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Is contraception right?... all types are wrong! Even before conception and teh baby is alive, you are preventing what would have become a life! God meant for a baby to be born, another soul for Heaven, and you are stopping Him!... If someone doesn't want a baby (for unselfish reasons), there are better ways to take care of it. Obviously, you could not have sex at all.

bookluver12, gp4teens.com Discussion Boards 31 Comments [1/1/2004 12:00:00 AM]
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Of course, you realize that by this \"logic\" any sperm not ejaculated into a fertile, human, female's vagina is wrong. Plus, this would make menstruation wrong as a potential life is lost as the unfertized egg is expelled.
Bookluver states \"If someone doesn't want a baby (for unselfish reasons), there are better ways to take care of it.\" Better ways? What ways would those be?

3/6/2006 5:40:33 PM


But if you aren't having sex at all, aren't you still preventing potential humans from being born?
Is she saying that people should be sexing up constantly?

4/11/2006 11:14:23 AM


If your god wants me to have a baby he can damn well reach inside and make it happen. 'Twould truly be a miracle, but if I am mistaken about the universe's ambient goddiness I sure hope they don't do it to make their point. I would not appreciate it.

Really, how could a mere human thwart an all-powerful being's will?

4/11/2006 12:41:29 PM


So God approves of rape and fornication (biblical unmarried sex) and adultery then, and is in fact complicit when he reaches inside and inserts the ACME-God-on-a-ROD Soul!

4/11/2006 1:51:27 PM


But isn't it wrong to NOT have sex if god wants us all to be baby-chutes?!

8/5/2008 1:52:54 AM


But that means any time you aren't having sex, you are preventing what could be a life. Sinner.

I never get the anti-contraception thing anyway. If God is so powerful surely he can get around contraception. The pill is what 99% effective? So he's omnipotent but can't buck those odds?

8/5/2008 3:31:11 AM

teh babee lolz

8/5/2008 3:39:23 AM


The difference between a sperm cell and this idiot, is that a sperm has a 1 in 6 million chance of becoming a human.

8/5/2008 3:46:01 AM


Apparently, this person doesn't know the testicles produce an enormous quantity of sperm every single day.

8/5/2008 3:57:42 AM


Even if we don't have sex, he can apparently just pop one in there if he feels like it. Look what happened to Mary.

8/5/2008 3:57:59 AM

Dr. Shrinker

"...and you are stopping Him!"

If I can thwart the will of God with a sheath of latex, he doesn't deserve my prayers

11/27/2008 9:52:54 PM

a mind far far away

Right. Because Hitler would have been such a good christian if...wait, he was a good christian.

11/27/2008 10:17:10 PM


So when you turn down sex you are having an abortion :)

11/29/2008 3:31:55 AM

So, following your logic, menstruation is murder. Or conception, for that matter. What about the rest of the spermatozoa who are going to die anyway?

8/9/2009 2:10:54 PM

Rapax Pringer

"teh baby is alive"

About as far as I went.

Do they even proofread this shit?

Also. How is babby formed?

9/7/2010 3:55:54 AM


"God meant for a baby to be born, another soul for Heaven, and you are stopping Him!..."

Then why did god set up a system where only the tiniest fraction of potential people that can exist are given the chance to live.

9/7/2010 4:13:19 AM


How many fuckin' people does God want with him anyway?

And study some basic biology. Most sperm will never become a human being, no matter where you aim it.

9/7/2010 4:16:04 AM


If God is omnipotent, he can surely work around a condom or a pessary.
He would not have allowed them to be invented if he wanted to stop us from having recreational sex.
Or, he doesn't care what we do.
Or, he does not exist.

A book-lover ought to know how to spell "lover". It's sad that there might be 12 book-lovers on that forum, who dont' know how to spell.

9/7/2010 4:19:43 AM


Whaat !!!! Fuck you Fuck you Fuck you

10/8/2010 1:06:09 PM


Mary says that God shouldn't have an issue with cotnraception, since he was able to bypass the whole man part altogether...

10/8/2010 1:13:43 PM


This must be a Poe! Surely. Please?

Is contraception right? That depends on whether you want to have a baby now or not. As to condoms, it also depends on you wanting to be able to have a baby later in life, or if you are willing to risk STDs that might make you sterile.
Before conception there is nothing. One egg cell somewhere in the oviducts and one sperm cell in a testicle. How is those two "teh baby is alive"?
If God meant for a baby to be born, he can surely use his omnipotence to circumvent a condom, a pill or a diaphragm.

"If someone doesn't want to get fat, there are better ways to take care of it. Obviously, you could not eat at all."
Yeah, that's gonna work. If God wanted sex to be used for procreation only, he should have created it less pleasurable.

Edit. Damn it. I had already answered this once. Oh well...

10/8/2010 2:13:01 PM


By this logic, Every male who doesn't rape every female several times every month, and every female who doesn't take fertility pills to have more babies, and doesn't take other precautions to increase the number of females produced so they can have more babies, is a sinner. So everyone will go to hell.

2/22/2011 4:29:37 PM


according to this psychotic "logic"

conception starts at the boner.

2/22/2011 4:41:27 PM


To summarize, your all-powerful skyfairy, source of all that is, maker of worlds and eraser of nations,he who sets the sun in it's path....cannot overcome a simple barrier like a condom?
You'd think if he was really against contraception, he'd make sperm move at the speed of sound or something.

And you worship this guy because.....?

5/20/2011 8:42:16 AM

Is contraception right?... all types are wrong! [...] God meant for a baby to be born, another soul for Heaven, and you are stopping Him!

History shows that when contraception was outlawed, this normally translated into:

"Our beloved dictator meant for a baby to be born, another soldier as cannon-fodder for his troops, and you are stopping him!"

5/20/2011 9:10:45 AM

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