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Something you WANT isn't a right. If I want to shoplift, it doesn't really hurt anyone does that make it a right?

Tiptup3k, BlizzForums 12 Comments [2/1/2004 12:00:00 AM]
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Shoplifting does hurt people though. The store has a loss which impacts a large number of people negatively.

10/29/2007 10:27:23 PM


shoplifting is a victimless crime, like punching someone in the dark

10/30/2007 5:06:19 AM


Shoplifting hurts the store owner, the manufacturers, the people BOTH employ, and the consumer, who have to pay higher prices to compensate for the stolen goods.

That failed attempt at a rebuttal aside, there's a difference between "I want that sweater" and "I want basic human rights." One is promised to us as citizens. Guess what. It's not the cute little sweater.

10/30/2007 4:36:19 PM


actually shoplifting does hurt people, the store owner, and others.

Your agrument fails hardcore.

10/30/2007 4:38:01 PM


Actually, people's WANTS, not their NEEDS are the fuel of capitalism as we know it today.

10/30/2007 4:44:07 PM


(Assuming this is about homosexuality)

Shoplifting infringes on another person's right to property. We have rights but we don't have any right to interfere with another person's.

If gay rights aren't really rights, than religious people's rights must not be either.

4/22/2009 7:24:29 PM


Exactly how does one shoplifting without causing harm in any way to anyone? You're stealing someone's stuff.

12/22/2010 2:44:52 AM


Well, shoplifting really only hurts big business, so I really don't care.

12/22/2010 5:43:50 AM

Allegory for Jesus

Are you seriously going to consider marriage not a right? Do you want to fucking go down that road and deal with the implications of it, or do you just to spout cliched, half-thought out drivel to use as an excuse to keep hating gay people? Why do I even ask, really?

6/19/2011 9:36:31 PM

Some Christian Anon

@ThisTroper I know this is about 5 years late, but when something is stolen, big business usually has a policy to make the employees at the store make up the difference. Thus, the ones affected are employees, not big business.

Still hard to compare to abortion. Or Homosexuality. Or whatever this guy is talking about.

12/10/2015 1:34:33 PM


Except that, until you pay for it, it's the store's property.

In addition, employees lose their jobs when enough loss happens under their watch. So yeah, it does hurt people.

12/10/2015 1:47:54 PM


Stealing does hurt people. It increases the prices for the rest of us.

As women are allowed to marry their consenting adult male love-of-their-life, men ought to be able to do that too. It's more about gender equality than "wants", really.

12/10/2015 1:57:28 PM

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