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Look at the ignorance of doctors over the past few centuries. Sanitary practices, such as washing hands, were laughed at by doctors, while thousands of patients continued to die. It was unimaginable to doctors back then, that washing one's hands somehow was related to a patient's health in the operating room. Can you believe that? Evolutionists today are just as ignorant of the truth of God's Word, and of common sense itself. It's hard to imagine that millions of people were dying from a simple lack of ascorbic acid (Vitamin C) just a couple hundred years ago. If evolution is true, then it took man billions of years to learn all these kindergarten lessons. And ironically, man has only learned these lessons in the past couple hundred years. You've got to be kidding me! Don't tell me that it took mankind BILLIONS of years to learn to wash his hands to prevent disease! The truth is that mankind has taken baby-steps since 4,000 B.C., and it did take him nearly 6,000 years to learn to wash his hands. This is just another undeniable PROOF that evolution is a lie. If mankind had evolved over millions of years, then men would have discovered these inventions a very long time ago.

The truth is that evolutionists are hardhearted against the truth of God's Word. The Word of God declares that God created the world at approximately 4,000 B.C.—YOU'D BE A FOOL NOT TO BELIEVE IT, BECAUSE THERE'S NO HISTORY PRIOR TO 4,000 B.C. As incredible as this fact is, it is undeniable proof against evolution.

David J. Stewart, Proof that Evolution is a Hoax 113 Comments [3/28/2009 9:29:45 PM]
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Atheist Amy

Non sequitur, big time.

9/4/2009 10:45:50 PM

The Bad Guy

Let's assume he's not dead wrong about there being no history predating 4000 BC...

According to creationists, Noah's flood happened around 2500 BC and supposedly destroyed everything on the planet. If that is true, there shouldn't be any history predating 2500 BC either...but there is.

Undeniable, ACTUAL proof against creationism.

11/21/2009 8:22:15 PM


I'm going to take the word of a person with zero understanding of evolution, germ theory, and history over the word of people who have been trained in these fields for years, and have been learning and re-learning throughout their careers? Fuck off, ya squirming bag of vomit.

PS: We know about the child molestation trial in Guam. You're a hypocrite, a liar, AND a windbag.

11/22/2009 12:52:43 AM

Awesome Dog

The bible says diseases are caused by demons and evil spirits. The book mentions nothing about microorganisms. If you want to know why our understanding of the world has lagged behind, it makes much more sense to start with that little fact.

Oh by the way, we've only had the internet for the past couple of decades, so obviously the universe is just 100 years old! DURR DURRR!

11/22/2009 1:06:14 AM


"We benefit from scientific progress! Therefore, scientific progress must be false!"

How does someone type that out and see ANY sort of logical connection between the two? Mindboggling.

11/22/2009 9:01:13 AM


Wth??? Oh just David. (Clicks wtf, And moves along.)

12/8/2009 1:45:53 AM

wow, you are a moron.

2/1/2010 11:16:32 PM


Erm, the not washing of the hands was a universal thing in Europe after Christianity had destroyed the Roman Empire and its many bath houses. No-one was particularly sanitary before the Age of Enlightenment (you know, the period when society moved away from the Bible and into the world of science). The doctors STARTED the thing with cleanliness, stupid.

People were rather clean in the Islamic countries during their "Enlightenment" period, when we were in our Dark Age (the really, really Christian one, you know). The people that Vasco da Gama met on his voyages eastward was probably appalled by his dirty person.

Lots of other cultures have history going back longer than the Judeo-Christian one. Ask the Chinese, the Babylonians, the Incas. The Chinese even have dinosaur fossils included in their culture; dragons are very common in their myths.

Yes, that "fact" is incredible, and no, "undeniable" does not mean "I am ri-ight, you are wro-ong".
Most people grow out of that mentality during high school. Guess you are more conservative than most people...

2/1/2010 11:32:33 PM


By the time they'd discovered the legends that led to Christianity the Romans had Flowing water, bathhouses and sewage outflow. They aren't the only culture that was well beyond "wash your hands" back then. These cultures weren't born overnight as you and your ilk like to suggest.

Tribal settlements are being dug up in Europe now that date back past 15000 years, the earliest native settlements found in North America go back nearly as far (some proof of 15000 years found)Being that 'civilization' is a relative term this nearly triples our knowledge in time of how our ancestors used to live.

6000 years is nothing and our advancement being stagnant until we started to trade ideas is not in the least surprising.

When we discovered the Chinese culture, with all it's novel and clever ideas they didn't have glass. Never came up with that one while we'd had it for centuries. The forging of Iron began with the 'Barbarians' of Northern Europe.

Ideas come from everywhere and by the time your Bible was being compiled we had much more contact than previous with other cultures.

