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NOTHING could make me think Christianity was false. Not aliens landing, not time machines and certainly not the doubting, nay-saying, left-wing, liberal, evolutionist, sin-loving, God-hating rabble that tries to test us every day and fails - miserably.

cyborg, Rapture Ready 19 Comments [2/1/2004 12:00:00 AM]
Fundie Index: 5

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Wait, not even time machines?

8/9/2007 9:28:55 AM


A time machine that enables people to ask Jesus their questions directly, can't change your views? Proves Fundies don't worship Jesus, but their Bible.

And how do liberals fail to test you? You don't understand their questions?

8/9/2007 11:05:09 AM


If only all cyborgs were this programmable, we'd never have to live in the matrix

8/9/2007 11:17:40 AM


Just an idiot.

8/9/2007 11:58:19 AM

Hawker Hurricane

Operating definition of "Blind Faith".

So, God hisself could come down, slap you upside the head and say "The Gospels are dead wrong!" and you wouldn't believe him. Nice.

8/9/2007 3:35:44 PM

King Duncan

I can't hear you

8/9/2007 4:17:29 PM



"Hah! No un-brainwashing technique will ever work on me!"

"...doubting, nay-saying, left-wing, liberal, evolutionist, sin-loving, God-hating rabble..."

I'm a traditionalist. I like to read "commie fag junky" every once in a while. Please?

8/9/2007 4:42:58 PM

TB Tabby

Christianity isn't false. It's a real religion. The beliefs about the way life on Earth came to be, however...

8/9/2007 4:46:30 PM

Doctor Fishcake

Under normal circumstances that would be probably a 4 out of 5, maybe even a 5.

But, that's pretty tame by RR standards so I can only give it a 3. Sorry.

8/9/2007 5:23:41 PM


The very definition of unfalsifiability.

(...and these same people think "Intelligent Design" is a scientific alternative to biological evolution, surprize surprize, surprize...)

8/9/2007 5:52:40 PM


"I'm stupid, and no amount of education is going to change that"

8/9/2007 6:52:15 PM


the perfect example of blind faith in action.

8/10/2007 1:29:08 AM


Actually, I think that cyborg is the one failing miserably every time any of us "doubting, nay-saying, left-wing, liberal, evolutionist, sin-loving, God-hating rabble" test him.

8/10/2007 2:14:34 AM


There are millions of left-wing liberal, evolutionist-accepting Christians who are everyday tested by academic-hating fundies.

8/10/2007 5:34:10 AM


At least you're honest.

9/11/2012 6:57:42 AM

Quantum Mechanic

Bible's a forgery; Made up; Crap.
Deal with it.

9/1/2013 3:36:22 PM


So you're telling us that your faith is completely unrelated to facts? Yeah, we gathered that.

3/31/2017 5:55:35 AM

What if god itself came out and said it is false?

3/15/2018 2:44:29 PM

Pharaoh Bastethotep

I guess brain augmentations were not among this cyborg's implants...

3/15/2018 3:56:29 PM

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