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Your evolution theories are pathetic cuz there has been nothing except ALLAH that has simply excisted always, your evolution chains got to have a start and it makes no sense if you come with shit like 2 metorites crashed together and the universum was build...

T-Craq, Cell Block Message Forum 10 Comments [2/1/2004 12:00:00 AM]
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I qote the great Samuel L. Jackson when I say, "English, mothafucka! Do you speak it?"

10/14/2009 4:27:11 AM


Um...don't convicts (or whatthefuckever they are) have their own jailhouse sprache?

Think this is one of the Guantanamo inmates? Cool!

10/14/2009 6:54:03 AM


So. How does a human comprehend something like "constant existence"? You make loud noises, but you do not think about their implications. Also, you have no knowledge of physics or the Big Bang theory, as well as no grasp of the English language.
@/Atheismo: ...too soon?

4/2/2012 1:47:16 PM

Blue the Thief

4/2/2012 3:03:46 PM

Quantum Mechanic

I take it biology isn't your major.

8/9/2012 5:22:59 PM

Quantum Mechanic

Lay off the K2.

5/9/2014 11:43:44 AM


Fundies of all sorts think if they can drag the sciences down to their religions level they can claim some balance of weight between the two ideaologies. Problem is we get the same shit every time, you always reduce the science side to some over-simplistic or totally wrong claim to get as near to as full stupid as your religion.

Science did in fact not state "2 metorites crashed together and the universum was build" but if it had it would be just as valid in levels of proof or believability as your faith.

5/9/2014 12:58:07 PM

If your "ALLAH that has simply excisted always", why couldn't the universe have simply always existed?

You claim everything needs a cause except your god? If you get to do that, then the universe doesn't need a cause either.

5/9/2014 6:36:44 PM

"if you come with shit like 2 metorites crashed together and the universum was build..."

Besides you, who is claiming that? Citation seriously fucking needed.

5/9/2014 6:39:34 PM


Two metorites(sic) crashed together before the universe was build(sic), eh?

Uh-huh. And today I drove a car that hasn't been made yet.

5/10/2014 2:47:04 AM

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