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[About Ted Haggard's wife admitting she knew of his "struggles with same-sex attraction for years"]

This bitch should be tried for complicity if she knew about this. It amazes me how many PERVERTS hide behind the cross, and are still allowed to be free among the people. Just one of these act should be grounds for we don't have to suppot this kind of trash to be imprisoned for life.

DGreene620, AOL News Comments 34 Comments [1/29/2009 10:55:57 PM]
Fundie Index: 8
Submitted By: Brainy
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Still rock N troll to me

1/29/2009 11:03:01 PM


Ah yes, how christian. Forgiveness, compassion, love... ever heard of them?

1/29/2009 11:07:50 PM

Wise Child

The Supreme Court rendered most sodomy laws practically useless in 2003. She can't be charged with anything.

Oh look, time to throw someone under the bus. It's a good thing for the Fundies that Haggard was not a media star (or media whore?) like a televangelist, and just a not-too-famous megachurch pastor with an administrative title in some sort of organization.

1/29/2009 11:27:54 PM

Old Viking

Deat: The fundy solution to any problem.

1/29/2009 11:34:48 PM


Homosexuality IS NOT A CRIME.

Christianity SHOULD BE.

1/29/2009 11:51:43 PM


Not so pro-life anymore, boy?

1/29/2009 11:55:25 PM

Shadow Boxer

Amazing how quickly they turn on their own, isn't it?
(Well, maybe not so amazing)

1/29/2009 11:56:23 PM


For the first time, I feel an ounce of sympathy toward Ted Haggard.

1/30/2009 12:10:25 AM


I watched him on Oprah and I give him a lot of credit. I still think he just needs to say he either gay or bi-sexual but I think he still has such Christian guilt that he never will. But he has come along way.

I felt bad for him when the church threw him to the curb. But I expected as much. I don't think the church/religion is really there for you when you need it, as much as they try to convince us it is.

1/30/2009 12:39:37 AM

Darwin's Lil' Girl

Internet Tough Guy Magazine has a column for guys like you. Many columns, in fact. Practically the whole magazine.

1/30/2009 1:03:50 AM

Darwin's Bullfrog

Calm down fella. Cerebral aneurysms are not fun. It's only bum sex. Why not try it? You might like it.

Haggard clearly thinks quite highly of it.

1/30/2009 1:54:26 AM


Quietly looking the other way and choking back tears while your husband lives a gay double life for the sake of your husband's career and the image you have created for your family should be a crime worthy of death?

How about we give poor MS Haggard a cruise instead, asshole.

1/30/2009 3:39:25 AM


Obviously, Christian charity is too highbrow a concept for some Christians.

1/30/2009 7:36:34 AM

Pule Thamex

Isn't it just amazing how many hide behind the cross. The whole of fundiedom for a start.

1/30/2009 9:39:44 AM



1/30/2009 12:41:49 PM


Amazing how fast these people discard one of the most influential pastors in 2005. Christian love my shiny metal ass.

1/30/2009 3:01:30 PM


$50 says DGreene620 is gay.

1/30/2009 3:31:18 PM

Jasper Spotty-Butt

Afternoon. Lovely day for it.

1/30/2009 3:35:37 PM

@Will: I agree.

1/30/2009 3:36:03 PM

Flipper 'n' Fries

Me and Fries understand now. That's why fundies believe so fervently in the Commanments, otherwise there'd be nothing to stop them rampaging wildly every day. Killing, raping, and causing havoc is their natural bent.

It's only their weird religion that just barely keeps them under control. So you can imagine their continual rage and frustration looking for release. Hee haw! That's mighty funny.

1/30/2009 3:53:28 PM


This bitch should be tried for complicity if she knew about this. It amazes me how many PERVERTS hide behind the cross, and are still allowed to be free among the people.'s oddly refreshing to see some of the fundies turning on Mr. Haggard for his hypocrisy. However, that doesn't diminish the fact that this creature has about as much compassion, and understanding on love as the average tapeworm. to her defense knowing and keeping quiet was her way of trying to support and help him, dumbfuck. People who love each other do that.

Just one of these act should be grounds for we don't have to suppot this kind of trash to be imprisoned for life.
Don't let the fact that there are no victims, no harm, and no fucking CRIME get in the way of your mindless bloodlust...Jesus H. Christ, for a religion of love these guys seem to hate more than anyone I know.

1/30/2009 3:55:54 PM


Wait, Gayle Haggard should be executed cause Ted sucked dicks? Am I reading that correctly?

I've been following the press of these people over the last few days and saw the HBO special and for the first time in my life I can say that I truly feel sorry for a fundie. This poor guy is gay and because he believes so fervently in the literal truth of the bible he can;t bring himself to be true to his nature. I feel bad for him and I feel bad for his family.

1/30/2009 5:16:32 PM


Heaaay! That's one of your boys.We knew he was fucked before he admited to drug use and sexual dishonesty. He was a Fucking Fundie after all!

1/30/2009 11:43:47 PM


The same mentality created Dhalmer. Get a clue, homosexuality hurts nobody (well unless they want it to ;)

1/31/2009 2:24:13 AM


See how these Christians love one another!

Mrs Haggard has had to suffer more that DGreene may ever know. DGreene (why do I have the impression it's a woman) is a heartless bitch that no self-respecting man, straight or gay, would want to associate with - that kind of termagant.

BTW, note how lovingly ther word 'perverts' is capitalised!

1/31/2009 6:57:08 PM
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