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That [Relativity] is actually still just a theory. Its also one that I've never believed in. Yes, I know the story of how they had 2 exactly timed clocks, sent one into space and when it returned it was off by a fraction of a second. ANYTHING could have affected that clock in space tho.. from atmospheric effects to radiological ones. You will have a hard time ever convincing me that time is anything more than point:a to point:b

Dorko, Rapture Ready 8 Comments [12/1/2003 12:00:00 AM]
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Not only do we have the \"just a theory\" BS, but it's trying to ignore all that we've learned about time...

\"You will have a hard time ever convincing me that time is anything more than point:a to point:b\"
Probably...since that's space, not time.


11/24/2005 2:31:57 AM

Darth Wang

Oh, yeah? What about gravitational lensing? What about the fact that the experiment you described has been repeated many times and come up with the same results each time?

11/24/2005 6:20:27 PM


Rapture Ready Science Dept.
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10/18/2008 11:20:17 PM


Dorko. No name is more fitting.

10/19/2008 1:02:37 AM


Theory of Relativity, as with ALL theories, is tested countless times and found correct. The faster you travel, the greater the time dilation. Even a clock sent up on a rocket at a pitifully slow (40000mph) speed, showed a measureable dilation - which was predicted in the first place.
Science would love nothing better than to test YOUR theories, but continuously saying "it's in the Bible" with no other evidence is NOT a basis for investigation.

10/19/2008 9:21:09 AM


Isn't it good there's more proof then.

The sun sends billions of sub-atomic particles towards the earth constantly. From experiments in particle colliders we know that when these particles interact with some found in out atmosphere they create an unstable meson. The time this meson exists for is less than the time it would take for it to complete it's journey to the ground. However, we can detect these mesons on the ground due to the fact that they are traveling at relativistic speeds and hence experience time dilation.

Also, it is the job of experimental physicists to try and see if there was anything wrong with an experiment and to calculate how it would affect the results. I can assure you that many people have examined the results of one of the most revolutionary theories to date.

It's rather arrogant of you to assume that you can debunk something like that without much education in the field.

5/7/2012 2:01:41 PM

Quantum Mechanic

"just a theory"

That's what they said at Hiroshima.

10/9/2013 9:00:08 AM

Philbert McAdamia

>> Its also one that I've never believed in.

you will have a hard time ever convincing me<<

Dorko, indeed. In a nutshell.

10/9/2013 9:56:23 AM

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