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Big Solar Flare [in the news]... It seems that God is doing some pre-action now. Just as I have seen in the visions. We don't need to fear this yet. Jesus gave us several examples of how we must set loose of fear. It is just a pinch of a shock wave. We may look at the heavens for the real signs.

ValenII, Christian Forums 3 Comments [12/1/2003 12:00:00 AM]
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Quantum Mechanic

It's 2012.

4/6/2012 5:28:09 AM

If you're having visions, you've got a lot more to worry about than just solar flares.

4/6/2012 8:01:55 AM


You can only know about that recent solar flare via the scientific technology that recorded it. They didn't even have to report it to the general public so the conclusion is clear here. God only talks to scientists. So close down all those useless churchs and use the Bibles for heating and pay heed to those who know.

By the way, solar flares are pretty common, the Suns had many recorded, seasonal even, farts. Most else we hear or see about our celestrial view is only seen by sciences devices and documentation process.

4/8/2012 6:29:15 AM

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