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No, it all started going downhill with the implementation of the graded schools and the elimination of the one room school house and local parental control of the schools in the early 1900's, which interestingly enough, coincided with the Scopes Trial and the beginning of eliminating God from education.

metmom, Free Republic 28 Comments [1/29/2009 2:09:04 AM]
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Rat of Steel

It's equally coincidental, y'know, that the Roman empire began tumbling down at about the time it officially embraced Christianity. You sure you wanna continue on this line of thought, Freeper?

1/29/2009 2:20:09 AM


Yes, I can just imagine it: a giant, stadium-sized classroom, full of screaming children. Wonderful.

1/29/2009 2:22:24 AM


Let's go further than that. It was the beginning of America becoming one of the world's leading nations in term of innovation, education, medicine, life expectancy.
I could go on but I doubt you would see my point.

1/29/2009 2:24:31 AM


Do we need to remind you that, in the Scopes Trial, evolution lost?

1/29/2009 2:35:26 AM


Do you have ANY idea what you're talking about?

Why do these people always want the most ineffective education conceivable for everyone else's children too? You get to homeschool your kids into stupidity, now let those of us who know anything, anything at all, about education handle it. Thanks.

1/29/2009 3:02:45 AM


I'm 40. My Grandparents didn't go to a one-room schoolhouse. Are we lowering the bar? The "no more school prayer" argument started getting a little stale, so we had to go even further back?

1/29/2009 3:16:28 AM


Yeah I miss the old schools too...

1/29/2009 3:20:01 AM

Yeah we should all be in one-room little red schoolhouses with 15 year old teachers who live out in the lean-to on weekends, trying to keep warm with a patchwork quilt and a fire in a tin can. Maybe during the long winter her boyfriend could make the 40 mile trip in 20 below weather to take her home for a visit with Maw and Paw. What, someone already wrote that book? Ya don't say.

1/29/2009 4:22:40 AM


I'm 36 and my grandmother DID go to a one-room schoolhouse. And I still think it's a shit-tastic idea!

1/29/2009 4:23:36 AM

Hawker Hurricane

My Great Grandfather didn't attend a "One Room School House" in 1898. A one room school house? In NYC? Did they ever exist?

And Creationist won the Scopes trial. Which made Tennessee and Creationists a worldwide laughingstock.

1/29/2009 4:37:29 AM


...The Scopes trial happened in the 20's, not the turn of the century... And as others here have pointed out, the one-room school thing was going out on its own in many places.

1/29/2009 4:46:11 AM


So does that mean you'd be a-ok with a teacher cracking your kids on the knuckles with a wooden ruler if they give even the slightest hint of cheek?

1/29/2009 6:51:53 AM


I see you never even went to school.

1/29/2009 6:56:25 AM


"yeah, and while we're at it. lets lynch a few coloreds. cause we all know that's when things really started to go bad. when them damn yankees made us white folk go to the same schools as them." i know this is what you'd really like to say, right.

1/29/2009 7:00:56 AM


That can't be serious. I'ts sarcasm right?

1/29/2009 7:01:54 AM

Presidents of the early 1900's:

McKinley (R) 1897-1901
T. Roosevelt (R) 1901-09
Taft (R) 1909-13

Blame it on your own.

1/29/2009 7:43:16 AM


Citation really needed!

1/29/2009 11:17:52 AM

Dan Onymous

I'm quite happy to have my kids graded at school. It's only people with stupid kids who don't like that.

1/29/2009 11:32:50 AM


"which interestingly enough, coincided with the Scopes Trial and the beginning of eliminating God from education."

So it didn't start in the 50's then, like fudnies used to tell us?

1/29/2009 1:17:31 PM


20 bucks says he blames the rise in school shooting on the last parft of the post.

1/29/2009 1:25:42 PM


I love how these bozos think America was this Garden of Eden created with Christian principles and life was oh so great before people started standing up against them.

I guess it might have been based on Biblical teachings with the genocide of the Native Americans. I love the Christian teachings that said that only white rich land-owners could vote. I guess we were based on Christianity!

(Good thing some of us are growing out of it.)

1/29/2009 1:32:44 PM

Mister Spak

No, it all started going downhill when we allowed people other than rich white men to learn to read.

1/29/2009 1:59:30 PM


1. Kids learn things at different ages.

2. There is a goddamn universe of knowledge out there that I will never understand, but I am trying to make a bite out of it. You madam are revelling in your stupidity as if it
were wisdom.

3. Specialisation of teaching created a massive change in standards and our level of education is a lot higher. Because teachers can specialise. I don't have to tell you what calculus, trigonometry, logarithms are because if I do you will probably kill the hamster that powers your brain.

4. Local parents know ass about schools. As you are proving quite handily. I would not trust you with a circular piece of card and crayons because you seem to be capable of such stupidity.

1/29/2009 3:27:59 PM

Quantum Mechanic


1/29/2009 3:32:30 PM


No, that shit started in the 1600s.

Ever heard of the Boston Latin School?

1/29/2009 4:24:03 PM

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