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Persiflage, as I've said, atheism is stupidity. Since you are an atheist, then you are stupid. It is that simple.

Study real science so you won't be clueless. You are making a fool of yourself.

spidermean2, washingtonpost. 52 Comments [2/21/2009 7:14:32 AM]
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spidermean2, as I've said, fundamentalism is stupidity. Since you are a fundamentalist, you are stupid. It is that simple.

Wow, easy to fix!

2/21/2009 7:16:02 AM

the old firm

Oh, it's opposite day again.

2/21/2009 7:17:39 AM

Mrs. Antichrist

"I say you are stupid, so therefore you are stupid."

Yes, wonderful display of logic and intelligence then, spidermean.

2/21/2009 7:20:23 AM


Either a troll or a moron.

2/21/2009 7:23:39 AM


This man is obviously master of debate!

2/21/2009 7:23:52 AM


Real Science?
Like Bible science?

2/21/2009 7:28:29 AM

J. Random Lurker


Apparently. And aren't these the same people who say master debating is a sin?

2/21/2009 7:41:26 AM


I'm totally gonna think that a guy with the name Spidermean2 is a credible source on who is stupid and how to spot them.

Atheism is not stupidity, and it's only smarter when compared to morons like you. Atheism is nothing, a lack thereof belief in god or gods.

2/21/2009 7:53:03 AM


"Stupidity is the property a person, action or belief instantiates by virtue of having or being indicative of low intelligence or poor learning abilities"

No, I've had numerous tests and similar academic stuff proving that I'm actually very smart. I can't remember my IQ, and it hasn't been tested in like 10 years, but I think my ACT was something 99% or 99.9% percentile. High school was a long time ago, I really can't remember.

But to answer your statement:

"Since you are an atheist, then you are stupid"

I offer myself as evidence to the contrary.

"Study real science" I have. I took AP classes in high school.

2/21/2009 8:15:50 AM


feel free to write an essay on what "real science" is.

2/21/2009 8:34:18 AM

Anyone who disagrees with me is stupid and clueless.

Bite me.

2/21/2009 8:57:57 AM


I've been trying to remember the names of the two scientists who wrote about how there's an inverse relationship between intellegence and thinking you're clever. Bright people realize how much they don't know, but at the other extreme at some point you're too dim to realize you're dim. It's called 'somebody and someone's rule'.
I think Spidermean2 might fall into the latter of the two categories.

2/21/2009 9:07:55 AM


Here i have Mr fist. He is not a very nice guy.

2/21/2009 9:52:37 AM


Pot, meet kettle.

2/21/2009 10:45:03 AM


Atheists aren't stupid, in fact they're quite the opposite, they fat or anorexic, wear glasses, have a bad fashion sense, read comic books, love anime, love rpg games, love computers and most of all loved science! That's right the majority of atheists you encounter on the Internet are nerds, which is quite obvious when you observe the hostility from anonimity and the denial. That's most on the Internet, not ALL.

Anyway, they're better than fundamentalist christians, which are usually from the southern US, have bad retarded southern accents, can't spell, don't use logic, have difficulty turning on the computer in the first place to spread their racist hate-filled posts and think it's alright to kill people because they think god told them to! Oh and that accounts for 81.4% of the recent Internet population of fundamentalists.

Anyway, keep on fighting with each other, hopefully you'll wipe each other out in a sense of politics and law (not by killing each other), hence allow two other major recent social groups to emerge that will be more enjoyable than both of you going at each other about how stupid each other is when we know atheists are usually right, but, alas, you must continue to fight to keep the balance...

If atheists win, they will be burdened with power much like the Stanford prison experiment and start excercising it to the extremes, we would enter a world where imagination and dream are prohibited along with faith, because they could all lead to the possibility of a greater power.

But loathsome would be the world if fundamentalism grasps the majority, a world where knowledge would be destroyed, science would be prohibited, they've tasted what it's like, they know exactly how to put us in tv dark ages again...

