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Children of Muslims are dispensable commodities. That is why they have so many. So they can die for Allah

Mitsy, Prophecy Fellowship 32 Comments [1/24/2009 10:41:04 PM]
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Submitted By: Christopher Lee

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Children of Xians are dispensable commodities. That is why the have so many. So they can spread hate for out god.

1/24/2009 10:42:58 PM


Soldiers for Christ, anyone?

1/24/2009 10:45:46 PM

Punches Pilot

Talk about trying to dehumanize people.

1/24/2009 10:46:33 PM


"And that's why i shot that heathen kid, your honor."

1/24/2009 10:48:00 PM


The sad thing is in some places this is all but true (in effect, if not by intent)

1/24/2009 10:48:23 PM



Please accept my sincere invitation to give yourself a napalm enema before you poison the minds of any children.

1/24/2009 10:49:52 PM

Churchy LaFemme

Check out Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar -- fundys with 18 children and hoping for more. Motto: children are a heritage of the Lord.


1/24/2009 11:03:14 PM

The Watcher

Efrain: We don't do "FIRST!" posts here. We're more civilized than that :)

1/24/2009 11:06:45 PM


Quote mining.

Yes I know. I've seen footage like this before. Most people don't want to know. The UN and other Humanitarian organisations know full well this is happening but ignore it. Children of Muslims are dispensable commodities. That is why they have so many. So they can die for Allah. They are taught to hate and to kill.

TOO sad! How can they be farmers or doctors or anything else a community needs to care for itself and it's members? They can't. A whole nation (so to speak) of children brought up as one thing, soldiers

Read the whole quote in context. Mitsy is saying that the 'evil' leaders of the palestinians regard and treat children like this, NOT that it is a good thing. Someone posted a video of 5 year olds marching around in military gear and carrying guns, and I too think this is not a good thing. Now, I agree, we have our near equivalents like "Jesus Camp" but this is, um, a bit further down the line. Mitsy is wrong that the situation is caused purely by religion (it's because they're Muslims without Jesus blah blah), but right that it is a very ugly thing to see children walking around with weapons, not playing cops and robbers, but identifying the enemy as someone that really exists, and with the long range plan (at that age!) to eventually kill them. Makes me wonder how Europe ever crawled out of the dark ages and we stopped killing each other.

1/24/2009 11:30:37 PM


@The Watcher:
Why are you calling me out on this? I've seen others do it without negative repercussions.

1/24/2009 11:41:57 PM


Tell me please when did your own prophet jesus say that children of any kind are a "dispensible commodity". By the gods , you are a sorry excuse for humanity.

1/25/2009 12:02:59 AM


I'm not sure if these says more about them or Muslims?

1/25/2009 12:17:35 AM


Wow, that explains the men in the OT, the Catholics, and the Mormons. Good job pissing a lot of people off. I bet their families could dog pile yours.

1/25/2009 12:38:50 AM


Gotta love those loving Xtians!

1/25/2009 12:50:11 AM

Exmuslim Turk

Illuminatalie has a point. This is not fundie.

1/25/2009 1:06:28 AM


God dammit, cut that quote mining shit out! We dont need to mine for quotes, there are plenty of good real ones.

1/25/2009 1:06:33 AM


"Happy is the one who takes and dashes your little ones against the rock"

Bloodthirsty hypocrite =_=

1/25/2009 1:36:27 AM

a mind far far away


1/25/2009 1:55:17 AM

The Jamo

I don't know what to say.

1/25/2009 2:28:09 AM


Then what is that Christian "Quiverfull" movement about?

1/25/2009 3:05:29 AM

A Friend

FOAD. Pieces of trash like you are dispensible.

1/25/2009 3:07:46 AM


Usually this picture is reserved for the fundies, but in this case, well I'm just disappointed.

Oh, and I'm getting tired of the firsties that have been happening over the last week or so.

1/25/2009 5:41:17 AM


And what's Catholic's excuses? Or "Quiver Full" Christian fundies? Or how about the Mormons? Hmm?

1/25/2009 6:07:49 AM


Thanks, Illuminatalie.
P.S. - I've no problem with 'First' posts.

1/25/2009 10:12:20 AM



The problem is when you have nothing this may be the only option. The Palestinians need an option where their kids don't have to do this. Israel will never give them an option (since it means having to live on equal terms and considering Israel's entire "point" is to own all their stuff...)

Children from both sides are like this. We think "palestinians" but the Israelis also do this. It's a system of hate where the Israelis see no difference from their actions and Joshua's yet do not see the irony of ghettoising and taking uneven revenge on a group of people based on faith.

1/25/2009 11:53:45 AM

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