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The Bible: a book of hate that will be banned?

If the Sodomites are allowed to be married and their act of copulation is viewed as an alternative lifestyle how long will it take the Bible to be banned since it condemns these actions. Wouldn't it be classified as a book of hate?

Olivencia, Baptist Board 68 Comments [5/26/2009 7:42:47 PM]
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Submitted By: Jodie

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Yes, that is absolutely correct. The Bible will be banned, everyone will be forced into gay marriage and the letter M will be stricken from the alphabet.

5/26/2009 7:47:25 PM

Dr. Novakaine

The Bible is often used as a book of hate, judging by how often it is used to justify hatred of other people.

Regardless, the Bible wasn't banned before when people started doing things that didn't agree with it, so you're just being stupid.

5/26/2009 8:04:49 PM


Have you ever read the bible? How could anyone NOT classify the bible as a book of hate. That's one of the central themes: Hate, murder, rape, genocide, brutality, misogyny, and incomprehensibly weird shit.

5/26/2009 8:05:02 PM


Don't worry. We won't ban it. We'll just make all you Bible-thumpers read it in the original Hebrew, Greek, Aramaic, etc.

5/26/2009 8:18:23 PM

Lord X

Separation of church and state you idiot.

5/26/2009 8:28:34 PM


It also contains enough sexually explicit material to qualify as pornography, so why not?

5/26/2009 8:44:47 PM

Zeus Almighty

"Wouldn't it be classified as a book of hate?"

You're getting warmer, doc. In fact, you're red hot!

5/26/2009 8:53:17 PM

WTF?! meh

Actually, it's more of a book of tales fabricated by bronze age men who in turn were hateful bigots.

5/26/2009 9:04:48 PM


Perhaps you should SHUT THE FUCK UP ABOUT IT and then it won't receive negative attention.

5/26/2009 9:07:08 PM

Unfortunately, no such luck. Too bad. Maybe, next century.

5/26/2009 9:15:50 PM


It is.

5/26/2009 9:17:59 PM

If anyone ACTUALLY tries to ban the Bible, (and I mean prohibiting its sale or possession, not removing it from courts or classrooms) the ACLU will be glad to help you fight it.

5/26/2009 9:18:24 PM


"Wouldn't it be classified as a book of hate?"

If the shoe fits...

5/26/2009 9:45:30 PM

D Laurier.

If A = G, how long untill Y.
It makes as much sense.

5/26/2009 10:23:57 PM


The Bible: a book of hate that will be banned?

Yeah, it's a book of hate, all right -- and it ought to be banned.

But, thanks to the First Amendment -- that thing you guys want so desperately to get rid of -- it will remain available, just like "Mein Kampf".

5/26/2009 10:42:12 PM


It should be.

5/26/2009 10:55:20 PM


Honestly... not soon enough

5/26/2009 10:57:29 PM

Fundie Basher

Sort of like how it was banned after society stopped viewing women as property, allowing slavery, and forcing women to marry their rapists?

5/26/2009 11:02:01 PM


"Look everybody, look at how persecuted I am!

Well not yet...but soon, soon they'll be persecuting me.

Yep, any minute now, just you wait it will happen, any time now they'll come after me..."

Fuck off, you needy, whiny, drama queens!

<walks away muttering further curses>

5/26/2009 11:33:16 PM


Fundie Basher beat me to it.

5/27/2009 12:08:35 AM

Mr Blur

It *is* a book of hate. The difference between you and us, though, is that we wouldn't ban it.

5/27/2009 12:17:15 AM


No. Banning books is wrong, banning it only pushes it underground where the followers become even more obsessed.

I do not feel that any book should be banned, no matter how bad. Mein Kampf and the Bible may both be hate filled tomes with the odd wisdom but banning them will not solve anything beyond convincing fundamentalists they are right and that they are fighting some kind of rebellious cause.

As it stands outright bans on most things are ineffective in halting their production in a capitalist society. Drugs are banned (criminal offences and such) but are still widespread. Religion is the opiate of the masses, the effect of a ban would be similar.

The solution is to discredit and destroy any favourable reputation the Bible has, in a similar fashion to governments attempting (somewhat unsuccessfully) to discredit illicit drugs as having any attraction or merit whatsoever.

5/27/2009 12:22:48 AM

David G

The bible IS a book full of hate, however it is your side that likes to ban books, not ours.

5/27/2009 12:36:07 AM


How can you NOT call that bible a book of hate. It is filled with murder, genocide, infanticide, incest.... And those are just a few of the offensive things.

5/27/2009 12:45:15 AM


I don't think that it will be banned. We are just going to criticise it a lot. Why it isn't going to be banned? First admendment. If some fool tries to ban it, we send in ACLU to defend that book.

5/27/2009 12:54:03 AM

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