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How come the planets were always here? God created them. We also don't forget about God because he is living and still does miracles and isn't a civillian centered God. The greeks were the only ones who believed in Zeus and whatnot, but all over the world people believe in God.

Globetrotter, worldofwarcraft 53 Comments [2/9/2009 4:06:19 AM]
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...Isn't a civilian-centered God?

I guess I better join the army, or no heaven for me. :'(

2/9/2009 4:08:59 AM


Gaming geek who has never left his keyboard. Will never get laid. Will live at home his whole life.

2/9/2009 4:11:09 AM


Even for a fundie you're stupid.

2/9/2009 4:11:12 AM


How come the planets were always here?

Astronomy Fail!

2/9/2009 4:11:20 AM


Fail from the first sentence.

2/9/2009 4:11:21 AM

Random Man

Fail at first sentence.

2/9/2009 4:13:52 AM

Rat of Steel

Fat, drunk, and stupid is no way to go through life, Globetrotter.

2/9/2009 4:13:56 AM


"We also don't forget about God because he is living and still does miracles"

Not that I've seen.

"The greeks were the only ones who believed in Zeus and whatnot, but all over the world people believe in God."

And different people all over the world believe in Allah. What's your point?

2/9/2009 4:13:59 AM


Civilian centered God. What could these words mean?

2/9/2009 4:17:33 AM


Someone doesn't know astronomy.

2/9/2009 4:18:49 AM

Basement dweller fundie demonstrates his knowledge of the world by failing miserably.

2/9/2009 4:26:41 AM

Potentate Argyros of the Gaystapo

No one, but no one can be this fucking stupid.

Planets were not always here.

There are literally millions of gods that people worship, your god is but one of them.

So, is he a military centered God?

2/9/2009 4:29:59 AM


I'm confused as to how the planets could always be there, but God also created them. Did the have a beginning, or didn't they?

What is a civilian centered God?

The Mayans believed in First Father, Hun Hunahpu and Xbalanque
The Aztecs believed in Quetzalcoatl and Tezcatlipoca
The Egyptians believed in Bastet, Thoth, Ra, Hathor, Mut, etc.
. . .
We can list local gods all we like, and all it proves is that a society that stayed in approximately the same place for a while developed a religion (usually based heavily on the natural environment in their location) that that society held to, but generally other nearby societies, though possibly influenced, didn't hold quite exactly the same religious views.

The fact that "God" is believed in around the globe simply testifies to:
1. the movement of people who believed in God
2a. the forced conversion of people who essentially don't believe in God, but mixed a bit of the theology (sometimes as little as simply replacing names of their deities with 'Christian' names) with the native beliefs
2b. the forced conversion of people who do now follow a religion centered on "God"
3. the prevalence of Christian missionaries

2/9/2009 4:34:12 AM

Well the Greeks DID have the greatest intelligence of the time period and of the next some 1,000 years, if things went their way, we might have had computers in the 1800's for all we know.

2/9/2009 4:39:12 AM


Okay, fail on several levels.

One: The planets have not always been here. They are around 4.56 billion years old, and formed around the same time the sun did.

Two: Show me a miracle, and I'll believe you.

Three: People all over the world believe in different Gods. If God is so obviously why doesn't everyone believe in the same one?

2/9/2009 5:07:21 AM


I think it means a 'civilisation centered god', as in the god of the bible was not limited to a single civilisation, but somehow universal? Maybe?

Who knows, either way, Fail. Epically.

2/9/2009 5:12:44 AM


God does seem to have a strange preoccupation with people's privates.

2/9/2009 5:18:38 AM

Thinking Allowed

WOW... a whole lot of fail right here.

2/9/2009 5:40:01 AM

A Friend

Stick to wizards kid.

2/9/2009 5:43:06 AM


2/9/2009 7:03:11 AM


"but all over the world people believe in God ..."

but not necessarily Jehovah.

Can't these MORONS understand that "god" is a title, or generic honorific rather than a name?

Oh, it's WoWC: probably "moron" is too kind

2/9/2009 7:23:48 AM


And which god are you referring to this time?

2/9/2009 9:01:28 AM


Loki wept.

2/9/2009 12:24:08 PM

Mister Spak

" isn't a civillian centered God. "


2/9/2009 12:35:03 PM

Ronni Bom

Except everybody else, of course

2/9/2009 12:39:38 PM

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