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... the reason gays want to get married is so they can have equal rights such as insurance. With insurance provided for gay couples, and gays will have a lorger number of STD's and AID's. With this fact our insurance rates with go up, all for a thing that should is wrong, such as gay marriages.

abelin99, ChannelOne.com BBS 15 Comments [2/1/2004 12:00:00 AM]
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And straight couples have STDs and AIDS too.

10/3/2007 8:09:46 AM


Firstly, risk classification by life assurance companies means that somebody else's risk will not affect your premiums in any way.
Secondly, the right to insure your life doesn't require you to be married in the first place. Life offices don't turn away unmarried people- why would they?

10/3/2007 8:23:35 AM


Firstly, risk classification by life assurance companies means that somebody else's risk will not affect your premiums in any way.
Secondly, the right to insure your life doesn't require you to be married in the first place. Life offices don't turn away unmarried people- why would they?

10/3/2007 8:23:43 AM


So...we're going to start doing health checks prior to marriage? People at risk for heart problems can't get married? People with drug problems? Drinkers? Gamblers? The obese? Anorexic? I could go on all day.

10/3/2007 10:41:27 AM


Uhm, gays and all other people who are married are generally less promiscuous, so that takes care of the STDs.

10/3/2007 11:43:55 AM


Letting gays marry makes them more likely to get STDs than not letting them marry?


10/3/2007 11:48:38 AM

Everybody knows AIDS spontaneously generates inside gays after marriage. (sarcasm)

7/15/2008 10:06:32 PM

I wonder, why not more inssurances in Africa?. Just a thought.

2/14/2011 2:23:14 AM


While I loathe this person, I do have to agree with him on one single point.

As a matter of fact, yes, it would be nice if a gay couple could have health insurance shared between the two, just like straight couples.

6/17/2011 6:47:28 PM


With this fact our insurance rates with go up...
Um, no. only their insurance rates will go up. Do you even know how insurance biz works?

2/3/2014 3:13:46 AM


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4/15/2014 6:14:03 PM

"lorger number"? WTF is that? Also, fail for using apostrophe's in plural's.

4/15/2014 7:54:51 PM


Yep, somewhat.

In Canada, I was worried about gay rights JUST because of our generous (look around and find better) goverment employee benefits for gay spousal unions (way beyond private sector in the great white north)

It's gonna cost a lot but mainly because our Canadian civil servants, goverment staff have enjoyed benifits that make most liberal countries say "really?".

So, bit on side with this guy.

4/17/2014 8:55:01 PM

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4/24/2014 8:30:17 PM


The reason gays want to get married is because they love someone and want to live with that person indefinitely. Ya know, the same reason straights want to get married.

If insurance is an equal right, they ought to have it, or it's not equal. In Sweden we get the healthcare the doctors think we need, not the healthcare the insurance companies think we need.

What is AID? That "S" at the end is not a genitive or a plural, silly, but the acronym for "Syndrome".

"should is wrong"? What "should is wrong" is your grammar, stupid. Gay people have just as much right to get married as straight people do.

4/25/2014 12:35:10 AM

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