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[A Muslim explains why masturbation is bad for you.]

Physical Health: A person who masturbates becomes weak and thin, palpitation increases and his memory becomes weak. The digestive system is impaired and inflammation of the lungs occurs. One may also become anaemic.

Sexual Health: Impotency is the natural outcome of masturbation. A boy who has indulged in the habit of masturbation is not capable of marriage when he grows up. If he does marry, his wife hates him and often husband and wife may divorce. If the woman is pious, she will become depressed and if she is not, she will resort to unlawful acts.

Psychological and Mental Health: A person who masturbates will suffer psychological problems and is liable to mental illnesses like forgetfulness, loss of memory, weak determination, preference for solitude, extreme shyness and fear, being sorrowful and possibly contemplate some serious crime or even suicide.

Unknown, Green Is My Color, Islam Is My Peace 93 Comments [3/28/2009 11:10:43 AM]
Fundie Index: 112
Submitted By: Robert

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if I remember correctly, masturvbation in contrst increases your physical health as,
if you neither masturbate nor have sexual contacts leading to an orgasm, you are more likely to get testicular cancer

3/29/2009 8:10:40 AM

the old firm

Sorry, but as a firm believer in ID, I have something to add: My strong and rough hands fit so perfectly around my aroused and errected...Why are you all looking so funny?

3/29/2009 8:54:55 AM

Jezebel's Evil Sister

And don't forget, it also causes hairy palms.

3/29/2009 9:31:00 AM


Yep, you'll also lose your friends and family, your goldfish will die, your dog will bite you and run away, and your parents will stop loving you.

3/29/2009 1:35:30 PM


If your masturbation is causing all of these things then your doing it wrong...

3/29/2009 2:50:50 PM

Another Islamic fundie quoting an anti Islamic christian from the late 1700s.
The same doctor of faith who wrote the pamphlet denouncing masterbation, also wrote pamphlets denouncing peace with Islam.

Now if I could just remember the name of that mad preacher...

3/29/2009 2:54:08 PM

D Laurier.

Another Islamic fundie quoting an anti Islamic christian from the late 1700s.
The same doctor of faith who wrote the pamphlet denouncing masterbation, also wrote pamphlets denouncing peace with Islam.

Now if I could just remember the name of that mad preacher...

3/29/2009 2:54:25 PM


Because if your penis's Vagina Sensors do not Sense a Vagina around the penis at the moment of ejaculation, the penis then attacks the human body.

3/29/2009 4:56:13 PM

Mister Spak

Funny he didn't mention blindness.

3/29/2009 5:18:50 PM


Wow, Muslim prudes taking a page from a Christian fundie "All things sexual are bad!" for you. Nice to know that sexual oppression and repression spans all religions.

3/29/2009 5:22:30 PM


What was your sample size?

You know, for the study?

The one you backed up all these conclusions with?

Well, what do ya mean you didn't do a study? Did you just pull this out of your ass?

Well, did the Quran do a study?

Maybe you should re-do it, I don't think these results are right.

3/29/2009 5:50:07 PM

Doomie 22

brb fappin'

3/29/2009 6:19:35 PM

I have restless legs syndrome, and masterbation has been the best remedy for it by far.

3/29/2009 7:52:35 PM


Same shit, different ass.

3/29/2009 10:54:30 PM


True, true. This is why 99% of the adult populations suffers all of these symptoms.

3/31/2009 12:32:59 AM

Jack Bauer

So sex with a 9 year old is OK but one off the wrist is a definite no no?

3/31/2009 5:16:32 AM


Well, I may be slim and have to wear glasses (or on occassion contacts). But I'll have you know that my memory is excellent, there's nothing wrong with my digestion - nor with my lungs.

I am not impotent by any measure of the definition (my ...uhm... member, will be there to greet me every morning at full attention) and my girlfriend is neither depressed, hateful nor endulging in crime.

I am as determined as pretty much everybody else (you have to be if you wish to build a carreer) and though I sometimes prefer solitude, it is not something I consistently seek out.

I have never committed any serious crimes - sure, I've pirated lots of software, music, movies and such over the years, but I have never raped, assaulted or in any physical way violated another human being.

And finally I am not in the least a shy person, nor am I sorrowful or suicidal. In fact, as all atheists I know, I try to find as much joy and pleasure from this life as possible, because it is the only one we've got.

And to round the whole thing off; I have been masturbating quite regularly ever since I discovered the ...uhm... art. In fact, I find it to be (doesn't have to be masturbation obviously, it's all to do with sexual release) an excellent method of relieving stress and for curing instances of insomnia.

3/31/2009 5:21:21 AM

Excessive and addictive masturbation is unhealthy, yes. Occasionally getting yourself off, however, is perfectly healthy, and is actually beneficial to mental health.

3/31/2009 2:44:45 PM


its funny, because almost everyone masturbates, and almost nobody has those problems

3/31/2009 2:47:57 PM


Hey, I masturbate and I'm anaemic! Maybe there's something to this after all... no, wait, that would be because I'm a) female and b) can't stand red meat. Ah, well.

... seriously, how would masturbation make someone anaemic?

4/7/2009 5:58:13 PM

A Muslim explaining why anything at all is bad for a normal person is kind of ironic.

4/7/2009 6:13:31 PM


This isnt the effects of masterbation,its the effects of one whom is indoctrinated with islam.

Look at each symptom

Physical Health: Arent most islamic men very thin to begin with?Never saw a fat terrorist by the way,fat ones are mullahs.

Sexual Health: They are incapable of marriage if not pre-ordained they cannot marry on their own as adults.And most muslim wives secertly hate their man but cannot say it outwardly.And please being in bondage makes one depressed,islamic woman mostly are.

Psychologial and Mental Health: This perfectly lists one as being under the brainwashing of islam.Do i even need to state the obvious suicide here?

4/16/2009 2:37:21 PM



I have been jerking off almost daily since I was 13. And I am still fat!!! When is masterbation going to make me thin???

Stupid doctor!!! Try this new weight loss plan he says!!

5/31/2009 10:00:18 AM

If it were true, how is it that 90% of the world looks so healthy?

8/10/2009 5:24:49 AM

Philbert McAdamia

What I want to know is if you can get somebody else to wank you off, will that person be the one who goes blind?

8/10/2009 5:42:17 AM

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