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[In response to evidence that large wooden ships simply do not work]

What do ships have? A hull. What snapped on the wooden ship? The hull.
Does the ark have a hull? No.
The. Ark. Is. A. Hollow. Rectangular. Prism.

OrangeWIZARD, Games Trailer 116 Comments [2/24/2009 5:33:24 PM]
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Submitted By: WhisperElmwood

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Dr. Funkenstein

Hull: Nautical. The frame or body of a ship, exclusive of mass, engines or superstructure.

2/25/2009 1:37:23 AM


btw, the whole ark thing is absolutely pathetic. many fundies even avoid that one for the sheer impossibility of it. just one of the hundreds of ways that "god did it" becomes the only explanation; fish.

sure the fish could swim right, and the fresh water fish would all die, or not because the flood was all rain water, of course. so the salt water fish died then... so what? did he keep all the fresh water fish in tanks on board? what about keeping them alive in tanks for that long. did he filter the water?

another question, what about all the bugs that don't live for a year, they would have to reproduce. but some species of bug couldn't breed in that kind of condition...

there reaches a point where you have to say one of two things. use the ever useful "god did it" and change the topic, or admit it's fiction.

2/25/2009 1:40:25 AM

What. What. What.

I'm trying really hard to make some fucking sense of this word salad, really I am. But seriously, does anyone have even the slightest clue what this fuckwit is talking about?

2/25/2009 1:43:50 AM


Worst. Rectangular. Prism. Ever.

2/25/2009 1:49:28 AM


Congratulations laddie, yer the biggest failure that ever failed the seven seas!

2/25/2009 2:00:13 AM


1) Yes, the ark, being a ship, did in fact have a hull.

2) The ark was not a prism, regardless of its shape. In fact, prisms have nothing to do with rectangles, anyways.

3) You, sir, are a moron.

4) Four pages on this and it was only posted today? Wow. Candidate for fundie of the year?

2/25/2009 2:09:13 AM


*Insert Pear*

2/25/2009 2:17:14 AM


Forget the design aspects, we're all still trying figure how they shoveled all the shit out of it!

2/25/2009 2:18:13 AM

Read the end of the thread, he's just a Poe that's trolling.

2/25/2009 2:22:39 AM



2/25/2009 2:46:32 AM


No hull? WT. Holy. F.

It's described as squared off; the word "ark" actually means "box". I think the writer of Genesis *did* intend a big box looking thing with lots of floaty airspace. ("Rectangular prism" is indeed a real term, a polyhedron whose sides are all rectangles.)

@Reverend Jeremiah: The window was only 18" tall, but as long as the Ark.

There is *no way* 4000 BC Chalcolithic nomads would have been able to build a wooden ship that size. (I'm not sure it's *completely* impossible - I believe the Chinese had some 400+ foot wooden ships at one point - but it certainly would have been at that point in history! And collecting the insects ... LOL.)

2/25/2009 4:09:54 AM


Are you talking about tetragonal or orthorhombic prisms? They would float on a small scale, but there's a reason large vessels aren't designed that way. Where, on either of those shapes, would the load be taken up? They don't have the spine and beams that a hull has to deal with stresses of being afloat.

2/25/2009 4:41:45 AM


2/25/2009 4:54:05 AM

Engineering if fundamentalism takes over

2/25/2009 5:30:19 AM


I loled.

What the hell kind of ship doesn't have a fucking hull?

And I thought a prism refracts light? Or was it defract, I can't remember.

2/25/2009 6:28:27 AM

(Citation oh so very needed)

2/25/2009 9:04:13 AM

Wottock C. Hunt

The moron admitted in the end that he was simply trolling.

2/25/2009 9:24:56 AM


Can I just say guys, all these prism comments are starting to get on my tits. Its true that OrangeWIZARD is a retard, and the hull comment is utter stupidity. BUT A PRISM IS A POLYHEDRON WITH THE SAME CROSS SECTION ALONG ITS WHOLE LENGTH. IT IS NOT JUST A TERM FOR THE INSTRUMENT USED IN OPTICS TO REFRACT LIGHT. So his comment about the ark being a "rectangular prism" means he thinks it was a cuboid. Which is stupid. But its a proper term.



So meny people have gotten this wrong here, I'm amazed. lrn2geometry.

2/25/2009 11:12:33 AM

the old firm

Ok, if he really is a poe: Kudos good sir.

2/25/2009 2:14:41 PM



Thank you. I was about to make a similar comment.

2/25/2009 2:45:32 PM

Atheist In A Foxhole

Wow. How. Fucking. Stupid. Can. You. Be.

2/25/2009 2:46:42 PM


It took the Mesoamerican civilisations centuries to shape those crystal skulls (the real ones, at least). What makes you think Noah could make (even if it was possible to build a vessel bigger than the supertanker Knock Nevis, a.k.a. Jahre Viking in Biblical times) such a craft from one piece of rock crystal (certainly in the limited time before the 'Flood'), if one big enough existed?

Even the Titanic's steel hull snapped during it's sinking. Given enough stress, a ship's hull made of crystal would break too.

It would appear that OrangeWIZARD has said something stupid, has been pressed upon by others in that thread, and he's painted himself further & further into a corner of stupidity. Not exactly fundie, but further proof that those below a certain IQ level shouldn't be allowed to breed.

2/25/2009 3:16:37 PM


You can't see it, but I am crying from a combination of the sadness at this persons stupidity, and the sheer hilarity of the statement

2/25/2009 5:30:45 PM


Did we say "ALL wooden ships' hulls break"?

Also, this puts me in the mind of just a giant floating box afloat on the waves. It made me laugh out loud.

2/25/2009 6:44:59 PM


"The. Ark. Is. A. Hollow. Rectangular. Prism."

WTF? Okay everyone, just back away slowly, don't make any sudden moves they can smell fear. I've got the local psychiatric hospital on the line and they're sendning some men for OrangeWIZARD.

2/25/2009 7:21:09 PM

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