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I think that the MASS judges need to rule on Baptism, and The LORD's Supper, or Communion. After all, Marriage is a sacrament like these other two. Legal unions OK, I don't like that but that's fair. Marriage is a sacrament established by GOD. I don't think that there is a court in the entire world that has the right or legal jusisdiction to rule on Marriage. Ah yes, the great WHITE THRONE JUDGEMENT! They will find out then!

Porterbob, Rapture Ready 2 Comments [2/1/2004 12:00:00 AM]
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Tormentor of Religion

Just your garden-variety anti-gay marriage christian in it's natural habitat... nothing interesting here, move along.

3/29/2009 1:54:55 PM


Toilet humour, again.

3/29/2009 2:26:07 PM

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