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(Post is in a thread regarding the Pope talking about condoms and AIDS)

Because condoms break and everybody thinks everybody else used them anyways so...

Besides, Africa is the poster for failure of race to learn.
The countries in Africa have been given more assistance in this than is fucking believable. Black Africans=Fail.

This and the fact that when they were colonies, the starvation shit was nearly non-existent compared to now and if they are so damn equal then what the fuck are they starving as much as they are.

Seriously, they fuckin fail and by giving them as much food aid as we have, we have only lengthened there suffering.

Stop the food aid completly, send people to teach them to farm, and if that doesn't work, send guns. Lots of them.

The watch as several hundred million die in a year.

The land will once again be able to support them.

Invictus Legio, SpaceBattles.com 22 Comments [3/21/2009 11:45:35 AM]
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Submitted By: Furlong

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You're a cunt. No need to say any more.

3/21/2009 12:07:49 PM


Ladies and gentlemen, we have found somebody more evil than Josef Stalin and the entire nazi regime combined.

3/21/2009 12:29:09 PM


Someone's never heard of dependency theory.

3/21/2009 1:20:40 PM


Yeah, cause selling them guns really worked well...

You know, with it helping out the wars and such that were forcing people away from their farms, so they couldn't grow the food which is why they're starving...

Yeah... sending more guns is really gonna help...

3/21/2009 1:57:32 PM


It has nothing to do with race (at least on the part of the Africans themselves. . .) and everything to do with lack of education and lack of money. Money's hard enough to come by, but when most of it has certain religious strings attached that prevent one of the most important kinds of education African people (and people the world over, for that matter) need, you keep a whole LOT of people down.

3/21/2009 4:01:13 PM

Captain Britannica

<q>This and the fact that when they were colonies, the starvation shit was nearly non-existent<eq>

Nope. Next!

3/21/2009 5:38:59 PM

D Laurier

Famines were quite common in Africa during colonial rule.
White colonial masters took all the food, and left the native population to starve.
100 years ago it was white troops with bolt rifles and hotchkiss guns.
Today its overpopulation, climatic change, and post colonial puppet regimes.

3/21/2009 6:52:50 PM

Yama the Space Fish

Imperialism meant famines everywhere. Just ask the Irish.

3/22/2009 7:15:19 AM


I have an even better idea.

Let's do away with Catholicism completely, make the pope get a real job and send all the wealth of the Vatican into Africa to be used for sex education, healthcare, bulding schools and teaching effective farming methods. No one else will have to die unnecessarily and we can end years of poverty and misery. Sound good?

3/22/2009 8:39:53 AM

Like the last 500 years of colonization never happened.

3/22/2009 9:17:12 AM

Yama the Space Fish

They still need food. Eat the Klan!

3/22/2009 9:26:08 AM

However, they're growing economically while Europe and America is not(and your ancestors didn't think so 200 years ago, did they?, when they invaded their countries)

3/22/2009 10:01:29 AM


Actually a lot is the fault of the brits. By a cruel twist of fate the africans got rid of the entire british structures, that meant getting rid of the indians who often ran british colonies. India survived relatively unscathed due to their large numbers of mandarins (as did China since they gave the word mandarin to us).

Africa had no "civil service" and had to assemble it all from scratch leading to instantaneous break down of society. Education suffered even more and gave rise to the church who still maintain an iron grip and the witch doctors. Education is the way forward.

3/23/2009 1:26:22 AM


Speaking for South Africa only, can you spell APARTHEID? The lack of education of black South Africans is a DIRECT RESULT OF THE IMPERIAL RULE of WHITE AFRIKAANS SOUTH AFRICANS.

You cannot cause the ignorance of an entire generation of people, and sit back and say "ah, look at those dumb fools".

Black South Africans had to go to England and America to even be ALLOWED to study at a tertiary level.

You are a moron. I would like you to see the dying face of an african child, and hold that tiny malnourished hand and then sprout your idiotic diatrite again.

You, my ill-informed friend, are the very translation of fail.

3/23/2009 5:57:45 AM


The incandescent rage I feel at this quote burns in my belly like a star. I hope Invictus Legio dies in a fucking fire.

3/24/2009 5:06:03 PM


This doesn't sound all that racist to me. Just horrible.

3/26/2009 9:21:30 AM

Anti - Dei

Race and conservahistory discluded, I agree.

3/29/2009 5:06:37 PM


The land supported them just fine before the RCC went in and fucked things up.

3/29/2009 5:10:07 PM


Hey fuqwit, did you an Mengele have a coffee klatch recently?

3/29/2009 5:29:48 PM

Sick Of It

Actually, not all of Africa is uniformly poor. Some African countries are High or Medium on the HDI (living standards) list. Equatorial Guinea actually has a higher median income than most states in the US. Africa also has a lot of the world's fastest growing economies right now, with the continent having an average of 7% growth for the past 8 years. That's why the EU, China, Japan and India are starting to fight over who gets dibs on investing in new African commercial frontiers. That's pretty remarkable given that Africa had its economy destroyed the worst out of all colonized lands (Africa was actually economically better off in 1600 than in 1920) by colonialism and most African countries have only been independent for less than 40 years. Then compound that with the problem of most Africans in 1960 having less than a 12th grade education due to outlawing of black education during colonialism, etc. It's remarkable some of the countries have made so much progress after the 1960s decolonization movements saw a lot of capital and funding for infrastructure go back to Europe.

4/1/2009 2:08:41 AM

Sick Of It

Not to mention their statement about financial aid is incorrect. Israel, Japan, China and Europe received far more money in financial aid from the US than Africa ever did. We practically rebuilt post-war Western Europe and Japan's economies for them. We send billions of dollars a year to Israel for.....basically for nothing. We don't really get anything in return for it.

4/1/2009 2:11:18 AM


You know, i typically try to avoid Godwin's Law.

You sir, are a Nazi, it seems. Please find a nice nuclear reactor. Make that your home.

7/17/2013 6:31:29 AM

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