And so, by and by, keep on against each other, neither extreme is too appealing, all we can hope for is you both knock each other out.

2/21/2009 11:15:03 AM


Fundies: boldly pushing ahead the frontiers of stupidity!

2/21/2009 11:16:48 AM


@anevilmeme, as long as atheists keep on pushing back with knowledge it will be alright.

2/21/2009 11:25:56 AM


At least the grammar is right.

2/21/2009 12:19:39 PM


@Mitch: Stereotype much?

"If atheists win, they will be burdened with power much like the Stanford prison experiment and start excercising it to the extremes, we would enter a world where imagination and dream are prohibited along with faith, because they could all lead to the possibility of a greater power."

While there are plenty of examples of what kind of society to expect from a religious totalitarian hierarchy, one cannot extrapolate from Communist ideology simply because the official government position was atheistic. This was a replacement of religious ideology with Statist ideology. The ban on religion was a ban on political and financial competition. Stalin's Russia was no less of a coercive hierarchy than the Holy See at the zenith of its political power.

Atheism is the belief that there are no gods. It is not of itself, a political movement. In general, we support our belief either by reasoned arguments, or by flicking intellectual boogers at the absurd, unsupported, or cravenly self-serving arguments and incessant advertisements of the religious corporations.

Your comments over the last few weeks make it plain where your sympathies lie. Your style of argumentation suggests that you are under 30, and while I'm tempted to quote comedian Jim David on the subject of twenty-somethings (Grab a drink, strike a pose, and shut the f__k up), I hope you stick around and possibly learn something.


2/21/2009 1:29:22 PM


Well, that's mature.

2/21/2009 1:35:21 PM


Persiflage, as I've said, atheism is stupidity. Since you are an atheist, then you are stupid.

- There is a an elementary gap in logic in the above extract. It makes the rest untenable.

2/21/2009 1:42:43 PM

Jasper Spotty-Butt

O sage and wise spidermean2, why is a great mind like yours demeaning itself by writing trifling drivel, as usual? Surely, your masterful intellect would be more suited to giving us the definitive and compelling proofs of the existence of God.

Though we poor travellers on the road to understanding might struggle with your lofty terms and concepts, I beg you o masterful one to give us a chance, just the merest trace of you mighty cerebrations would help us on our journey to the truth.

You are like unto a mighty brain emanating its potent energy onto our wanting pastures that the stirring tendrils once more may seek the light.

2/21/2009 1:56:54 PM


Persiflage, as I've said, atheism is stupidity

So because you said it then therefore it MUST be true, right? I mean after all you must be a world renowned authority on the issue to make such a broadbased assertion to the intelligence of millions of people that you have never met, Right? So why the fuck has no one heard of you?

Since you are an atheist, then you are stupid

Translation: I am right! God says so! Listen to me!!! Why won't you listen to me!!!!

It is that simple

Nothing is that "simple", not even you.

Study real science so you won't be clueless

And what is it you call "real science"? Hovind? Chick? Behe? You don't even know enough of what your talking about to even quantify it, so please Oh-Great-Authority-on-Everything, Tell me what "real science" is? Can you even do that?

You are making a fool of yourself

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!! I've got this great analogy involving Pots and Kettles that i'd like to tell you, but it would just fly right over your super intelligent head.

2/21/2009 2:03:26 PM


Try to justify your assertion that "atheism is stupidity". For example I can assert that "Faith is stupidity" and justify it.

Faith is a belief that is held without reason, reason is humanity's tool for survival (how long can you last in the wild without it?), to accept a lifestyle based on faith rather than reason you betray your means of survival. If a bird fought to break its wings, that is, its tool of survival, you would call that bird stupid. Since faith abdicates man of reason faith is stupidity.

I await a rebuttal.

2/21/2009 2:12:58 PM

FYI spidermeat: There is no real science in the babble. They can't even figure out which family tree Joseph is descended from.

2/21/2009 2:57:03 PM

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