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The planet would be littered with millions of fossiles from all types of creatures like half man, half ape, or part cow part chicken and so forth....*IF* there were such thing as evolution.

Mailman Dan, Rapture Ready 9 Comments [2/1/2004 12:00:00 AM]
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The problem is that most things that die don't fossilize. If they all could fossilize then the Earth would be like that.

4/9/2007 12:44:48 AM


Once they find that shit, you're fucked.

4/9/2007 1:16:11 AM


Morbo, would you do the honors?


4/9/2007 5:42:48 AM


Errr we have \"half man, half ape\" fossils. Infact, National Geographic recently had an artcle about about one such skeleton (I apologise for forgetting what the name of the species). The upper body was almost identical to a modern ape, suggesting tree climbing behaviour. But from the waist down it's skeleton is more like a human's, with a sloping femur suggesting it could walk upright. Doesn't get more \"half man, half ape\" than that...it's almost literally half man, half ape.

4/9/2007 9:54:18 AM


The earth is littered with those fossils.

1/29/2008 7:19:53 PM


1: Something becoming fossilized is very rare.
2: A chicken would not have a transition fossil turning a cow. Please research before arguing.

7/20/2011 6:59:16 PM


Well, we're fucked.

Just kidding. If the flood was true and is what caused fossils to appear, then there would be fossils of every single creature that ever existed, and they would be everywhere. So where are they?

Oh and:
> half man, half ape
There's no such thing as half man/half ape. If you're 100% human, then you're 100% ape. If you're not 100% ape, then you're not 100% human. /nitpick

If you're talking about transitional fossils, we have plenty of those. Humans are from the genus "Homo". You can find plenty of transitional fossils here.

> part cow part chicken
You heard it. Chickens evolved into cows. [citation needed]

12/19/2012 5:02:45 PM

Quantum Mechanic

You can't even spell fossil.

7/8/2014 3:51:45 AM

.*IF* there were such thing as someone posting on RR that actually understood evolution....

7/8/2014 3:54:49 AM

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