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In my book a Atheist is no diffient than an animal. Animals don't have morals. Atheist need to get away from Christian values and following of christian laws. Animals don't go to a afterlife after death and Atheist believe when they die they are just like a animal.

Robert43, Christian Forums 18 Comments [2/1/2004 12:00:00 AM]
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Actually, animals are very caring towards each other and never seem to commit atrocities. If that's what you mean... thank you.

5/18/2007 9:24:41 PM


Yes, people are animals too.

Incidentally, I do have morals thanks.

5/18/2007 9:25:50 PM


See, there's this little complication with your statement.

Humans are already animals, so it's sort of redundant to say that atheists (thanks for capitalizing that, by the way), a subset of humans, are animals.

And, actually, you're right: atheists do believe that death is the end. Like animals.

Thank you for stating your intent so clearly. Even though you may be a dolt, we still love you.

5/18/2007 11:06:02 PM


Animals live in packs where they care for each other without expecting anything in particular in return.

Unlike fundies, who only seem to go good deeds for fear of hell.

5/19/2007 12:50:25 AM

Matty The Red

well everyone has diffient opinions, your opinion is diffient than mine but you might want to go back to a diffient spelling school before you rocket around stupid opinions

5/19/2007 1:39:35 AM


You are right on some levels. We'd like to get away from christian values and christian law. We do die, like animals because humans are a mamal, an animal. But the not having morals is very wrong. Well, 2 out of 3 aint bad.

5/19/2007 1:41:23 AM


How do you think animals don't have morals? What about wolves? Monkeys?

10/31/2007 8:55:50 AM


News flash: People are animals. No one with a shred of knowledge in biology over the age of 8 without an ulterior motive denies this.

6/23/2008 5:29:08 AM

God Is Real Unless Declared Integer

Well, I think there are many animals who are more moral than our average religious fundamentalist. :)

7/13/2008 6:51:58 PM


Animals don't have morals.
Just because we don't believe i a god that likest to stone homosexuals, rape victims, and children to death does not mean we have no morals.

Atheist need to get away from Christian values and following of christian laws.
See the above.

Animals don't go to a afterlife after death...
Why not? Are they not god's creatures also?

...Atheist believe when they die they are just like a animal.
Reguardless of what you believe in, when you die, your body will rot in the ground. Just like an animals.

7/13/2008 7:44:47 PM


Beats the lake of fire treatment...

7/13/2008 7:46:39 PM

Reverend Jeremiah

Yes, we are animals. We are also humans. Yes, just like animals, we human animals die the same way..nothingness in the end (and before birth as well). Yes, we got away from your christian "values" and laws because they were so immoral. I refuse to stone my children, I refuse to kill homosexuals or those of other religions...your Christian values disgust me.

10/1/2008 1:04:13 AM


Sorry Robert, but if Kevin Warwick's theory that human mentality can be stored or duplicated on a computer, sometime in the next 20 years, then this person would be seriously considering uploading his mind, thus attaining effective immortalty...

10/1/2008 3:39:26 AM

Quantum Mechanic

Robert43 would be an insult to minerals, let alone vegetables.



2/6/2011 7:43:57 PM


eternity.... that would be fucking boring, no matter wether you go up or down.

3/13/2012 11:09:08 PM

Quantum Mechanic

You're more of a vegetable.

12/30/2012 7:39:08 AM

animals do have morals.

I watched my parrots and when one got sick the other helped it get food, huddled together to give it warmth, gathered straw to build it a small nest to sit in when it could no longer perch and stayed with it when it died tending to it and trying to wake it up.

12/30/2012 11:34:24 AM


Yes, we're animals. And so are you. Get over it.

But us atheists still have more morals than you.

12/30/2012 1:54:15 PM

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