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I believe Bush is acting in accordance to God's will to bring Jesus back. Do you think his re-election is a sure thing? I sure hope so!

tnlady, Rapture Ready 2 Comments [2/1/2004 12:00:00 AM]
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It's true though. Because of all the Hell that Bush has brought to Earth, Jesus is the only way to stop it... So Bush is not doing God's work, he's only making Hell on Earth a reality so that revelations has to happen. So everyone get ready and wait, and wait and wait and realize it's not gonna happen just like it didn't every other time the end date was \"prophesized\".

12/24/2006 6:18:58 AM


Let me guess... tnlady now uses the term "Obamessiah" to show her contempt for Obama supporters.

10/19/2011 6:03:33 AM

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