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(Follow-up to an earlier post about a woman who had escaped from a "sadistic cult")

As many of you know we have Tina in hiding. She is literally in a "hiding place," a small but very comfortable room with everything she needs, in a very hidden place in Dallas. The sadistic cult, she has escaped from, is now after her with a venegence. They had their local "police department" call me to find her whereabouts. I declined to give any information for I have reason to believe this wasn't truly the "police department." If this is so, then this is a issue as they are impersonating an law enforcement official which is a crime. But they could careless as they will use any & all means to obtain information in an attempt to kidnap her.

Various people from the cult have called and we trust in the sacred blood of Jesus to protect!

Jay Bartlett, Ministering Deliverance 75 Comments [2/25/2009 10:45:53 AM]
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I'm not sure I understand...

Who's supposed to be the fundie here?

2/25/2009 10:47:50 AM



Somebody call the feds.

2/25/2009 10:49:05 AM


Wow! Massive load of paranoid fail at that site! Must read more...

2/25/2009 10:53:13 AM


I especially love when they are posting about casting dozens of demons out of people...it's like Rapture Ready on crack.

2/25/2009 10:57:55 AM

The Lazy One

I smell bullshit.

2/25/2009 11:00:38 AM


Judging from the other comments, this "sadistic cult" is CPS.

Correction: apparently, "Tina" is an adult.

This is all horribly messed up and doesn't make the slightest bit of sense.

2/25/2009 11:01:01 AM

Wow! Rescuing damsels in distress, sadistic cults, fake police officers. What a really interesting life you've invented.

2/25/2009 11:05:07 AM

"I know of judges, police officers, senators, government officials who are involved in the occult."

2/25/2009 11:09:43 AM

Affine Connection

Cult? Child protective services?

2/25/2009 11:10:57 AM


Tina was a victim of Child Protective Services, and is now being holed in a "small but very comfortable room" up by Jay Bartlett?

Do I have that about right?


2/25/2009 11:13:38 AM


Sounds like a Lifetime movie gone awry.

2/25/2009 11:14:53 AM


Correction: apparently, "Tina" is an adult.

This is all horribly messed up and doesn't make the slightest bit of sense.

2/25/2009 11:16:57 AM


You forgot your antipsychotics again, didn't you?

2/25/2009 11:21:19 AM

*dials 9-1, waits*

2/25/2009 11:24:56 AM

Okay, now this is just creepy.

2/25/2009 11:29:35 AM

In next weeks episode, Jay has to fight off android ninja satanists.

2/25/2009 11:34:40 AM


I see you have a lot of paranoia.

2/25/2009 11:52:03 AM

Sounds like an escapee from the Texas FLDS. They have their own police department which chases down runaways, and they're damn sure a sadistic cult.

2/25/2009 11:56:53 AM


Former Jay Bartlett contributions:

Okay, let me get this straight...
According to Mr. Bartlett, about 3-4 months ago, a confused "lady" named Tina came to visit him in order to get an exorcism, telling him a story about an unnamed "sadistic cult" that has, amongst other things, implanted animals in her body and "infiltrated the church with demonic aid".

Since then, he has "cast out" several thousand demons from her body, amongst them Zelda spirits and Resident Evil demons.

Edit: okay, the "lady" who came to Bartlett in November was _another_ woman named "Beverly", the stuff about the "sadistic cult" refers to "Tina" though.
And the "video game" exorcism might refer to another person as well.

And now he tells the world that "Tina" is hidden in a "small but comfortable room" with "everything she needs".

And this guy is NOT A POE since he has actually written books about this stuff.


Yeah, someone call the feds, please.

2/25/2009 12:10:43 PM


Cult vs Cult...lol

2/25/2009 12:15:13 PM


This sounds like a tall tale to shock and awe his brainwashed followers. When the cops call, he's like, oh, THAT Tina, I can put her on the line and she can chat with you if you want. But God knows, maybe there are whacked out cults in Texas that are even crazier than this guy, wouldn't surprise me.

2/25/2009 12:17:19 PM

Percy Q. Shunn

What the fuck!

This guy is bragging about this poor woman being held in a "very hidden place" in Dallas?

Why are the Dallas police, the FBI, and Walker Texas-Ranger not stomping the fuck out of this clown to find her?

2/25/2009 12:17:51 PM

ToE the line

Immediate impression - out of the frying pan, into the fire (I am guessing I am not the first to respond as such)

2/25/2009 12:20:58 PM


That clears up a bit. Okay, that's good enough for me.

*rates 5*

I'm not sure a *moves on* comment is appropriate here, though. Should we report this to the feds? They probably already know...

2/25/2009 12:23:43 PM

Reverend Jeremiah

The sacred blood of the blood god on his throne of skulls.

2/25/2009 12:34:51 PM

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