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You will be "BEGGING" a gun toting Patriot to protect you, when this country gets invaded, YES you will! You will of course deny it at this time, but it is true. First, your kind will try to embrace the enemy, but after you see alot of your fellow "Free Thinkers" get executed, you run like hell and look for somebody to protect you. Please do not run to me? I am a very soft hearted person in most cases, but in a case where you turn on your fellow Americans, I would shoot you and all the others that approach me for help. I could NEVER trust you and you would be a threat to the safety of my family and myself. Call me a gun lover or any other juvenile names you choose, but I will survive with honor.

Cherokee Pride, Topix 40 Comments [6/14/2009 5:40:41 PM]
Fundie Index: 26

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Any name I like hey? Thanks, you're a deluded cunt.

6/14/2009 6:46:20 PM


Actually the biggest threat to your family is you since any army is more likely to gun you all down since you are a crazy gun wielding lunatic at worst and at best a terrorist (SHOCKED?)

6/14/2009 6:47:20 PM


Of course I'll be begging gun toting patriots to protect me if the US gets invaded, that's what the US military is for. A military that is second to none and doesn't need the "assistance" of weekend warriors who want to play soldier.

6/14/2009 7:41:14 PM

Dr. Razark

Wait, wait, wait.

You mean, that the only thing keeping this country from being invaded is Bubba, his Uncle Bubba (also his father), his brother Bubba, Granny Bubba, etc.?

WTF are we paying a standing professional military for? As well as a part-time National Guard? How about all those guys in the Coast Guard? What do they do, if not _guard_ the _coast_? What about the guys in the blue suits, buried in those big holes in the ground? The guys with the launch buttons for the nuclear (sorry, nukular) missiles? The missiles in the subs, the aircraft carriers, the tanks and artillery? The satellites? NORAD? Customs? Border Patrol? Homeland Security? The FBI? The CIA?

All that shit is damned expensive. And we can scrap it all and buy every Bubba another shotgun for much less than we're paying now.

WOOHOO!!! We's gunna be seein' that ole peace dividend now!


6/14/2009 7:44:06 PM

Pule Thamex

It doesn't make any difference whatever anyone calls you, you fatuous oaf, your too inured to mockery for it to matter to you. It's par for the course. Go ahead and aid the invaders if you want. They'll only turn on you and slay you for your pains you cretin. Who are these invaders anyway? I think we should be told.

6/14/2009 8:52:02 PM


Kid, your guns are pretty damn useless in asymmetric warfare. You know how to make an IED or a nail bomb? Those things are actually useful. In case you need some bigger guns, i can hook you up with some real firepower.

And you'd be running too if you saw a gunship coming at you flank speed.

6/15/2009 2:31:56 AM

G. Fieendish

Why would America's enemies want to invade the U.S...?
Completely obliterate it with Nukes, yes, physically invade it, no way...
In short, Cherokee Pride has been watching Red Dawn far, far too much...

6/15/2009 3:24:37 AM


Too much Red Dawn is right. And Invasion USA, where those nasty invaders blew up all those suburban houses...and on Christmas too! Damn...ummm...invaders!

6/15/2009 4:52:52 AM

Danny Noonan

6/15/2009 4:53:46 AM

Alien Acid

Fuck you, I don't need your help. You come near me thinking like that and I'll shoot you first, you dishonorable cunt.

6/15/2009 7:53:21 AM

Invaded by whom exactly?, Canadians and Mexicans don't look particularly aggresive, let alone the Cubans, who are actually in the verge of exhaustation.

6/15/2009 7:59:30 AM

You have a professional army for what exactly?, only to invade countries rich in petrol?

6/15/2009 8:00:18 AM

I thought the Cherokees already done got invaded. Much good their guerillas did them, hey?

6/15/2009 12:07:18 PM


meh, I have my own guns thank you. I'm also capable of hunting, fishing and living off the land. The world goes to hell and I'm heading for the bush. I want to be as far away from you lunatics as possible.

6/15/2009 5:45:09 PM


Give us your address so we can:
1. Not go there
2. Tell the enemy where to go.

6/15/2009 6:43:57 PM


"You will be "BEGGING" a gun toting Patriot to protect you, when this country gets invaded,"

You'd be nothing more than a pesky fly to them.

6/16/2009 3:24:36 AM

Dr. Novakaine

Honestly, I'm more scared of these gun-toting maniacs who call themselves "Patriots." But maybe that's because they're out to get me in the first place for not blindly agreeing with everything they say. Who's really the "Free Thinker?"

6/16/2009 11:38:43 AM


If these mysterious "invaders" arrive and our armed forces can't take care of the problem, that means they have more firearms, ammunition, tanks, grenades, and even possibly nuclear weapons than your puny rifle collection could even begin to ward off.

And, honestly, what I'm "BEGGING" for is that anybody as recklessly trigger-happy and paranoid as you never be allowed near anything more dangerous than a plastic spoon.

6/16/2009 12:38:15 PM

Dio Fa

China has far too much money invested in the United States to ever allow something like an invasion to occur.

However, if you start missing payments...

6/16/2009 2:34:46 PM


OMG! Don't you see it? He's right! They are invading...the Chinese MP3 Players are coming!!!!


6/16/2009 7:34:51 PM


sounds more likely that YOU would be doing the executing of freetinkers...

6/16/2009 9:21:33 PM

FYI, America and most countries in the world except Costa Rica have a professional army to avoid precisely that, to prevent invasions, not to invade countries which are rich in oil. Which leads me to the second premise, you are the reason why we have a police, to prevent idiots like you, who are ACTUALLY the problem.

6/17/2009 1:22:47 AM

rubber chicken

Of course, you do realise that you've just pinpointed yourself via the World Wide Web so that these mythical invaders can drive a tank up to your double-wide and wait for you to empty your saturday night special before turning you into a greasy spot on the hardstanding.
Well done, you tactical genius, you.

6/17/2009 3:40:47 AM


...the fuck?

6/17/2009 4:23:54 AM

If this hypothetical (read: most likely never going to happen) invasion were to occur (which it won't), I (and most sane people, one would hope) would go to our country's trained, professional military for protection, rather than some retarded Internet Tought Guy with a gun.

6/17/2009 1:36:09 PM

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