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It must be so easy to be a science-worshiping atheist. You folks can just deny-deny-deny the noses on your own faces because you liars think no one will hold you accountable. God knows differently, of course...

The facts are simple. Racism is the result of the Darwin cult's dogma. The Holy Bible states, clear as day, that mankind shares a pair of common ancestors in Adam and Eve. Do the math: one shared set of common ancestors equals common descent of all humanity. We're all created in the image of God and we're all equal.

Then that liar Darwin came onto the scene and claimed that human beings evolved from monkeys. Not one set of monkeys, mind you, but multiple sets - monkeys from all over the world just happened to mutate into a single species, albeit with different characteristics in different regions. Uh-huh. Thank the Good Lord these are YOUR beliefs and not mine... I'll take what the Bible says over this nonsense any day, thank you very much.

You can have your hoax science and follow your god Darwin. It won't save your soul. Good Americans know that it is the lying left which is full of the real racists, as racism is the ultimate fruit of your sick evolutionist doctrines. Anyone with more than rocks in their head can see that liberal policies like welfare and affirmative action are the direct result of latent liberal racism.

Liberals = atheists = Darwinists = racists. End of story.

Charles Rayney, EvolutionBlog 80 Comments [2/25/2009 7:32:36 AM]
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Evidence = Facts = Science = Reality.

Racism existed way before Darwin was born. The slave trade, for example. The Spanish Inquisition. Yes, that's right: anti-Semitism by Christians.

Right-wingers = Fundies = Creationists = Racists. End of story.

@Dr. Shrinker

(*bows & scrapes before Dr. Shrinker*)

'We're not worthy! We're not worthy...!' [/"Wayne's World"] X3

9/4/2012 11:08:31 AM


So the KKK, the Nazis, and the founders of apartheid were liberals? Is it Opposite Day again?

The Holy Bible also states clear as day that insects have four legs, so excuse me for not taking anything it contains too seriously. And do try to understand the "common ancestor" thing, for once.

If all the leaps of logic in Charlie's post could be harnessed together we'd have a machine capable of flying to Venus.

9/4/2012 11:11:14 PM

Hey, guys? Check way down the thread.

Charles Rayney is taking the piss.

From March 5, 2009:

No, for the record, I was a “poe”… but you folks were not my targets. I was trying to establish credibility with certain people on the right so I could fool around with them a bit – I didn’t drop hints that this is what I was doing because I did not want to blow my cover. The joke was not meant to be on you. You all responded as decent reasonable people should respond when confronted with logical fallacies and outright lies.

I actually intended to leave it at my first comment and just do a hit and run… but responding was admittedly a blast and I got carried away. The sheer absurdity of the stuff I was saying and arguing was admittedly way too much fun. On that note, I apologize for wasting your time and hijacking the comments section here. I did not like where my poe-ing was headed. I ended up messing around with people I initially really did not intend to bother. To this end, I pulled my blog and am ditching this character – I don’t like wasting the time of decent people with whom, at the end of the day, I actually AGREE.

I would like to apologize to everyone whose time I wasted, particularly SLC. I would also like to apologize to Jason for doing this on his blog. I am actually quite ashamed of where this all went – not because of the reaction I have gotten, mind you, but rather for the lack of respect I have shown all of you in doing this.

I don’t have the heart to continue doing that.

And from March 8, 2009:

Freidenker –

I just spent time reading the whole thread. Charles, you wombat, the poe was 100% identical to idiot conservatives and common ID’ers. There was no way for anyone to know you were faking it. Poeing isn’t satire – it’s when satire is impossible because the reality is just as ridiculous.

I deserve that. As I said before, I am not sure I was poeing in the most normal of senses… it was not my intention to be viewed as anything except a fanatic extremist. I was trying to establish credibility with them, because they were the ones that the joke was ultimately meant to be on.

But I lost heart.

I should add that when I talked about “satire” while speaking in-character, I was not talking about being a poe. That was meant to be a classical misdirection that people like Rush Limbaugh and Ann Coulter use all the time… when people call them on their outright stupidity and extremism, they say that they were “joking” all along. It was MEANT to be one more level of illogical fallacy upon a heap of others.

Watch out for the crazies. They play that card all the time.


Gee, you mean just like that fine Christian gentleman, Reverend Fred Phelps?

I think Phelps prefers urinating on the flag. But then again, lots of good Christians do that everyday with their attempts to impose theocracy here in the good U.S. of A… as well as in their attempts to place dogma over real science. ;-)

9/5/2012 3:39:10 AM

It's true, we can deny-deny-deny and lie-lie-lie all we want without severe consequences. Strangely enough, we're not the ones doing most of the lying.

Racism was "alive and well" thousands upon thousands of years before Darwin was even born. The Bible says time and time again that the Israelites are the Lord's chosen people, and that they can kill everyone else. What is that but racism?

All Homo Sapiens are descendants of Homo Habilis, we all share the same Homo ancestor. H Habilis emerged somewhere in Africa and spread from there to the whole world. They later evolved different characteristics in different regions, depending on what environment they lived in.

Science is no hoax and Darwin is no god. Nobody calls themselves Darwinists, ya know. Most Liberals, at least in the US, are Christians.

I didn't quite follow you there; helping our fellow human beings out, regardless of skin-tone, gender, sexual orientation, age or economic status, is racism? I think you might need a thesaurus...

9/5/2012 5:08:50 AM


Next time I hear creationist claim that we atheists think humans came from monkeys, or ask why when we go to the zoo, you can't see monkeys turn to humans, I'll either kick them, or bitch slap them. Also, I love the "End of Story" Approach. Real fucking mature.

12/10/2015 4:50:13 AM

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