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[In response to evidence that large wooden ships simply do not work]

What do ships have? A hull. What snapped on the wooden ship? The hull.
Does the ark have a hull? No.
The. Ark. Is. A. Hollow. Rectangular. Prism.

OrangeWIZARD, Games Trailer 116 Comments [2/24/2009 5:33:24 PM]
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Submitted By: WhisperElmwood

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I was looking at that thread... fundies are so sure of their beliefs it can be difficult to not tell them aftrer a while "F*** YOU!!!"

But then they would just say you felt convicted by the Holy Spirit and were reacting to your guilt and fear of the truth.


2/24/2009 6:27:57 PM


Lol wut?

2/24/2009 6:29:38 PM


A Prism?, A Prism?, A Prism?

WTF do you even think you are talking about? Do you honestly believe everyone else is that stupid or are you just hopeful that they are?

2/24/2009 6:39:56 PM


2/24/2009 6:42:30 PM


@ GigaGuess


2/24/2009 6:47:52 PM

Mister Spak

A. Hull. Is. A. Hollow. Rectangular. Prism. Dumbass.

2/24/2009 6:48:08 PM


and lo the dimensions of the first submarine...

2/24/2009 6:49:39 PM


*sniff, sniff*...i smell a big fat -

2/24/2009 6:55:23 PM


New Revised Naval Dictionary
Entry: hull

1. A minor, nonessential component that not all vessels possess.

2/24/2009 6:55:50 PM

Behold! The greatness of the Ark:

2/24/2009 7:01:51 PM

a mind far far away

A rectangular prism, huh? Did you use your wizardry skills to pull that nonsense out of your ass?

Edit: @ClockworkBunny: Don't try to understand it, don't try to comprehend it, don't try to analyze it, all that will do is make you as fucking crazy as they are. Just point and laugh, it's therapeutic.

2/24/2009 7:21:51 PM

Percy Q. Shunn





2/24/2009 7:35:11 PM



2/24/2009 7:38:15 PM


6:14 Make thee an ark of gopher wood; rooms shalt thou make in the ark, and shalt pitch it within and without with pitch.

6:15 And this is the fashion which thou shalt make it of: The length of the ark shall be three hundred cubits, the breadth of it fifty cubits, and the height of it thirty cubits.
6:16 A window shalt thou make to the ark, and in a cubit shalt thou finish it above; and the door of the ark shalt thou set in the side thereof; with lower, second, and third stories shalt thou make it.

Now where in there does it say anything about it being a prism? God doesn't like it when you make shit up.

2/24/2009 7:39:54 PM


Extra. Periods. Don't. Make. You. Sound. Smart.

2/24/2009 7:46:50 PM

Jezebel's Evil Sister

A prism, was it? What a vainglorious waste! 40 days of rain, so no sunshine to sparkle through the prism lenses; and no living thing left on earth to appreciate it after that.

2/24/2009 7:48:53 PM

Stygian Piranha

Sounds like he's trying (and failing) to reconcile the Noah myth with the (original) Epic of Gilgamesh, in which Utanapishtim traveled in an Ark shaped like an inverted ziggurat.

2/24/2009 7:53:16 PM


Sounds like the weed you are smoking sounds stronger and better than my weed. Where d'you get it?

2/24/2009 8:02:19 PM


The. Ark. Did. Not. Exist.

2/24/2009 8:03:06 PM


I lol'd so hard that I almost threw up.

"The. Ark. Is. A. Hollow. Rectangular. Prism."

Without a hull!

Awesome. XD

2/24/2009 8:19:10 PM

Mrs. Antichrist


Never thought I'd see the day where I'd head-desk and laugh my ass off at the same time.

2/24/2009 8:24:31 PM


The prism comment has been addressed well enough but I want to comment on your anti-wooden boat remark.

I think the genocide of the native peoples of the world due to European expansionism VIA WOODEN BOATS proves your dumbass comment completely wrong. Wooden boats work.

2/24/2009 8:28:08 PM


I think it was a huge circular cubic triangle.

2/24/2009 8:34:45 PM


I think the illiterate idiot was trying to talk about a keel.

Engineering fail anyway.

2/24/2009 8:37:34 PM


Hull: 2 a: the frame or body of a ship or boat exclusive of masts, yards, sails, and rigging b: the main body of a usually large or heavy craft or vehicle (as an airship or tank) (merriam-webster)

So you're saying the ark did not have a main body or frame? What do you think a hull is?
I just read it again. Rectangular prism? WTF?

2/24/2009 8:51:58 PM

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