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[Catholics in my club...]

The attitude of the catholis we have is very mean. When they were bashing the rapture(they said darby started it) friday i ignored them. But when we bought up catholism as a false religion they got offended and fought with us.
I donot know what to do. I cant be fighting with catholics twice a week.
Im so confused. They walk all over us because we are christians.

cieralovesantonio, RR 78 Comments [3/30/2009 5:14:36 PM]
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Tom S. Fox


3/30/2009 9:38:50 AM


No, they criticize your beliefs because they're heretical. They don't, however, call it a "false religion." They get offended because you told them they were.

3/30/2009 5:22:26 PM


The Rapture isn't in the Bible, the Catholics have it right on this one.

3/30/2009 5:23:48 PM


Calling Catholicism a false religion, and you don't understand why they're offended? Imagine that.

I quit the Catholic church 20 years ago, and I'm offended. I have numerous family and friends that I love very much who are still practicing Catholics. Heritage-wise, I'm very proud of it, practice-wise it just didn't do anything for me.

If anything's false, it's the idea that a bunch of people are just going to shoot up into the sky one day.

3/30/2009 5:32:41 PM

Rat of Steel

(@ Tom S. Fox)

Not only that, but they were the original Christians. If anyone is practicing a second-rate knock-off version of the faith, it's all the other sects, not the Catholics as so many others proclaim.

3/30/2009 5:33:06 PM


One, the raptures isn't even in the Babble, two both of your religions are valid (or invalid) as all others...

3/30/2009 5:33:23 PM


Congratulations. You managed to spell "Catholic" right once in that paragraph.

3/30/2009 5:35:48 PM


Oh for fucks sake!

Edit: Shit, I'm an Eclectic Pagan but at least I do the research on where my spirituality comes from! I should fuck it all and stick with Buddhism, I really should... >_<

3/30/2009 5:36:54 PM


You stupid fucks can't even play nicely with each other.

3/30/2009 5:38:19 PM


Catholic = Christians, you dumbfuck. I WAS one for nearly 20 years.

3/30/2009 5:44:25 PM


The only people we hate more than the Romans are the fucking Judean Peoples' Front. And the Popular Front of Judea.

3/30/2009 5:51:29 PM


It were catholics who decided what books should go into the bible you use and which not and, aside from the catholics having some books more in their bibles which protestants left out when they split from the catholic church and aside from the fact that you (american evangelists) use a bible translation from the 16th century that is seen as in many parts inaccurate by modern bible researchers, you use the same holy book as the catholics.

If you use the extrabiblical practices of the catholics (like the reverence of Mary or the church hierarchy) as an argument why catholics are no christians, you shouldn´t call yourself christians as well, after all your belief in the rapture also isn´t part of the bible ;)

So, well, non-christian ciera, maybe you should repent from your sinful ways and try to become a real christian ;)

3/30/2009 6:03:08 PM

Jedi Knight

Sounds like Northern Ireland.

3/30/2009 6:03:14 PM

Dio Fa

The Catholics likely walk all over your group because:

1. They are not as ignorant of their religion as your group is of yours.
2. Your group insulted their religion.
3. The Catholics are likely more literate than your group. Even if you are not a representative sample of your group, you still bring down the collective IQ of the group significantly.

3/30/2009 6:04:01 PM


Gee' let's see. You called their faith a "false religion", and you consider nobody to be a "real" Christian unless they're a lunatic fringe Baptist or one of their scarcely-different fundamentalist offshoots. Why would they be offended? [/sarcasm]

3/30/2009 6:07:07 PM

Philbert McAdamia

A bunch of us schizos at the funny farm were razzing the paranoids in ward 7 about what a false insanity they have, and they went all spaz on us. What are they, crazy or sumpin? Freakin' whackos, I tell ya.

3/30/2009 6:20:00 PM


Im so confused.

Please stop mistaking stupidity for confusion.

They walk all over us because we are christians

They are christians you idiot. If there were no catholics then there would be no christians. What, do you think that protestant christianity sprung fully formed in the 17th century with the divine revalation to King James of the entire bible in it's original english?

Are you that ignorant of your religions own history? Darby did start your little death cult and regardless of what you think, you'll not find any historical mention of "the Rapture" before Darby.

Regardless of what you have no doubt been brainwashed into believing, disagreement is not persecution, get over your superiority/inferiority complex and you masochitic claims of persecution and, like millions of your fellow christian, just accept the fact that you are but one of a thousand myriad denomination of the same religion. Or keep fighting amongst youselves, I don't give a fuck.

3/30/2009 6:22:35 PM


the average fundie has no concept of his ability to insult. they blabber on with what ever their saying regardless of what it is and seem completely dumbfounded when others call them jerks. Christians in general never learned to stfu.

3/30/2009 6:32:45 PM

Thinking Allowed

3/30/2009 6:46:12 PM


Okay, WTH. Everything else makes positive *sense* compared to the bit about Darby. How on earth would you argue that it wasn't his idea? Are we going to claim that Scofield had nothing to do with it either, next? How is talking about Darby's influences "bashing" the Rapture? Or are we expected now to believe that Real True Christians have always believed in dispensationalism?

3/30/2009 6:49:34 PM

The Amazing Liarbird

Oh for fuck's sake. Claiming Catholics aren't Christians (but you are) is like claiming your biological Grandfather isn't a human (but you are).


3/30/2009 7:08:46 PM


There was more historical knowledge in the clumps I scooped out of the litter box tonight...

3/30/2009 7:15:48 PM


and cieralovesantonio is claiming s/he wants the group to be non-denominational.

3/30/2009 7:18:03 PM

a mind far far away

When they were bashing the rapture(they said darby started it)

As a 25 year student of xtian theology, I can say that this is true. John Nelson Darby, as well as C.I. Scofield, were the one's who popularized the rapture theory, back in the 19th century. And do you know where they got it? A young girl who claimed to be a prophetess who said that god had taught her that doctrine. The fact that it's no where in the babble should be a clue.

But when we bought up catholism as a false religion they got offended and fought with us.

Fundy fight! Let the good times roll.

I donot know what to do. I cant be fighting with catholics twice a week.

Boo hoo. Then quit fighting. But from the tone of this sentence, it sounds more like you're pissed about the fact that you're tired of fighting, rather than the fighting itself. So sad.

Im so confused. They walk all over us because we are christians

The irony burns. It melts to the core. Damn this is hilarious.

3/30/2009 7:26:34 PM


@LabRat: Meaning "We're all too dumb to even know what our assorted denominations are supposed to believe, or where those beliefs came from."

3/30/2009 7:28:53 PM

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