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It’s all part of their plan to make homo behavior “normal”. It’s incredibly obvious, isn’t it? Evolution is introduced into our schools, and then it advances to teaching that gays are just like you and me. That’s the way your hardcore Commie works.

ToGodBeTheGlory, freerepublic 84 Comments [2/27/2009 8:44:32 AM]
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Makes sense somehow.
Gays love pink and pink is a shade of red, the colour of communism
therefore gay <-> communist

2/27/2009 11:56:03 AM


Evo-Commie-fascist-satanworshipping-freemason-Gay militant-sexual deviant-pedophile-darwinist-muslim-catholic-NWO agent. That's me!

2/27/2009 12:00:02 PM

"It’s incredibly obvious, isn’t it?"

Only to homophobes..

As for the Commie jibe, the minute Bush bailed out the banks, you became a commie country...

2/27/2009 12:02:14 PM

Dr. Funkenstein

Well, yeah. Communism is all about equality...so, you know...get over it.

2/27/2009 12:05:37 PM


What does one have to do with the other? Or the third thing?

2/27/2009 12:19:38 PM

Mister Spak

In advanced evolution class the students learn gays are just like them?

That's the way hardcore fundie stupid works.

2/27/2009 12:43:00 PM


"It’s all part of their plan to make homophobic behaviour “normal”. It’s incredibly obvious, isn’t it? Creationism is introduced into our schools (via 'Intelligent Design'), and then it advances to teaching that right-wingers are just like you and me. That’s the way your hardcore Neocon works."


Being left-wing is superior, ToGodBeTheGlory, and you know it.

2/27/2009 12:48:17 PM


Communies? as in the bad kind or the actual one?

2/27/2009 12:53:52 PM

Dr. Funkenstein

Fags have not hidden the fact that they target children (e.g., in schools, boy scouts, girl scouts, etc.). The reason is simple: they want to teach children, at a young age, that it is OK to be gay; that there is nothing wrong with homosexuality as an innocent, alternate lifestyle; that people who engage in sodomy are to be respected in a "multi-cultural" and "diverse" sense. There is no better place to do this than in schools. If they can help raise a new generation of children who have respect for different sexual orientations, then, they think, their lives will be easier. If they can convince impressionable children that sodomy is perfectly normal and natural, they will no longer have to suffer the stigma of being homosexual. Of course, fags can't have children through their perverted activity, so they must target the children of other people. Whether they recruit a child to that lifestyle (through the guise of helping "questioning youth"), or whether they recruit a child to the ranks of those who believe that sodomy is a normal thing to do, they are just as guilty.

2/27/2009 1:30:04 PM

Pule Thamex

Homosexual behaviour is normal in comparison to yours. If you ever manage to lift yourself out of the gutter, then you can talk. Until then, continue scrabbling about like a filthy rodent and stop your mindless squeaking.

2/27/2009 1:34:37 PM


In another post, you derided Darwin's "huge stretches of logic".

Now, you're claiming Evolution = gay rights = Communism.

Do you not see the cognitive dissonance?

2/27/2009 1:39:18 PM

Rat of Steel

(@ Dr. Funkenstein)

Obvious troll is obvious.


*sighs at the 9/11 troll-post below this one*

Oh, come on, Doc. You can do better than that.

2/27/2009 1:40:36 PM


So tell me, TGBTG...aside from me liking men...how do I differ from you? Hmmm?

2/27/2009 1:41:47 PM

Rat of Steel

--[][][]--[][][]-- Please repost this
--[][][]--[][][]--if you believe 9/11
--[][][]--[][][]--was done by the Jews.

2/27/2009 1:45:08 PM

Johannes9126 for the win!

Plus, Russia (formerly the Soviet Union) isn't exactly that fond of homosexuals either.

2/27/2009 2:27:37 PM

Doctor Whom

Just look at how pro-gay communism was in practice.

2/27/2009 2:37:31 PM

Argle Bargle

Holy non-sequitur Batman! Also, Marxist communism is as dead as a doornail.

2/27/2009 2:38:29 PM


"Evolution is introduced into our schools, and then it advances to teaching that gays are just like you and me."

Geez, some people think about only two things- evolution and gay sex. They need to see a movie or something.

2/27/2009 2:43:51 PM

Kremlin KOA

@ #972930

Ironically if Gay people are 'born that way' then it would have a primarily genetic component.

From an evolutionary standpoint, a genetic trait that severly reduces your odds of successfully reprodicing is a flaw.

This logical construct is disproven, btw, if the hypothetical genetic sequence that creates homosexuality also creates an evolutionary advantage sufficiently useful to improve the chances of sucessfully reproducing.

If that is the case however, a lower number of repititions of the sequence would be the most likely cause of bisexuality. As such it would produce the superior combination, little to no reason to not reproduce, with a lesser version of whatever advantage those with a full set of the sequence get.

These hypotheses are testable.
If my theory prves true, then identical twins, seperated at birth, will show particular data:
In a pureley genetic trigger scenario, if one twin is gay, so is the other.
In a predminantly genetic scenario, where 1 twin is gay, the other will be gay 80+% of the time.
In a partially genetic scenario, with some environmental factors affecting. If one twin is gay, the other will be 25%-75% of the time.
In a scenario with predominantly environmental effects, bit with a minor genetic component, if one twin is gay, the other will be 15%-20% of the time.
If there is no significant genetic component. Then one twin eing gay will have the other twin being gay at the same 5%-10% rate in the general population. Possibly a percentage point or so higher due to the shared environmental aspect of 'seperated at birth and adopted'.

Feel free to critique my theory, feel free to point out test data debunking, or supporting, it.

2/27/2009 2:50:19 PM

Argle Bargle

@ Kremlin KOA

Look, the troll has returned with a bowl of delicious copypasta! Eat up!

2/27/2009 3:17:20 PM


They are like you and me. You just don't approve of their partners even though it's none of your business.

2/27/2009 3:23:08 PM

You clearly have no idea what Evolution is, or for that matter what Communists or Homosexuals are.

2/27/2009 3:26:24 PM


@ Argle Bargle:

Actually, that's about how the testing for genetic presdispostion goes. I can't remember the exact figures off-hand, but there definitely is a heavy genetic component, although it's not determinative (stuff rarely is in genes).

As for evolution and homosexuality, it's been pointed out before that homosexuals can help society without having to add to the gene pool - a gay hunter still brings home the same meat, and a gay 'nursemaid' wouldn't have children depleting that food supply.

It has also been discovered that at least some of the genes implicated in homosexuality are linked to other genes which increase female fertility/fecundity - in other words, some of those women likely to reproduce more carry genes predisposing homosexuality in male relatives - so there is a 'positive' selection pressure for gayness.

Additionally since many genes have partial function if only some of a complex are present, or if not fully activated, they could be carried by a bisexual, who is much more likely to reproduce normally, and so keep the genes in the 'pool'.

You only have to look at the animal kingdom for plenty of 'natural' examples of same-gender sex. Besides, what happens with non-traditional-gender creatures like earthworms - are hermaphrodites 'gay'? :)

So a lot of the typical fundie rants really have no validity and simply show a typical lack of understanding of even basic science and more basic logic.

2/27/2009 4:13:42 PM


What a strange little world you must live in.

2/27/2009 4:18:30 PM


I forgot to mention: in a lot of Communist countries, gay sex was illegal for even longer than it was in the West. For instance, in Romania, homosexual sex was illegal until about 6-7 years ago and even now is incredibly poorly tolerated. So another big hole in his leaky sieve!

2/27/2009 4:23:52 PM

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