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In response to [If Dinosaurs had REALLY lived side by side with human for centuries and into the 1400s, don't you think people would have mentioned it? Fairly often?]

Not at all. You have to remember, dinosaurs were not unusal or special to the people living at the same time as them anymore than elephants or whales are special to us. The people living at the same time as dinosaurs had no idea that in the future, certain people would claim dinosaurs all died out 70 million years ago...it's such an arbitrary and ridiculous idea.

We have soft dinosaur tissue present today and carvings of dinosaurs made in the late 1400's...how would people know what dinosaurs had looked like if they died out 70 million years ago?

knight-in-black-leather, IMDB 94 Comments [3/19/2009 3:24:48 PM]
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Ok, someone would have at least written about them. What about naturalists? We have lots of stuff written about elephants and whales. You are full of crap.

3/19/2009 3:28:40 PM


Yes, that tissue was recovered because it was miraculously preserved, also do you have proof of those dinosaurs?

3/19/2009 3:32:08 PM


Dinosaur carvings I mean.

3/19/2009 3:32:20 PM


"Not at all. You have to remember, dinosaurs were not unusal or special to the people living at the same time as them anymore than elephants or whales are special to us."

By writing that, you have just provided us with an example in the modern day of a reference in text to elephants and whales, despite the fact that they are commonplace animals.

Assuming you are not lying or pulling facts out of your posterior, we would expect to find something similar referring to dinosaurs in the good old 1400s.

3/19/2009 3:36:58 PM


Naturalis Historia, bitch. The best encyclopedic work of the roman empire period. NO mention of any kind of dinosaur while unicorns and phoenixes are mentioned alongside cats and dogs. How do you explin this? you don't? figures...

3/19/2009 3:37:36 PM


Honestly, the 1400's. I know they think they lived in biblical times but the 1400's!!

The Crusades were winding down, the plague was killing Europeans and Columbus was sailing the ocean blue.

I think someone would have written it down if they saw a god damm dinosaur walking around.

Next they will be saying the plague did all the dinosaurs in :)

3/19/2009 3:47:33 PM

Wow, that might be the dumbest thing I've ever heard.

3/19/2009 3:47:42 PM


The idea that the ancients wouldn't have bothered writing about dinosaurs if they had seen them is ridiculous. They wrote about everything else around them. They even wrote about mastodon bones, which they thought were huge human leg bones.

The people of old painted and carved all sorts of creatures; griffins, dragons, imps with bat-like ears, winged horses, etc. There are whole "bestiaries" that were made by monks, most of whom had never been much beyond their own front gate. Check out the gargoyles on medieval buildings. It's not too surprising that a few might have looked like dinosaurs.

3/19/2009 3:53:25 PM


"We have soft dinosaur tissue present today"

We have soft tissue that fossilized 65+ million years ago. This was a remarkable find, since soft tisue doesn't usually fossilize.

But still, fossilized soft tisue =/= soft tissue that's been preserved intact in its original state.

3/19/2009 4:04:58 PM


Sweet Jebus! We actually let these people operate heavy machinery, vote and reproduce?!?

3/19/2009 4:13:31 PM


Ozzie, "Next they will be saying the plague did all the dinosaurs in :)"

I just lol'ed. You win the internets.

3/19/2009 4:23:13 PM


The soft tissue was a fluke of preservation. And ancient peoples mentioned whales and elephants, but did NOT mention Dinosaurs. So your own (dare I say) logic proves your statements aer wrong.

3/19/2009 4:25:11 PM


It's so stupid it hurts!

Are you telling me that the people before Noah and indeed Noah went "Big fuck of Brontasaurus? No didn't see it. Lion, fuck in hell trying to bite my leg off! Help!"

And what do you mean the 1400's, This is the time of Henry IV, while fighting against Richard II, they were trying to avoid Rapters?

I think if Dinosaurs existed in 1400 the last thing the English would be concerned about is who should be King.

About 65 MIllion years ago the Dinosaurs became extinct. How do we know Geology, the layers of rock that show the history of the Earth.

For fucks sake get a life!

3/19/2009 4:27:02 PM


So where are the thousands of dinosaur skeletons that should exist in the same layer of earth as human remains if humans and dinosaurs had lived next to each other until maybe 1000 years ago?

3/19/2009 4:27:24 PM


Wait ... your username is "knight in black leather"?

Isn't that kinda on the ... kinky side, for you Fundies?

3/19/2009 4:35:01 PM


Why am I picturing knights riding raptors right now? Sheesh, Chocobo knights from Final Fantasy games were weird enough.

3/19/2009 4:38:40 PM


Ugh... Now I have stupid all over me.

3/19/2009 4:45:32 PM


It was fossilized tissue, in other words minerals that had infiltrated and hardened into rock in the form of the tissue that was there. It was not 'meat' from a T-rex you idiot.

The fossiled tissue was dated at 65+ million years old. After being treated to remove most minerals it became somewhat pliant.

Unfortunately all the photos that went out with the news articles were of the tissue looking wet and red after being acid washed and further treated to demineralize it. The creationist crowd jumped on them saying that 'meat' could never have been preserved for 65 million years. (of course not idiots)

If they bothered to check their facts they would know this, but they don't care. It is just another thing that they can lie for jesus about to try to counter evolution.

3/19/2009 4:52:41 PM

He is literally saying dinosaurs roamed England in 1496!! L-O-L

Nothing is going to top that as hilarious fundie statement for a long time.

3/19/2009 4:54:50 PM


And on that note...

3/19/2009 4:59:29 PM

"Knight in black leather" is a gay (celibate of course), Catholic creationist. Can you get any more self-loathing? I almost feel sorry for him.

3/19/2009 5:00:41 PM

Philbert McAdamia

@ #925985
... do you have proof of those dinosaurs?
Dinosaur carvings I mean.

Taking a guess here...since many dinosaur skeletons show where someone artistically filled in the missing portions with plaster, missing bones, etc., I've seen where fundies claim the "dino" was started with part of an old cow bone, and the whole rest of him was made up by teh evilll scientists, maybe with a helping hand from Tom Savini, Rick Baker, and the Devil Himself; Darwin. Bearing in mind, fundies are not prone to visit museums to study such things, if they saw one with a major portion filled in, or heard a rumor about one from another fundie, they would regard it as Gospel Truth(TM) and shut the door on further information. Hence; carvings = more lies from the Jesus haters.

3/19/2009 5:06:19 PM



Why is there a shitload of carvings, paintings, sculptures, writings, etc. portraying horses then? Horses are commonplace animals. Everybody knows what a horse is, especially back then, when they were pretty darn vital...

And yet Xenophon saw fit to write about horses and horsemanship, but oddly, not a word about dinosaurs...

You'd think at least one picture of a rider fighting off hordes of raptors, no?

3/19/2009 5:06:19 PM

"We have soft dinosaur tissue present today and carvings of dinosaurs made in the late 1400's"

The only thing soft is the stuff between your ears..

3/19/2009 5:13:36 PM


I think that it would have been way more awesome if Jonas was swallowed by a T-Rex and survived.

3/19/2009 5:14:17 PM

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