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You mean "the growth, learning and development of civilizations.... scholarship, science, education and learning." that has brought us to the brink of global collapse? Or, "the growth, learning and development of civilizations.... scholarship, science, education and learning" that brought the atomic bomb, and the MASS EXTERMINATIONS of the 20th Century? Or is it, "the growth, learning and development of civilizations.... scholarship, science, education and learning" that brought about the SLAUGHTER of OVER FIFTY MILLION INNOCENT BEINGS IN THE WOMB?

Tell you what, you sick and diseased God-less freak. I'll take the GOOD OLD DAYS, ANYTIME. >You< immoral and diseased freaks are responsible for MORE DEATH than ALL other causes COMBINED. You freaks are a VIRUS.

GSCensored, Topix 72 Comments [5/31/2009 1:38:21 PM]
Fundie Index: 52

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abortion's are created by nigger doctors, trying to kill proud white babies. how many abortions happen in black countries none! they spread like a desease.

5/31/2009 9:19:21 PM


@white, you've got a quote there that might be worthy of CTSTDT!

5/31/2009 9:23:01 PM

Evil Pirate Captain Mel

The good old days, huh? You mean, like the 14th century? Ah yes, nothing like a spot of Black Death to make me yearn for the days where religion reigned supreme and where "scholarship, science, education and learning" were practically nonexistent.

5/31/2009 10:17:59 PM


And you sir need to shut the fuck up.

5/31/2009 10:22:33 PM


I look forward to a day when abortion is no longer necessary (due to better birth control methods and not abstinence), but I'd rather have abortion than despicable intolerance and ignorance.

5/31/2009 11:31:59 PM

Tolpuddle Martyr


"Dems learnin' is BAAAD, an', an' JEEZUS is GOOD! Dem' fancy folks books and suchlike are of the DEBBIL!!! An ign'rent folk, we never kilt NOBODY, that me and mah good buddy JEEZUS heard of anyways."

6/1/2009 12:23:39 AM


Damn Neo-Luddites.

6/1/2009 1:20:19 AM

The Jamo

Wow! So much vitriol and you STILL get it wrong.

6/1/2009 2:36:02 AM


Then please, quit polluting the internet for a start. It's just the product of immoral and diseased freaks anyway.

6/1/2009 2:56:26 AM


"Tell you what, you sick and diseased God-less freak. I'll take the GOOD OLD DAYS, ANYTIME"

Fine. Go join the Amish. No more of those nasty 20th Century technological advancements for you. One more thing:

6/1/2009 8:34:45 AM

Boy do I wish we had time machines so we could dump all these freaks back in the Dark Ages they so yearn for.

6/1/2009 11:25:05 AM


I'm in support of him living like the 'good old days'. It carried a 40 year lifespan.

6/1/2009 2:54:33 PM

50 million innocent beings in the womb? That's kind of a small number, since 1/3rd of all pregnancies end in a miscarriage. Guess God is the most ruthless killer of all!

6/1/2009 6:11:16 PM

And this computer, remember. At least be consistent.

6/2/2009 9:11:54 AM

Nyssa of Aachen

Right, let's demolish this rabid troll's post in a rational manner...
1) Which mass exterminations is he referring to, The Holocaust, which was delibrately initated by a devout Xtian, Adolf Hitler, who you could argue, was suffering from some sort of mental illness, Stalin's purges, which came about as a result of his Paranoia, (although the Russian Civil War, which lasted for about 5 years, may have "planted the seed" for the purges).
2) Ah, Roe Vs Wade...
Presumeably, GSCensored does not count the 388 Million children under 5, which died of preventable causes, such as hunger, globally, over the same time frame, as presumeably they're "Tainted by Sin", and are presumably unworthy to go to heaven...
3) Can anyone say "Year Zero"...?
After all, Pol Pot wanted to return Kampuchea, to a idyllic agarian state, & how many millions of "intellectuals" did the Khemer Rouge, kill in order to pursue this vision...?
Note: Anyone wearing spectacles was counted as an "intellectual", & subject to termination, by cadre elements of the Khemer Rouge...
If that is GSCensored's desire, he's welcome to it, though how long that he would survive, is a topic for further debate...

6/2/2009 3:46:42 PM


The only reason we still have those things is because religion slowed mankind down by a couple thousands of years-

6/2/2009 6:35:49 PM


Have fun dieing of Cholera!

6/17/2009 7:53:00 AM


@Sasha: Amen to that. Modern science provides the medicine that allows my mother to control her seizures so that she can have a life.

@Mudak, re: white: I second the nomination for CTSTDT, and also nominate white for RSTDT. Stupid troll.

7/6/2009 6:25:57 PM

I automatically read this in this woman's voice.


12/3/2009 8:33:29 AM


Go join an Amish compound, why don't you.
Just remember that they are more educated and developed than the people of the Dark Ages.
They are more progressive too, you have to make a choice about joining the church "for real" during your adolecence.

So maybe that's too "civilized" for you.

12/3/2009 10:17:01 AM

JB Mason

So log off the fucking internet, luddite. It's for god-less freaks only.

2/22/2010 6:48:41 PM


You might want to take some anger management classes.

2/18/2014 9:00:40 AM

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