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In all seriousness, I believe it's those who most hate Christianity - perhaps because of a conviction's nagging within their own consciences - that work hardest to slander the faithful as 'full of hatred and bigotry'. It's irritating to be reminded or right and wrong when you've spent ages in darkness, I'd guess.

Brother Christman, Christian Forums 5 Comments [2/1/2004 12:00:00 AM]
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How does this have zero comments? Is it cuz it's really really old? Like, so old that there wasn't enough traffic for every comment to even be seen by anybody? I guess it's lucky I hit "Random Comments". The quotes just seem so lonely without an abundance of responses from my fellow FSTDT commenters.

"It's irritating to be reminded or right and wrong when you've spent ages in darkness, I'd guess."

Well, you would know, wouldn't you? No guesswork required in your case.

3/27/2011 3:47:53 PM


No one slanders "the faithful as 'full of hatred and bigotry'", on this site they're simply posting your comments and beliefs, your own words.

Many 'full of hatred and bigotry' comments have come from ChristianForums so if you're a regular there you ignore them or think you're allowed to be that way by your god.

3/28/2011 7:42:49 AM

Quantum Mechanic

I don't hate shit.
Live with it.

9/18/2013 7:06:17 PM

According to Fred Phelps, god himself appears to be "full of hatred and bigotry". See how many of the quotes start with "God hates..."


9/18/2013 7:10:07 PM


Who hates Christianity? I don't; what's the point in hating a set of myths and legends? I do hate some of the things done in the name of Christianity, though, and some of the people doing things in the name of Christianity.

If the shoe fits... If you don't want to be called hateful and bigoted, then don't act hateful and bigoted.

Right and wrong?
Right: kill every man, woman, child and ox in an area that God has intended for you, keeping the virgin women as sex-slaves.
Wrong: wearing clothes of mixed fabrics
Yeah, it IS irritating to be reminded of this. I'd rather go back into the darkness, where it's wrong to kill people and it's right to decide for yourself how to dress.

9/18/2013 11:54:38 PM

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