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Two points to be made:

Why are so many successful "Blacks" obviously mixed race - Bob Marley, Condileeza Rice, Colin Powell, Tiger Woods, Lewis Hamilton, and now Barack Obama? Put any of these next to real Africans and they almost look White!

What the US Election shows is that while Blacks have a fully developed racial consciousness and are proud of themselves regardless of achievement, Whites can be divided into:

(1) Racially conscious and proud (10%)

(2) Racially conscious and guilty (40%)

(3) Racially "subconscious" (40-50%)

(4) Racially unconscious (0-10%)

In the US Election, Group 1 voters were present in large numbers in the old South, where the White vote held up. Many of these people know Blacks and even like them, but still clearly identify with their own and are proud of it,

When polled Group 2 have a tendency to say they will vote for the non-White candidate and then not vote for him (Bradley effect) but many of them will vote for a non-White candidate out of sheer guilt and inverted racism, especially is the other candidate is poor (as was the case in this election).

Group 3 like to think of themselves as beyond racism and look down on the other groups, yet, strangely enough, you can find many of this group living in all-White neighbourhoods, going to all-White churches, sending their kids to largely White schools, and associating mainly with Whites or the occasional non-White who acts 'White.' They are acting as if they had White consciousness, which they do but at the subconscious level.

Since racial consciousness is a natural thing, Group 4 people are usually those with extremely low IQs or those who have damaged their minds beyond repair with drugs or alcohol, having reduced themselves to a point where the normal parameters of human identity no longer have any meaning.

Karl Baxter, BNP 22 Comments [2/14/2009 5:35:57 AM]
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Ahhh, the BNP. Still trying to justify their racism by calling people that dont care about skin colour "those of lower IQ". I shud start submitting BNP posts again. Theyre always good for a laugh.

2/14/2009 6:04:40 AM


It seems that the British Nazi Party is really pissed off. We know where you live.

2/14/2009 10:09:15 AM

Doctor Fishcake

This is the same BNP that claims not to be a racist party, yet race is just about all they ever think about.

2/14/2009 10:32:25 AM



Proving forever that statistics mean nothing. Since group 4 people seem to be the nicest while the rest seem to be assholes.

2/14/2009 11:04:48 AM

Many of these people know Blacks and even like them, but still clearly identify with their own and are proud of it,

lol lol lol lol

It's applying 'I'm not racist, some of my best friends are black' to an entire (alleged) demographic...

2/14/2009 4:14:46 PM


Correct me if I'm wrong, but it seems as if in European politics, if a political party has "National" in its name(or at least as the main part of its name), you can pretty much replace "National" with "Nazi" and still be accurate, correct?

2/14/2009 10:06:36 PM


At least he admits that McCain/Palin was a shitty ticket.

2/14/2009 10:14:30 PM


Sorry, I was knocked out and I'm racially unconscious now.

2/15/2009 12:01:33 AM


Ever *seen* a picture of teh Marley? Dude, he's fucking black as they come. Get a life!

@Apoc89 -- Seeing as "Nazi" is an abbreviation of, well, I can't remember the German word ATM, but you're right.

2/15/2009 2:43:34 AM

Pule Thamex

You spelt No.1 wrongly. It should spelled as follows:- "Self-Loathing Racist wankers".

2/15/2009 2:52:24 AM


If it's natural to judge people by skin colour, it's natural to judge people by hair colour. Red-haired scum.

2/15/2009 4:54:00 PM


@Apoc89 - Basically, yes.

@WMDKitty - "Nationalsozialistische"

2/15/2009 7:59:46 PM


If you don't care about race you're brain damaged?


2/17/2009 1:23:18 AM


LOL @ the hybrid vigor fail this asshole is trying to invoke. Of course there are plenty of Africans without "white" blood that have done amazing things for the world other than throw around basketballs and football.

Now my question to you, Karl is, what is the threshold for white genes to show significant improvements in intellect? Surely, if white genes are so potent, all white people should be Nobel Prize winners *rolls eyes*

2/17/2009 4:34:51 AM


Like all us "group 1" voters in Virginia, North Carolina, and Florida?

