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Are We Being Set Up With This Flu Scare?

I think this is a pre-cursor to a real planned pandemic that will come in the not too distant future, but we are being prepared for it. To trust the CDC who will show through their handling of this situation that we should all do as they say when the real one hits. They are testing the water.
There is a reason that hundreds of thousands of FEMA coffins are stationed around the United States. Cemeteries have been told to be ready with mass graves. FEMA trains are stationed along tracks in various places waiting to be used. Used for what? I can only guess they are for either relocating people to camps or for shipping bodies to be disposed of. Many people have been gathering this evidence and it does not look good.

Prepare now to weather this storm. Have food, non-hybrid seeds, medicine, and supplies for a minimum of a year. The time may be shorter than we think.

Alex Jones, End Game Now 11 Comments [4/30/2009 6:57:00 PM]
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Submitted By: Moondog

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This FEMA crap is getting old.

5/1/2009 1:52:48 AM



For reals.

5/1/2009 3:12:10 AM


If FEMA wanted to spread death and disease, why put them in coffins? Idiots.

5/1/2009 7:39:13 AM

Table Rock

Many people have been gathering this evidence and it does not look good.

Yeah, it looks like a load of pure BS.

5/1/2009 8:14:43 AM


Yes, yes, it's all true -- now run for the hills!

Preferably the very cold ones or the very dry ones, where no-one else wants to live. You'll soon find out why, when your post-trib hoard and your 'prayer for fertiliser' runs out. Then you'll come back, half-starved and pleading to have your forehead tattoed with The Mark.

Bye now!

5/1/2009 11:08:58 AM


I never get the one thing these conspiracy wingnuts never ask..."Why?" Why would FEMA want to spread a plague to the far corners of this country...I mean if global domination is what they seek, that'd kinda be a shitty world to rule over...I mean...it makes no sense, whatsoever.

5/1/2009 11:22:32 AM

Swedish Pagan


Oh, yeah, the Earth is dangerously overpopulated, and this is what the Earth does when that happens. No conspiracy, no government sponsored diseases, just "ghaaa, I'm suffocating, get these little bipeds off of me". The most adaptable will survive, the rest will not. Easy-peasy.

5/1/2009 12:07:51 PM

They never successfully answer one question: But WHY would the government possibly want to do that? It doesn't seem profitable to randomly kill your own people.

5/1/2009 12:36:05 PM


Alex Jones


´Nuff said.

5/1/2009 7:35:30 PM


Non-hybrid seeds? Wtf?

5/2/2009 3:11:35 AM



Good ol' Alex Jones.

He's the Rush Limbaugh of the conspiracy nuts.

5/7/2009 2:37:55 PM

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