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I was a scoutmaster and on council staff with the Boy Scouts of America for 11 years in NE Ohio. And can state that 100% of the child molestations and attempted molestations were in fact homosexual in nature.

sleddogs, Free Republic 63 Comments [1/30/2009 11:02:50 PM]
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Let's see now, you're in an exclusively male organization, and this was a big revelation to you? Really? Do you know that the light goes off when you close the refrigerator door, too?

1/31/2009 4:10:17 AM


Get out of Cleveland, you dipshit. 100% of the child molestations are perpetrated by an adult on a child! Adults are teh evilll!!!!onety!!!one!!!eleventy!

1/31/2009 4:18:16 AM

Sheik yer Bouti

I have always suspected that the boy scouts were a recruiting arm of NAMBLA

1/31/2009 5:10:51 AM

Sheik yer Bouti

I have always believed that the boy scouts were a recruiting arm of NAMBLA

1/31/2009 5:12:04 AM


Straight men molesting young boys is a homosexual act? Well fuck me up the arse and call me a homosexual, I never would have guessed!

1/31/2009 5:45:50 AM


So, little girls never get molested by men, then?

1/31/2009 8:19:36 AM


Well, it's good to see a fundy finally admitting to being a homosexual AND child molester :-)

1/31/2009 12:34:55 PM


Your 'fact'- are you declaring that none of these molesters was heterosexually married?
I'd need evidence thanks.

1/31/2009 12:46:54 PM


Since the population is all boys and men... But in other areas, paedophilia has been done by straights

1/31/2009 1:58:47 PM


Holy Skewed results, Batman! And also, to restate the usual, most child molesters aren't hetero OR homosexual. They're fixated on children, and have no real adult sexuality to speak of. Many admit to targeting boys just because they're easier to access.

1/31/2009 2:06:24 PM


Experience in that field huh?

1/31/2009 3:29:04 PM

colonel catastrophe

Yes, well, in an all male group like the boy scouts, any sexual assault would have been homosexual. This is called a statistical bias because your sample (the boy scouts) does not accurately reflect society as a whole.

1/31/2009 3:49:33 PM


Well there is a "boy" in boy scouts . I wonder why

1/31/2009 6:26:41 PM


Why, because you committed them all?

1/31/2009 6:51:50 PM

Moon Wolfhowl

....because you don't allow women to join...

1/31/2009 7:10:49 PM


Sleddogs was responsible for the majority of the cases, I'm sure.

1/31/2009 11:36:30 PM

Hey Zeus

Of course 100% of the molestations were homosexual "in nature". When you break it down to the simple fact - one male having sex with another male - it is homosexual "in nature", however due to the fact that it an adult molesting a minor, that just makes it pedophilia and that is completely different.

Other than that, why be in the Boy Scouts if you're not going to Scout for Boys?

2/1/2009 2:28:14 AM


Only the ones you did.

2/1/2009 4:32:22 AM


So how many of these homosexuals went home to their wives at night?

2/1/2009 4:53:27 AM


but... isn't boyscouts only for boys. how would you have a hetrosexual molestation

2/1/2009 5:12:32 AM


Isn't this a repeat?

2/2/2009 10:57:33 PM


sleddogs, so why did you do it?

2/17/2009 5:52:08 AM


[And can state that 100% of the child molestations and attempted molestations were in fact homosexual in nature. ]

Got any citations for your statistics?
No? Then shut the fuck up.

2/24/2009 7:06:24 AM


Yeah, not many girls get molested in the Boy Scouts.

2/24/2009 3:31:18 PM

Darwin's Bullfrog

So... stop molesting them then. Sheesh!

2/24/2009 5:18:30 PM

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