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... another reason I think its heretical. The RCC wants nothing more than more money. They aren't out to bring anyone to Christ, only to raise finances to fund the Pope's mansion.

Magus55, Internet Infidels 4 Comments [12/1/2003 12:00:00 AM]
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And you explain millionaire TV preachers (Protestant one and all) precisely how?

9/6/2011 6:16:00 PM

Crimson Lizard

In that, they differ in no way from any other religious sect. They've just been at it longer and thus have accumulated more.

4/27/2014 11:05:17 AM


Kent Hovind seems to have been in it for the dough too, to fund his own mansion, as he even committed tax fraud to keep more of it for himself.

4/27/2014 11:26:30 PM


Got much less of a point since the new pope's come in, he's been actively selling off the shiny stuff to fund charitable work. There's still a lot of it, but it's going in the right direction

4/28/2014 12:30:02 AM

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