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When Mac6yver and Kelly and others pay $10,000 a year out of their wages it will change their minds for sure... We would see real fast who wants NASA and who doesn't... BIG QUESTION HERE, Why doesn't the Bible say anything about people going out and exploration of space? The Bible says nothing about space travel only talks about earth itself. Another thing with God's help I will be here at long time before dieing. Are you ready to die?

Robert43, Christian Forums 6 Comments [2/1/2004 12:00:00 AM]
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MacGyver doesn't need to pay NASA to build spaceships, he can just build one out of three paperclips, a dustpan and a toaster.

4/3/2008 10:45:10 AM


If we're going to live by what the Bible Does'nt say..We'd be back BEFORE the bronze age (It's not even up to date with it's time of origion)

4/3/2008 11:26:37 AM

rubber chicken

The bible doesn't mention computers either.

4/3/2008 11:29:24 AM

El Guapo

There are many things that the bible doesn't address...including space travel and the wearing of pants by women(getting back to a number of posts by Brother Randy).

Is everything not explicitly sanctioned in the bible forbidden?

If that is the case, Bro Randy and Robert43 should consider abandoning the internet. Seriously. Because the bible has nothing about people using the internet.

4/3/2008 12:46:56 PM

It doesn´t speak about computers and internet either and look where you´re typing.

12/27/2009 12:37:31 PM


You know, the Bible doesn't say anything about you, Robert43. Maybe we should kill you, just to be on the safe side.

2/22/2013 5:04:18 PM

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