2/2/2010 9:41:29 AM


And despite your incomprehensible ramblings, the science continues to support evolution http://news.sciencemag.org/sciencenow/2010/03/early-polar-bear-discovered-in-a.html

3/22/2010 3:51:31 PM


The Chinese and the Hindu people would like a word with you.

And anatomically modern humans have been around for 100 million years, not billions.

And the reason such sanitary practices were laughed at is because religion taught people that illnesses were caused by evil spirits and you had to be dirty to keep the evil spirits away from you.

3/22/2010 4:17:54 PM


Proof against evolution = man's knowledge evolving....

Yeah that makes sense. I have proof against any notion of light. The sun exists. I'm fucking good at this!

5/26/2010 4:28:34 PM


the ancients did learn science and technology years ago to the point that it pissed god off,remember the tower of babel so he gave us the flood and just about wiped everyone out.The ancients built pyramids and things we can't even do today.But you are right about us not evolving we were created by the annunaki gods by mixing what was evolving with themselves.It's all written in the sumerian tablets including the story of creation which our bibles come from.Read Zechariah Sitchins books.

7/24/2010 11:56:56 PM

Potentate Argyros

Hey David, why don't you tell us what you've been doing with underage girls in Guam recently? I'm sure your friends at FSTDT would love to hear how you've been charged with having sex with underaged girls in Guam!

8/20/2010 10:27:10 PM


The "proof" for history before 4000 B.C. would be heavy enough to sink Europe. The mere fact that idiots like this simply choose to ignore it all changes nothing. You can also carry on pretending that that pain in your chest doesn't exist - until you drop dead.

Can anybody really be stupid enough to think that anybody believes man has been around for billions of years anyway? So man having dirty hands billions of years before man evolved is proof that God's word is true, eh?

Fuck, can these morons get any dumber or more desperate? Not to forget that the overuse of the CAPS LOCK function makes him look even more desperate and thick.

8/21/2010 1:03:47 AM



It's incredible, because it's dead fucking wrong.

8/21/2010 3:01:26 AM

Gyeong Hwa Pak

"The truth is that evolutionists are hardhearted against the truth of God's Word. The Word of God declares that God created the world at approximately 4,000 B.C.—YOU'D BE A FOOL NOT TO BELIEVE IT, BECAUSE THERE'S NO HISTORY PRIOR TO 4,000 B.C."

6000-5000 BC

Mehrgarh Culture in India
Yangshao, Dadiwan, Zhaobaogu, Xinle, Beixin, Hemudu, Daxi, and Majaibang cultures in China
Vinca Culture in Europe
Mesopotamia in the Middle East
Red Paint people in North America
Copper age in the Firtle Cresent
Agriculture develops in the Balkans
Junglefowl domesticated in India
North Africans migrates to the Nile
Agriculture begins in Egypt
Egyptian Predynastic period begins
Sumerian civilization begins
Malta is inhabited
Agriculture arrives to central and norhtern Europe
Greeks begin using clay
Rice is domesticated
Proto-Austronesian develops
Bricks appear in now modern Turkey
Writing develops in the Middle East
China develops pictographs

You were saying?

8/21/2010 1:02:36 PM



That pottery looks pretty advanced too. look at the consistency in the artwork, the geometric proportions, the preplanning that took place in making it essentially. If what you say is true, these people were quite experienced with pottery by 4500 BC too, thanks for the pic.

8/21/2010 3:42:23 PM

Quantum Mechanic

Make up shit much?

8/21/2010 3:52:57 PM

The Duelist

Welcome! Tonight, here on FSTDT News, our top story is a deluded moron who's never studied history making claims about how there is no history prior to 4,000 b.c. Local nuthouse authorities have taken the man into custody in order to scan him for signs of brain activity.

8/22/2010 1:16:03 PM


This article PROVES that God's an ass my not providing a simple bar of soap to save millions of lives.

9/21/2010 5:34:48 AM

The Duelist

Hammurabi. Sumeria. Moron.

9/21/2010 11:36:02 AM


You know, Dave, the reason people were dying of Vitamin C deficiency was that your incompetent god created us with the gene for creating Vitamin C but switched it off in all the Great Apes.

People in ancient times knew about keeping things clean and antiseptic (they might not have know germ theory, but they did know that people got sick when things were unclean). Then came the science-hating Catholic Church and removed most knowledge and substituted it for its own. We usually call this period "The Dark Ages".

There are tons of history prior to 4000 BC, Dummkopf.

9/21/2010 11:50:57 AM


He is right! He is a wise man....and don't call him a fool because to God he is no fool!

"He that winnethSOULS is WISE." -- Proverbs 11:30

9/21/2010 7:15:09 PM


you will be eternally lonely for what you stand for is based off ignorant theory and false statements

7/3/2011 9:34:35 AM

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