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[Trying to prove that humans aren't animals.]

I consider the metaphysical as well. We have a soul that keeps us in the likeness of God. Animals do not.

Insects have eyes and legs, bodily fluids, and a will to live. Yet they are not animals either.

steadfast, Y!A 67 Comments [5/28/2009 10:13:16 AM]
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Ignorance, the force that makes prophets. Or profits. Both.

5/28/2009 11:55:49 AM


Maybe he means only black insects have soul.

5/28/2009 12:09:12 PM

Allegory for Jesus

"I consider the metaphysical as well."

So, in a way of speaking, you want us consider aspects that are completely unobservable, unevidenced, and based in incredibly old, baseless speculation that is fast becoming "not even wrong" in light of ever-increasing information of the world that we can observe? I think that you'll forgive me if I just respond with hysterical laughter.

Also, insects are, in fact, animals. So, you fail.

5/28/2009 12:13:16 PM


claiming insects aren't animals

5/28/2009 12:40:02 PM

Dr. Novakaine

Science does not care about your soul. Science can do nothing to prove the soul so it does not give a damn about it. So your definition is moot.

Not that it matters, since you're a complete idiot. Try looking up the definition of "animal" and maybe you'll suddenly find out that insects are indeed animals, moron.

5/28/2009 1:07:58 PM

You're homeschooled, aren't you?

5/28/2009 1:21:10 PM


So my cat won't get to heaven? Fuck god, up the ass! If heaven's real Scratchy better be their waiting for me to come cuddle him, otherwise I'd choose hell, even if allowed Heaven.

5/28/2009 1:37:57 PM


Science lesson for the day. Bugs are NOT animals. I repeat, bug are not animals.

5/28/2009 1:53:48 PM


1. Either we all have souls, including them, or no one does. And from what I have personally experienced I feel comfortable in saying that animals DO indeed have souls.

2. Insects are part of the animal kingdom, fucking moron.

5/28/2009 2:04:21 PM

Mrs. Antichrist

Creationist biology: Insects have four legs and aren't animals. Brilliant!

5/28/2009 2:16:45 PM


Creationist biology: Insects have four legs and aren't animals.
And according to Hovind, they don't breathe either...

5/28/2009 2:31:52 PM


Sorry, not gonna work.

The soul, if we have it, is the mind (the part of our brain that seems to be more than the sum of its parts), and, get this, there are animals that have that too (difference of degree, not kind).

Insects are animals, part of the class Insecta, Phylum Metazoa. They also fit the dictionary definition for animal (excepting the description of the old use of animal to mean mammals only, which is old).

The L: "I was taught on one of those and didn't learn two-kingdom taxonomy was obsolete until college."
That's pretty bad. They're still teaching 5 kingdom at my local high schools, but at least that's a little more current. I didn't have too much trouble relearning domains (and apparently now there's some new supergroup for animals and fungi) but I know it had to be frustrating for a lot of my classmates.

5/28/2009 2:34:52 PM

Jedi Knight

I may be repeating myself here, but please show me where the supposed soul is placed.

5/28/2009 3:12:51 PM

Lord Mushroom


5/28/2009 3:35:18 PM


So insects are like us?

5/28/2009 4:33:17 PM

Now I've got the Killers song stuck in my head.

Insects aren't animals...plants aren't life...what are they teaching in schools?

5/28/2009 5:08:28 PM

First define soul. Then provide evidence we have one & animals don't. (waits) Neuroscience killed Descartes, bless them.

5/28/2009 5:11:32 PM

El Zorro

Another fundie who doesn't know what an animal is? Don't these people have dictionaries?

5/28/2009 5:12:46 PM


Insects have eyes and legs, bodily fluids, and a will to live. Yet they are not animals either.


ETA: Ecclesiastes 3:18-19

5/28/2009 6:28:34 PM


I guess insects are fungi, or sum'm.

5/28/2009 8:30:46 PM


If the soul gives personality that my former cat had a soul. She had an awesome personality.

Oh and insects are a type of animal. lrn2biology

5/28/2009 8:51:13 PM


...and for a second there I was going to criticize your attempt to argue in a material argument with a metaphysical concept, but then...

worst science fail all week. congratulations.

5/28/2009 9:36:33 PM


Insects are, in fact, animals.

5/28/2009 9:59:50 PM


1. Prove that we have this soul
2. If you can prove that, prove that animals don't
3. Since when are insects not animals? They're not mammals, but not all animals are mammals.

5/28/2009 10:41:48 PM


Failing biology for Jebus!

5/29/2009 6:17:34 AM

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