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Did you know that the average IQ of two dozen African nations is lower than 70? Did you know that out of all 85 African nations, none of them have an average IQ higher than 85 (which in the US is borderline retarded)?

Did you know that obama was one of 360 blacks admitted to Harvard whose SAT scores were between 600-900? Do you think going to Harvard raised his IQ higher than 72?

For the record, an SAT score of 600 is an IQ lower than 60.

jacobisrael, Christian Party 23 Comments [2/27/2009 3:26:52 AM]
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Third-world African countries doing poorly on Western tests on language and arithmetic?

Clearly, it is because they are silly negroes. It couldn't have anything at all to do with their living circumstances.

which in the US is borderline retarded)

Lol no.

2/27/2009 4:25:30 AM


Did you know that people who can't read do poorly on written tests? Amazing isn't it.

SAT and IQ are two different tests. They don't equate to each other.

2/27/2009 6:10:19 AM


I see you guys are still racist.

2/27/2009 8:31:28 AM

Do you know that data can be invented to suit anybody's taste?

2/27/2009 8:55:39 AM


"Did you know that the average IQ of two dozen African nations is lower than 70?"

Errr...the average IQ is always 100. It's not calcualated form the IQs of any given group, it's a set, fixed number against which your own IQ is judged.

It's hard to explain, it's best you look it up for yourselves.

2/27/2009 9:02:37 AM


Because of course, it's not the lack of education, malnutrition and wealth is it? Noooo, it's because they're stupid. Shut up.

2/27/2009 11:09:33 AM

Exmuslim Turk

Jacobisrael... Christian Identity scum! I am not surprised.I hope every Christian Identity member gets raped by nonwhites.

2/27/2009 11:31:10 AM

Oh dear.

2/27/2009 12:42:11 PM


Um...you can't HAVE an SAT score of 900, unless you mean on the entire thing, in which case no college would admit you. A score of 600 on one portion of the test would be quite respectable, it would be like getting a B on a letter graded test. But even a total of 600 would mean lack of education, not lack of innate intelligence, and if you aren't being educated why would you be taking the SAT in the first place?

And that's only the beginning of what's wrong with this guy's post.

2/27/2009 2:49:44 PM


My IQ dropped 10 points just reading this.

2/27/2009 2:50:30 PM


Did you know that Africa only has 53 nations?

Did you know that President Obama wouldn't have been able to become president of the Harvard Law Review or indeed graduate magna cum laude from Harvard Law School on an IQ as low as you claim?

Did you know that you need to be able to source your claims?

Did you know that lying for Jesus is still lying?

2/27/2009 3:48:01 PM


Did you know that cultural differences can play havoc in intelligence tests?

2/27/2009 8:33:08 PM


*headdesk* The stupid! burns!

2/27/2009 10:02:58 PM

Actually, Barack Obama got a 790 on one portion of the test and a 740 on another. That adds up to 1530, which equals an IQ of about 105. Do some research, will you?

2/27/2009 10:04:12 PM


Did you know that IQ tests tend to be culturally biased? Did you also know that IQ means nothing more than how good you are at pattern recognition?

IQ says very little about a person.

2/28/2009 2:32:49 AM

Geez, you don't think it has anything to do with the fact that the test is based on Western thought?

2/28/2009 4:54:04 AM

Yama the Space Fish

Too bad the IQ scores for most countries are based on guesswork and biases.

2/28/2009 2:24:26 PM


The real reason is that Black people are the spawn of Satan. Just come out an say it you Christian Identity fucktard, stop beating around the bush by trying to used your own BS statistics, admit you are a bigot and get on with your life, I hear the Klan is always recruiting...

An African-American is your president, live with it.

2/28/2009 4:37:42 PM



2nd, how are they measuring the IQs in these countries? Most people there can't afford an education and a lot of the time the common language is a vernacular dialect so if they're not being tested in their dialect that would distort the test because they wouldn't be able to understand it as well. I once had to read a book written by a Nigerian author for class and the 'english' version was written in Nigerian English. That is NOT English. I couldn't understand half of it. I think the Nigerians should just declare that Nigerian English is its own language just like French and Italian are not dialects of Latin. Then they can have a Nigerian version and translated versions in other languages, including English and they can teach their kids and give them tests in Nigerian. Imagine if you had to take an IQ test in Nigerian English and were told that that was the standard form of English and that what you spoke was just vernacular. You probably wouldn't do too well.

2/28/2009 7:02:37 PM

What IQ test is this guy basing this on? If it is an American IQ test, which factors in knowledge unavailable to those countries, how can you compare the 2? I bet if this guy was dropped in the African wilderness, his survival IQ is probably 0, and gets mauled by a hippopotamus, lion or alligator.

2/28/2009 10:30:26 PM


average IQ higher than 85 (which in the US is borderline retarded)?

Go take anIQtest and you'll probobly find that you are definetley retarded by your standards.

Harvard regularly accepts students with 700's SAT scores.

5/5/2009 8:13:58 PM


This person obviously has an axe to grind but the facts are here. People of Black African descent score significantly lower on average than other racial-ethnic groups. And it's not like you can blame cultural bias here, North Africans for instance are also culturally very different from Westerners but they still score much higher on IQ tests than Blacks. The same thing can be said for Asians.

5/12/2009 10:37:25 AM


Christian party? Sounds like a lame party. Prolly a sausagefest

8/13/2012 3:06:58 PM

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