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What degree of being unclothed around each other is permitted to spouses before it becomes a sin against marital chastity? Assume that spouses can be unclothed during the marital act, although I've never seen this in writing. But what about incidental situations not related to the marriage debt, such as changing clothes in front of each other, sleeping in skimpy nightwear (or none at all), or even showering together? I'm currently bed confined due to surgery, and my wife has been washing me, but I was wondering if morality required that we get a male home health aide, as bed baths require me to be unclothed not in the context of the marriage act.

Mattapoisett64 , Catholic Answers 103 Comments [3/13/2009 12:42:51 PM]
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Submitted By: Democritus

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Tom S. Fox

Admit it, you just want an excuse to have a man wash you.

3/13/2009 12:43:36 PM


I've never heard such a bunch of idiotic bullshit.

3/13/2009 12:45:32 PM


Wow, you bring creepy to a whole new level!

3/13/2009 12:46:54 PM


. . .

Is there even an answer for this? If you're married, there shouldn't be a problem with that, and I'm not sure why you waited to ask this until now.

3/13/2009 12:47:59 PM


This only deserves this answer:


3/13/2009 12:48:00 PM


And a Simpsons quote comes to mind:

"Help me reverend, I think I'm coveting my own wife!"

3/13/2009 12:48:04 PM


... You Catholics actually refer to sex as "the marriage debt"?!

3/13/2009 12:48:20 PM

Captain Britannica

Oh, come on ... this has got to be somebody taking the piss out of the left-footers.

3/13/2009 12:49:27 PM


Why would a man be better than your wife? I'm seeing a queer reasoning here.

Do you even like girls? Most of us would suggest a pretty young nurse to give our wifes a break, y'know.

3/13/2009 12:50:34 PM

The Lazy One

Uh, I think if you've done the act necessary for the survival of the species it's OK to be unclothed in front of your spouse...

at least, I really hops so, because if you can't that's really sad.

3/13/2009 12:51:42 PM


How repressed can you get? This is sad.

If you're not an extremely repressed fundie, nudity is not dangerous whatsoever. If you're married, nudity should be freaking natural, and even if you're not married it won't hurt you.

But I guess it could be dangerous to a guy like this. I grew up very, very close to a nudist beach. If this guy would have spent a summer at that place, I think that his head would have exploded.

3/13/2009 12:51:54 PM




For Christ's sake.

This is beyond ridiculous.

3/13/2009 12:52:33 PM


re Tracer: Well, former Catholic here, and I've never heard of this before. But then, we were never incredibly religious.

I'm not sure this isn't a troll over there. Even the regulars seem to be responding with "you've gotta be kidding."

3/13/2009 12:53:49 PM

Rat of Steel

(Tom S. Fox)
"Admit it, you just want an excuse to have a man wash you."

My thoughts exactly.

3/13/2009 12:54:42 PM


Not in front of the children!

3/13/2009 12:56:59 PM


Welcome back my freinds to the show that never ends...fundamental roman catholicism.

3/13/2009 12:57:03 PM


The..."marriage act," you say?

Isn't that the bit where you get up in front of an audience and preacher and exchange vows and rings and whatnot?

WTF does that have to do with being naked in front of each other?

3/13/2009 12:57:20 PM


This guy is a complete parody of sex-fearing fundies. The question is whether he's doing it on purpose, in which case it's hilarious, or on accident, in which case it's just pathetic and sad.

3/13/2009 1:00:42 PM


Somebody's got the closet ghey!

3/13/2009 1:01:43 PM


And you can have him wear a nurse outfit as he sponges you

3/13/2009 1:02:29 PM


The answer is not to let anyone clean you. You should die festering in your own filth.

3/13/2009 1:10:43 PM

Carbonated Margarine

Just mail yourself to the furniture factory and get yourself upholstered.

3/13/2009 1:12:31 PM

Not in the face

I always wondered if it was a sin to do my wife in the butt.

Also, is it Biblical ok for a Christian to watch porn if the porn is of a married couple?

3/13/2009 1:17:39 PM


I can't get outraged over this. I only feel sadness. Asking what is an appropriate level of nakedness between married adults? You need religion to answer that for you?

Just really sad.

3/13/2009 1:19:19 PM


If this guy can't even leave bed to carry out basic sanitation, how is he managing to post on the internet? A matter of years ago, this would have been sufficient evidence of trolling; unfortunately, with the spread of wifi and laptops, we can no longer be certain. And we've definitely seen fundies stupid enough to hold this view before. (seriously, is there anything at all in the bible that could be construed to say "don't get naked, ever, even in front of your wife, even if you're actually doing the nasty?")

3/13/2009 1:19:33 PM

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