2/17/2009 2:05:26 PM


Using terms like, "Group 1" and pulling statistics out of your ass does not make your argument look legit.

Secondly, You're in the bloody BNP, aren't you supposed to only care about issues concerning the U.K.?

2/18/2009 7:13:08 AM



These are the same people that believe that narrow losses in rural byelections mean that the BNP will win a majority in parliament next general election.

No, I'm fucking serious. There are really BNP members out there that think that.

2/18/2009 2:58:22 PM


Who the hell votes for those stupid BNP cunts anyway?

I'm serious. What kind of knuckle-dragging idiot would vote for someone from that shithole of a party?

2/22/2009 5:11:26 AM

Why is it all about race?

Does no one bother to read manifestos any more?

2/26/2009 7:50:46 PM

Peoploe who don't give two hoots about race... aren't human?

Cue the motherfuckin' Pear.

2/26/2009 7:53:16 PM

Funny, Tiger Woods is half black and half..........Asian......another "inferior" race, according to you. And for the record, ALL the African American people have some white DNA, so your argument is, at best, useless.

6/11/2009 9:12:24 AM

Pedantic Speaker

First, "Group 4" is almost certainly larger than they think for two major reasons:
One, because the Bradley Effect is bunk (it was created to explain something already explained by the voter turnout for a different race, IIRC a referendum) and the notion that people will vote for a poor candidate unless brainwashed otherwise is implausible at best, most of "Group 2" should be presumptively reassigned to "Group 4" (as is proper; the notion that someone, let alone two fifths of whites, are racist and intentionally hide their racism should be presumed false unless and until proven otherwise).
Two, because "Group 3" is explicitly defined by the presence of a pattern of living deemed indicative (or in the case of youths in those living patterns, causative) of "White consciousness", those in "Group 3" who do not live in this pattern must, again, be presumptively reassigned to "Group 4".
I suspect that the resistance to presumptive assignment to "Group 4" is due to the same wishful thinking that caused him to believe in the reality of the Bradley effect (ie, that whites are naturally "Racially conscious"); this is consistent with his description of "Group 4" membership as the product of mental impairment.

Second, "Group 2" arguably depends on the concept of guilt as shame rather than as remorse (this leads to a value system very alien to ours). Mentioning the Bradley effect, the notion that people are more racist when no-one is watching, as a credible phenomenon is interesting in that it indicates a willingness to believe that the "Racially conscious" see nothing wrong with actually BEING racist.

Third, I have read a lot about "Group 3" (although the definitive book on the subject, 'Sundown Towns' by James Loewen, remains on my wish list) and I believe it is statistically accurate to say that they are the most racist people in North America.

@#969097: He does have a point about Colin Powell, whose skin is so light that calling him "black" seems uncomfortably Orwellian.

On a personal note, as an arguable member of "Group 2" myself (I would of course LIKE to believe that I have grown out of having racist views regarding the problems of disadvantaged communities (my current views are those of Tolpuddle Martyr) and I would LIKE to believe that misunderstanding something real is not as bad as believing something utterly defamatory, but by that criterion members of "Group 3" would LIKE to believe that their suburb just HAPPENED to be entirely white), I will say that being a racist is something that one ought to feel remorse over, not only for the sake of the members of the races in question, but because racism, like many other sources of easy answers, stunts both our appetite for truths and our ability to accept responsibilities, and these are life's measures. A racist could argue that their position, however unhealthy, is itself a truth and part of them as a person, but being a racist not only makes you an entirely different person than you would be if you were not a racist, it also makes you a more stunted one: Would a racist Darwin have understood that evolution was not directed by some sort of urge to become Homo sapiens (as his successors believed until the time of Julian Huxley)? Would 'Sundown Towns' be as good if Loewen had simply accepted the racist line that the suburbs are white because of blacks? Would Martin King have been as great if he had believed that whites were inherently evil?

5/31/2011 5:21:01 PM

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