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[Arguing against the Big Bang]To my knowledge, one element cannot create another element. How did the elements of the Periodic Table evolve from hydrogen and helium?

Beowulf210, Open Forum Debate 16 Comments [1/1/2004 12:00:00 AM]
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Up through iron, they are created in stars. Above that they are created in nova & supernova explosions.

3/10/2006 6:15:34 PM

David D.G.

At least he starts with \"to my knowledge,\" which acknowledges that he doesn't know everything. However, he only posits the question and doesn't bother to really look for the answer. Fortunately, other people have looked, and have found it for him, as Papabear demonstrates. For further details on how this is known, I recommend that Beowulf210 (great name, by the way) read a few astronomy and physics books.

~David D.G.

3/10/2006 7:29:07 PM

Inside a gigantic nuclear furnace under the general rules of nuclear fusion.

3/8/2008 10:45:36 AM

Philbert McAdamia

Well ya see first hydrogen & helium got together and evolved into a fish. Then it grew legs and walked - until it turned into an orange one day. One of its children was a table and when a giant cyclone came along and stirred it up it went, as we say; "periodic". This of course all took several days. And this is how evolution brought about all the minerals and all the diverse life forms; about 100 or so different ones.
Hey, B210, I'm kidding I'M KIDDING. Don't believe all the silly shit you see.
Goddidit. Rly.

;-) *snicker*

3/8/2008 1:04:12 PM


Two words: thermonuclear fusion

3/8/2008 4:42:20 PM


The sun is a mass of incandescent gas
A gigantic, nuclear furnace
Where Hydrogen is built into Helium
At a temperature of millions of degrees~

5/25/2008 9:02:33 PM


"The sun is a mass of incandescent gas, a gigantic nuclear furnace! Where hydrogen is built into helium at a temperature of millions of degrees!"

And that would be why you don't see it happening every day. Kudos to the They Might Be Giants.

5/25/2008 10:26:52 PM


Nuclear fusion baby!

5/25/2008 10:47:09 PM



Really? 'Cause I've heard that. That's exactly how the purple elf explained it to me. Are you saying purple elves lie?

5/26/2008 12:20:35 AM


This isn't fundie, this is just lacking knowledge. He was asking a question.

5/26/2008 12:28:38 AM

King Duncan

The big bang isn't evolution. Elements don't evolve. They can undergo fusion and fission however.

6/6/2008 5:47:34 PM


I failed high school chemistry and even I knew that was wrong.

7/5/2011 11:01:56 AM

Quantum Mechanic

Fail nuclear physics much?

11/4/2012 1:41:11 PM

Quantum Mechanic


Read a book.

9/5/2014 9:47:33 AM

To my knowledge, almost everyone arguing against the Big Bang theory has no clue as to what it is, what it says, or how it works. They often don't even understand the correct scientific definition of the word "theory".

Regardless of what "Jailbird" Hovind says, the BBT wasn't "a swirling dot"; it didn't "explode in space", and it is not "cosmic evolution", at least not evolution as described by Darwin. The elements don't "evolve"; as others have mentioned, they were synthesized in the centers of stars. What you're looking for is called "nucleosynthesis".


Oh, and by the way, the BBT was conceived by a Christian priest


9/5/2014 12:26:42 PM


I can show you one element turning to another in front of your eyes. This would expose you to radiation, though.

9/6/2014 4:21:28 PM

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