coincidence? Or maybe...just maybe, it was that huge hulk of ice the ship smashed into?

2/3/2009 11:47:24 PM

So, God wants to remain anonymous yes or no?. You can´t have both.

12/27/2009 7:13:00 AM


Citation needed. And why would an omnipotent God need to stay anonymous?

12/27/2009 7:18:54 AM


Titanic was 269 meters long, the largest container ships of today are around 400 meters long. God doesn't steer those, either.

Who was this protestant worker? Who witnessed him writing it? What did he write with? What happened to HIM? If the mere presence of that sentence killed off 1522 people; men, women and children, how would the actual writing be punished?

12/27/2009 7:32:33 AM

Bearing in mind that many Irish Catholics died inside it, I would say no. Since the quotation has not been found(that's why people don't know about it), I would say bullshit. And since God doesn't want and doesn't need to be anonymous(except when it's convenient for the some stupid people), according to the Bible, I would say it's stupid to say the least.

3/17/2010 10:53:30 AM

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