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Men in Black (also called MIBs) are alleged to visit individuals who have witnessed a UFO and warn them not to tell others about what they have seen. Men in Black supposedly use all forms of persuasion to silence UFO witness-including the threat of deadly force if necessary. These Men in Black are usually seen in groups of three and are thought to be either extra terrestrial enforcers or government intelligence agents. Men in Black are responsible for silencing witnesses to UFOs and ensuring that UFO events are kept hidden from the public.

Men in Black pose as salesmen, utility repairmen or agents of the government to gain access to UFO witnesses. They harass UFO witnesses through phone calls and surprise visits. Men in Black are alleged to drive black vintage Buicks or Lincoln town cars.

AboveTopSecret.com, Above Top Secret 25 Comments [6/1/2009 6:30:49 PM]
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You forgot that they all wear sunglasses, even at night, and only appear in somewhat popular fiction movies starring Will Smith.

6/1/2009 7:02:04 PM

A Friend

I thought the MIB were galaxy defenders who won't let you remember.

6/1/2009 8:12:06 PM


"Alleged ... supposedly ... thought ..."

In other words, you have no evidence beyond your own imagination.

6/1/2009 8:46:10 PM

Lord X

You got visited by the one with the faulty flashy thing, didn't you?

6/1/2009 8:51:53 PM


What I don't understand is, assuming for the sake of argument that they're real, why don't these MIB offer incentives for keeping quiet instead of harassing alleged UFO witnesses and generally getting on their bad side? You can achieve more with honey than with vinegar. Regardless if the MIB are government spooks or alien agents, they'll have sufficient resources to handsomely reward people for their silence.

@ausador: The concept of MIB has been around a lot longer than the films. I remember having a UFO book as a child that discussed them.

6/1/2009 9:28:54 PM

Seeker in the Dark


What I don't understand is this. Let's pretend there is some evidence for the Men in Black. What piece of evidence would point out to "either" one or another so vastly different things as the government or aliens. How can you look at, say, a picture, look at me and say: "You know Seeker, I'm not sure. This is either a government agent or an alien life form" ?

Gah. I don't get it.

6/1/2009 10:10:59 PM


Wouldn't black vintage Lincolns stand out? A lot?

Seems to me that if anybody wanted to blend in they'd get not-quite late model Honda Accords or something equally common and non-descript.

6/1/2009 11:38:55 PM


@ NoXion
There has been this new concept discovered recently called humor, you should google it, it really can be quite rewarding to have a sense of it.

6/1/2009 11:43:51 PM


Oh come on, this is obviously a parody! Who approved this!?

6/2/2009 1:35:54 AM


Hey somebody better use the flashy thing on this guy in a hurry.


6/2/2009 1:40:51 AM


And they put their asses on the line all the damn time.

6/2/2009 3:22:35 AM

Pule Thamex

Awesome! This is a startling revelation! Who'd have thunk it?

6/2/2009 3:41:46 AM


I really like the flashy thing that erases memory. And when the flame in the statue of Liberty turned out to be a giant flashy thing! Wow!!

What, we're not talking about the movie???

6/2/2009 10:04:33 AM


These MIB need to re-evaluate their intimidation techniques. It appears that everyone they try to silence can't wait to tell all.

6/2/2009 11:18:34 AM

If their intelligence is so superior to ours, one would think they would have changed to a less obvious choice of vehicle by now. Just sayin'.

6/2/2009 3:01:57 PM

And, for some unknown reason, you, a totally average joe, are well aware to all that(without the government sending you a men in what?, in purple?)

6/3/2009 9:57:27 AM


@Seeker in the Dark:

My point is that it doesn't matter whether these alleged MIB are government agents or aliens, these conspiracists' fantasies seem to me to make no sense even at face value.


Humour malfunction, I guess the circuit's not configured for that kind of input.

6/4/2009 5:20:23 PM

Tolpuddle Martyr

So when door to door salesmen come knocking do you scream "please don't kill me, I never saw the flying saucer" and shoot back into the house?

Actually that's an excellent way to deter door to door salesmen, thanks for the tip.

6/4/2009 9:36:03 PM

Beemer Refugee1990

No, those are usually either Mormons, or Jehovah's Witnesses.

Still creepy, as that level of brainwashing always is.

6/6/2009 2:15:59 AM


How come I've never seen a listing for MIB on USAJobs?

6/6/2009 8:02:50 AM


Wow, my brother races a vintage black Buick. I'll have to see if he can hook me up with some cool MIB-style sunglasses.

6/6/2009 12:12:33 PM

Seeker in the Dark


Of course theses conspiracies don't make sense! But at least, even if they were written just for fun, they could at least make the stories plausible! :-)

6/8/2009 7:47:29 AM

b. beau brinker

I thought MIBs drove POS Fords?

6/15/2009 2:31:19 AM

Dr. Novakaine

My brother claims to have witnessed a UFO. He also claims not to have witnessed any such phenomenon as "men in black." Coincidence? I think not.

6/16/2009 11:15:29 AM


The key thing about conspiracy's like this is: "Why do you know?"

6/30/2009 8:02:40 AM

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