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The closest any kid will ever get to becoming Gandalf is to watch the movies, read the books, play video games, and use their imagination. The closest you can get to being Harry Potter is becoming a witch. Casting spells, fortune telling, tarot cards... In one word: witchcraft. LOTR is plain old fantasy, no way it can become real. Harry Potter CAN become real; witchcraft is very real.

Sleuth_Girl4Christ, The Seven Project Discussion Forums 25 Comments [1/1/2004 12:00:00 AM]
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No, it's not. If it was, you'd be a toad by this time.

11/20/2006 11:30:23 PM

David D.G.

Well, dang, I missed out on going to a really cool school, then.

Good grief. How old is this poster? Eight? If she's any older than that, she's too old to be believing nonsense like this.

~David D.G.

11/20/2006 11:50:26 PM


The crowning offense is that this idiot uses the word \"Sleuth\" in her username... yet, HAVEN'T GOT A CLUE!

11/21/2006 6:44:59 AM


I can't stop laughing here.

3/17/2007 9:26:42 PM



3/17/2007 9:56:48 PM



3/17/2007 10:55:26 PM


Stupid fucking Muggles.

3/18/2007 3:14:45 AM

we dey

you idiots, god isn't real you dumb s.h.i.t.s

3/18/2007 6:02:01 PM


So because it's based in a completely fictional world, rather than fiction based in this world, it's that much more of a threat?

When was the last time you've seen a witch cast a spell?

10/16/2007 4:05:13 PM


screw Harry Potter, i want midi-chlorians! (midi-chlorians are real, right?)

10/16/2007 4:12:01 PM

Caustic Gnostic

I'd just like the magic to turn these Levites back into dirt.

10/16/2007 4:12:23 PM

Giga Guess

And yet she missed out on the fact that in the Harry Potter universe, people either have the capability of witchcraft or they don't...Hogwarts is just there to help the students HONE their skills.

Ah what's it matter. Girl's a schmuck, no matter which was she misses the point.

10/16/2007 4:34:50 PM

is this how it works?

there is no such thing as a wizard....... there is witchcraft though

10/16/2007 6:20:56 PM


Did anybody else read her name as Slut_Girl4Christ

2/17/2010 11:44:00 AM


So you wouldn't mind showing me platform 9 3/4 then? Remember, in the book, it says you need to take a bit of a run at it...

2/17/2010 12:01:08 PM


I always find that if these people believe in one superstition they easily cross-over to another.

... maybe she's got a facination with a Harry Wand?

2/17/2010 12:03:55 PM


I also want you to find Platform 9 3/4.

Last time I checked, both of them are wizards, both of them are fantasy, both series of books are written by Brits, one over some 20-odd-years, the other over about 10 years. Which ought to be the more thorough one.

2/17/2010 12:13:26 PM


Grand wizard of middle-Earth vs. young student

It's like comparing Zeus to your God

2/17/2010 3:18:30 PM


Notice how more scientific the magic is in Harry Potter than in LotR.

Yes, probably just a coincidence.

2/24/2010 3:34:11 PM


This is probably the most fucking retarded thing I have read all day.

5/10/2010 9:26:40 PM



5/10/2010 9:30:11 PM

Uh. Both Gandalf and Harry Potter are wizards. Wizardry, witchcraft, wtfever - none of it is real.

1/31/2011 4:36:30 PM

That sleuth is dangerously problematic. :P

2/24/2011 7:51:38 PM


7/8/2011 2:36:16 AM

Philbert McAdamia

The closest any kid will ever get to becoming Gandalf

And the closest you're going to get to Jesus is . . .

7/8/2011 3:23:08 AM

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