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Cute, but it[Relativity i]s not confusing to me at all. I just happen to disagree with it.

Dorko, Rapture Ready 9 Comments [12/1/2003 12:00:00 AM]
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Not surprising. Another fundie fuckwit who things that reading the Bible qualifies them as more intelligent than Einstein.

3/4/2008 11:36:49 PM

Quantum Mechanic

Then stop using it.

5/21/2012 5:03:39 PM


Cute, but Reality doesn't give a fuck about your opinion.

5/21/2012 6:53:53 PM


translated: I don't know what I'm talking about.

8/4/2012 2:44:10 PM


Then you probably have some stunningly amazing rebuttals to it! You should be designing experiments to discredit Relativity and usher in a new age in physics! Also Nobel prize is a given.

3/21/2014 5:05:28 AM


Not the most innapropriate username ever, eh?

Could be a Troll, of course, but as I always say - who knows, with these idiots?

3/22/2014 3:11:25 AM


List your disagreements with it,,,,since you soooo understand it.

I do understand your religion, I understand what you think the Rapture (dogma)is, the Rapture in fact being an example of my disagreement: It's not in your Bible, it's not in Revelation, it's totally recently introduced Dogma of men. 6000 year old Earth, also not there.

But don't argue with me, argue with most Christians who don't even remotely tolerate Rapture or Young Earth myths.

3/23/2014 8:30:49 AM


Science doesn't care. It's the stuff that's true whether you believe in it or not.

3/11/2017 9:01:41 PM


So basic definitions like make perfect sense to Dorko? I doubt it.

At least the name is fitting.

3/11/2017 9:48:55 PM

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