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Contraception is wrong! That is taking a future unborn baby's life into your own hands, or you and your spouse's hands. Nope..sorry, but you aren't the Almighty One and that's NOT your job. Not to sound rude, but it wouldn't kill today's society to learn self-discipline!!!

sing Him a song, gp4teens.com Discussion Boards 23 Comments [1/1/2004 12:00:00 AM]
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Unborn baby? It hasn't even been fertilized yet! By this logic, go make sure every single egg and sperm is used for fertilization. It can't be done.

3/22/2007 8:39:46 PM


\"Every Sperm is Sacred\" award?

3/22/2007 8:42:28 PM


Every sperm is sacred.
Every sperm is good.
Every sperm is needed
In your neighbourhood.

Every sperm is sacred.
Every sperm is great.
If a sperm is wasted,
God gets quite iraaaaaate!

2/21/2008 3:00:54 AM

Father Heathen

Not to sound rude, but your dad should've pulled out.

2/21/2008 7:27:33 AM


Apparently, in Sing Him's world, abstinence would be murder as well.

2/21/2008 7:40:12 AM

Skeptikal Witch

By this logic putting a baby in a carseat is wrong because it involves putting a baby's life in your hands or the driver's hands. The driver isn't the Almighty One. Safety is NOT the job of a mortal.

Come to think of it, you should stop wearing a seatbelt. Because that's taking a life into your own hands, and that's NOT your job.

2/21/2008 10:10:25 AM


And you could learn some self-discipline by learning to butt out of other people's lives...

2/21/2008 11:05:58 AM


And I thought conceptualists were the most extreme pro-lifers.

2/21/2008 11:08:08 AM


Okay, you do realise that when you shoot out sperm, it's not just one sperm but millions of them. So even if you didn't use contraception and was planning on having a baby, you'd be inadvertently killing the millions minus one sperm that did not make it to egg.
I can derive from your logic that we must use all our sperm and eggs in our bodies? I'm afraid our Earth wouldn't be able to support us. Especially you fundies.

2/21/2008 9:00:32 PM


By your logic, every conception is a mass murder as well, as there are millions of sperm to start with which is quickly whittled down to 1, 2...single digits, at the best case.


Also, when God starts supporting the multitude of children he's commanding us to make, I'll support the abolition of contraceptives. As that's not happening any time soon, I support the right for people to make a responsible choice.

2/21/2008 10:44:55 PM

So, following that logic, any time you're not procreating you're going to hell.

This. makes. total. sense.

2/21/2008 11:10:41 PM


By that logic having your period would be wrong.

2/28/2008 10:05:55 PM


By this logic, we shouldn't do anything because the Lawd Allmighteh can control it all. ...'k. Explains the anti-science viewpoint.

7/27/2008 7:27:18 PM

Quantum Mechanic

Every sperm is sacred.

7/27/2008 7:28:33 PM


But I am the almighty one. At least that's what my girlfriend says in bed.

7/27/2008 8:13:48 PM

T. McGee

By that logic, my folks should have married me off at 12. At any rate, I've apparently been killing unborn babies every month for over 15 years now.

11/8/2008 12:14:01 AM


Not only are you worried about future babies, you're now worried about... future future babies?

Also, by that logic, not having sex in a situation where it would be possible is wrong too. If you did, you could have a baby, and by not doing it, you're depriving that baby of the chance to live!

3/25/2011 6:18:25 PM


Some are born with sexual discipline, some achieve sexual discipline, and some have sexual discipline thrust upon them... because they are ugly as shit. Oh and by the way, contraception in many forms prevents the fertilization of an egg, which is necessary for the creation of a fetus. THAT, not sperm ejaculated into a condom, is an unborn baby.

6/8/2011 6:50:51 PM


If an IUD or Plan B can unmake a preordained being, doesn't that mean your god isn't almighty?

9/18/2012 10:02:07 PM


If I can thwart the will of your god with a sheath of latex, your god is too feeble to deserve my respect.

10/5/2012 9:42:32 AM


Using contraception IS self-discipline, stupid! You shouldn't have more children than you are able to take care of and provide for.

10/6/2012 12:24:50 AM


Not to sound rude, but it wouldn't kill today's society to learn self-discipline!!!

You do sound rude. And like you should take your own advice.

11/9/2012 10:32:09 PM


Not only are you a bit rude, but you are mind-numbingly stupid. Now, mind your own business, butthead.

11/9/2012 10:39:39 PM

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