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Do you believe in evolution? If you do, is it not the height of arrogance to assume that man whom has been around for however many million years that you postulate can affect something you postulate that has been around for billions of years?

Jeremiah the Bullfrog, Christian Forums 9 Comments [2/1/2004 12:00:00 AM]
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Yeah, just like viruses that have only been around for a few months can't possibly have any effect on creatures that have been around millions of years!

(and typically the older a disease strain becomes, the more benign it becomes, since killing a host is evolutionarily disadvantageous, so the brand new ones are typically always the biggest threat)

10/30/2006 9:04:35 PM


"...that man whom has been around for however many million years..."

Try a few tens of thousands, if I recall correctly. We. Have. Not. Been. Around. Since. The beginning! Now who's being arrogant?

1/17/2008 6:05:10 PM


the fundie "stupid" mine is bottomless

1/17/2008 7:18:59 PM


Is it not the height of arrogance to declare who is going to be condemned for all of time?

10/10/2008 6:32:06 PM

Allegory for Jesus

No, because we can see how it happens.

It's not an arrogant assumption when it is demonstrably true.

10/10/2010 5:35:19 PM

Mountains take millions of years to form.
How long does it take a mining company to turn one into a giant pit?

5/24/2012 11:02:22 AM


Just realize, at the least, we are parasites of the planet and we've gotten Nuclear Bomb good at it.

Waking up yet?

Because as bad as twenty Nuclear Bombs can be we for some fucking insane reason have hundreds.

Waking up yet?

Fuck the Nuclear waste then, and the bombs, we have coal factories pounding carbon into the air at VERY unnatural levels, we are polluting rivers at an astounding rate, we are pounding chemicals into the ground to force unnatural reactions.

I'm no tree hugger, despite having hippy values I understand the need the population has put on the Earth and we need it's resources.

But we can be WAY smarter about it and the exploiters

5/24/2012 4:44:28 PM



Because it isn't an assumption. It is a conclusion derived from observations.

5/24/2012 6:09:51 PM


Postulate postulate postulate postulate. Postulate!

Yeah, fun word.

5/25/2012 5:55:40 AM

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