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[Catholics in my club...]

The attitude of the catholis we have is very mean. When they were bashing the rapture(they said darby started it) friday i ignored them. But when we bought up catholism as a false religion they got offended and fought with us.
I donot know what to do. I cant be fighting with catholics twice a week.
Im so confused. They walk all over us because we are christians.

cieralovesantonio, RR 78 Comments [3/30/2009 5:14:36 PM]
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Mrs. Antichrist

Sigh. First off, Catholics are Christian. Secondly, they're debating an aspect of the scriptures with you, whereas you're telling them that their beliefs are wrong and that they're going to hell. There's a bit of a difference between the two.

3/31/2009 5:41:57 AM


@ RavenWood: Agreed.

So many of us were raised as catholics before moving on to Pagan religions, and we know their bible better then they do about 99% of the time. They can bash the catholics all they want but theologically, catholics tend to be much more well informed than the average fundy, despite the average fundy claim to the contrary.

3/31/2009 6:07:14 AM


To those who say cat holics were the original Christians:


3/31/2009 6:57:04 AM

Chancellor Gorkon


3/31/2009 7:06:41 AM



3/31/2009 7:18:17 AM


'But when we bought up catholism as a false religion they got offended and fought with us.'

BIG SURPRISE, DIPSHIT! What did you expect? Were you expecting them to kiss your RaptureRetard ass & convert to your filthy fundy bullshit?

Grow a BRAIN, raptureretard.

3/31/2009 8:24:47 AM


Tell any religious person of any faith that their religion is false, and guess what. They won't like you much.

3/31/2009 8:25:28 AM


Fine, ok, Catholics aren't Christians. So stop going on about how the US are a Christian nation, because when you take the Catholics out of the statistic you remaining Protestants only amount to just barely 50%.

And it's even worse on a worldwide scale. If you remove the billion Catholics from the total, Christianity comes in fifth, after Islam, combined Atheist/Agnostic, Hinduism, and... yeah you guessed it... Catholicism.

You're therefore officially a minority religion and should act accordingly. Thanks.

3/31/2009 8:57:44 AM

Zeus Almighty

@ xplicit_UK


3/31/2009 10:28:07 AM

The L

That's because they're stating facts, whereas you're using smear tactics, fuckwit. At the very least, learn about the history of your own damned religion before you criticize others for religious reasons!

3/31/2009 10:39:00 AM

the old firm

@xplicit_UK: Damm, you beat me to it. Catholics are Christians, when they fight against against abortion, gay marriage and evolution etc. Other times? Oh well...

3/31/2009 12:00:37 PM


Fundie fight! It's not like this is a fight between Superman and Doomsday. It's more like a fight between Frieza and Lord Voldemort.

3/31/2009 12:31:46 PM

Zeus Almighty

"They walk all over us because we are christians."

No, that would be because you are stupid.

3/31/2009 12:37:26 PM


Cat Fight!

3/31/2009 1:33:14 PM

They walk all over you because HERESY *BLAM*

3/31/2009 2:16:53 PM


How dare they fight with you when you tell them their religion is wrong!

3/31/2009 4:19:40 PM

Potentate Argyros

Well, you could petition the US government to order a pre-emptive nuclear strike against the Catholics

3/31/2009 4:52:40 PM


LabRat wrote:

"and cieralovesantonio is claiming s/he wants the group to be non-denominational."

"Non-denominational", in my experience, is usually used to mean "protestants who hold most of the same beliefs as my variant of protestantism, but don't use exactly the same label for themselves that we do." Sure, your non-denominational shin-dig will accept not only Baptists, but also Anabaptists, Lutherans, and even a Methodist or two. But not those wacky Episcopalians or (God forbid) a Seventh-Day Adventist! We have to have some standards, after all!

It's kinda like a certain scene from The Blues Brothers:

ELWOOD: "What kind of music do you usually have here?"
CLAIRE: "Oh, we got both kinds. We got country and western."

3/31/2009 5:17:13 PM


This "christian vs christian" warfare always reminds me of two kids pretending to have a super hero battle, where no matter what imaginary weapon or power one kid comes up with, the other always has the perfect imaginary countermeasure.

3/31/2009 6:45:17 PM


their branch of Christianity predates yours

3/31/2009 8:42:16 PM


tracer said:

"Sure, your non-denominational shin-dig will accept not only Baptists, but also Anabaptists, Lutherans, and even a Methodist or two. But not those wacky Episcopalians or (God forbid) a Seventh-Day Adventist! We have to have some standards, after all!"

And I would not argue that point at all; I'm sure you are spot on. But I must offer a quibble with the inclusion of Anabaptists in the list, as they are not a denomination but (as the term is currently used) a group of denominations with broadly similar views (sometimes more broad than similar). Some of them the fundies might be wiling to hang out with, but most of them probably not--they include groups like the Amish, the Mennonites, and the like. I suspect even if the fundies would have to do with them, most of the Anabaptists would not be particularly open to dealing with the fundies!

The whole Anabaptist movement(s) are another fascinating piece of church history that I presume the fundies know nothing about. Such pride in ignorance! How do people live like that?

4/3/2009 1:15:37 AM

They are just as Christian as you are. The Catholics predate your church by at least 1,600 years. And they're biblically correct on that point - the rapture isn't in the Bible. Haven't you ever read your own Bible?

5/16/2009 3:27:31 PM


I'm no longer a Catholic because there's no evidence of God, the pro-life, anti-stem-cell position is strongly anti-science, and I refuse to believe I had to be cleansed of the wrondoings of a man who never lived. And I'm offended by this. I was there for over twenty years, and many close family members and friends still are. It's also my past- Irish and French-Canadian mill workers kept it as all they had from the old country. And if you insult anyone, they will be offended. Tell some of my neighbors they have a false religion, and you might get a broken jaw.

5/16/2009 5:56:46 PM

Hey, the poor thing runs when his double standards don´t pass.

12/27/2009 9:14:57 AM

Sentry Gun

Would you have studied History of religions, you would know that you're the heretic(yeah, you just "evolved" from Catholicism, oh the irony), and that a the Rapture is a quite new adding in your collection of retarded beliefs.

3/1/2012 9:05:28 AM

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