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I believe that most true Christians who follow the faith are already underground... Can you talk to your neighbor without being persecuted? Can you speak with anyone that you know who is not already a Christian without being persecuted?.. christians will have to go underground in the next 5 years, I would have to answer YES. It is happening now!

LoadShark, Rapture Ready 29 Comments [1/1/2004 12:00:00 AM]
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Just because someone you \"talk to\" (read that as - evangelize) doesn't become a Xian before your eyes, or may even put forth a different view, doesn't mean you're being persecuted.

3/10/2006 5:48:31 PM

David D.G.

Fundies, quit redefining words! \"Persecuted\" does NOT mean \"disagreed with.\"

~David D.G.

3/10/2006 7:39:26 PM


Four years later and no sign of it yet.

Sort of like the Rapture.

3/2/2008 9:50:18 PM


Newsflash assclown being told to "Please go away and mind your own frickin' business, I'm not interested in your religion" is not persecution.

3/2/2008 10:00:54 PM

Tomby Stone

Riiiight, so now I understand. I'd heard talk of 'Christians being forced underground' but didn't really know what it meant until now. It means being able to tell your neighbours you're Christian but not being able to tell your homosexual neighbours that all homosexuals should be stoned to death without having them disagree with you, that's it right ??

3/2/2008 10:03:03 PM

Philbert McAdamia

Too many Christians - not enough persecution

3/2/2008 10:53:19 PM

Pie Man

Persecution Complex much?

I'd post that pie chart pic ("Help! We're being oppressed!"), but I'm not sure how you post images on this site..

3/2/2008 11:49:07 PM

Reverend Jeremiah

I wish you were as liberal with your definition of social rights and religious rights as you were with you definition of persecution.

10/1/2008 2:59:49 AM

Moon Wolfhowl

I am in favor of many Christians going underground. As in 6 feet underground.

Because I wish some of them would die.

10/1/2008 5:36:19 AM

10/1/2008 5:53:35 AM


We don't brainwash kids with your religion, so you have to go underground?

10/1/2008 5:56:20 AM


"persecution" = "please stop talking to me. Please stop spouting that shit at me. Please go away. STFU and FUCK OFF"

10/1/2008 6:45:25 AM

Philbert McAdamia

If by "underground" you mean "buried" then yes, I agree. Take your dirt nap now. Go for it, don't keep the baby jesus waiting. Leave early and avoid the rush.

10/1/2008 7:31:05 AM

Quantum Mechanic

Do you live in Iran?

10/1/2008 10:40:44 AM


Five years from January 1st 2004? Only three months to go! I don't see any sign of Christians having to go underground yet.

10/1/2008 4:11:10 PM


Well, hurry up and get underground already, you dumb fucktard fundie.

10/1/2008 5:47:17 PM

Carbonated Margarine

You'll have to come down off your cross to go under the ground.

10/1/2008 5:48:43 PM


Oh fuck you...you wouldn't know persecution if it walked up to you and slapped you while wearing a name tag!

10/1/2008 9:05:01 PM


Five years later... Lying for Jesus. Think he's still over on RR telling stories?

1/9/2009 7:53:38 PM

Allegory for Jesus

Maybe you would be "persecuted" less if you shut the fuck up about being so "persecuted". If I had to listen to your whiny, paranoid blather about how "persecuted" you are for holding beliefs held by 70+% of the country I would "persecute" you a new asshole.

10/3/2010 2:30:47 PM


disagreement = persecution!

10/3/2010 5:47:16 PM


Six years later.

I'm sure it's coming any day now.

Yep. AAAAAAANY day now...

10/3/2010 6:35:39 PM

Ri Jayden

And yet here we are, six years later, and still no Rapture, and Christianity is STILL the world's largest religion...... Where's the Persecution Pie Chart when you need it?

10/3/2010 7:59:05 PM


If you go to your Jewish/Muslim/Hindi/Pagan neighbors are start preaching at them and they don't want to hear it, that isn't persecution. It's you being annoying and them shutting the door in your face.

10/4/2010 1:09:52 AM

Explain the ubiquitous megachurches in America, then.

1/6/2012 3:26:23 AM

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