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"Exactly, what MAKES fascism right-wing?"
Democrat propaganda.

Back when they were honest, they openly declared their love for Hitler. They called themselves "Progressives" then.
When Hitler's name became a dirty word, theirs did, too.
To rehabilitate their image, they took the name "liberal" since at the time that's what we called the Founders.
They never made even trivial changes to their political agenda and STILL hold exactly the same platform they had in their "we're proud to love Hitler" days.
Calling Hitler "right wing" was to better distance their image from him. It was only possible because he fought Stalin. Since Stalin was acknowledged as leftist, they "reasoned" Hitler must be right, ignoring the fact they fought over TURF, not the ideology they SHARED

Short version: Nazi = Democrat. There is literally NO difference.

Peace through blinding force, Yahoo Answers 61 Comments [6/15/2009 5:37:00 PM]
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Except that I'm pretty sure that, even with Joe Lieberman's leaving the party, there are still Jewish Democrats.

6/15/2009 5:42:34 PM


The difference I find between liberal policies and fundie ideals is that while liberals would give people the choice to do what they want, the fundies would make any alternatives to their ideal illegal. Which sounds more like fascism?

6/15/2009 5:51:13 PM


Um, Hitler was narrow minded, anti-gay, anti-any-other-religion, white supremacist a crappy artist and a downright douche bag

Sounds like a Republican to me, not a Democrat (then again, I'm Australian, we have labour and liberal, but similar ideals really)

However, WHY are you trying to compare German politics from decades ago to the American political system of today? It's just stupid!

Oh wait... Yahoo Answers... my bad

6/15/2009 5:52:44 PM


Ah, revisionism, fundies are quite adept at it.

6/15/2009 5:55:07 PM


Geno, that fits remarkably well with his username dont you think?

6/15/2009 5:55:18 PM


Try again, use some facts next time. The real world's there and it is the one you should know.

This "Nazi=Democrat. There is literally NO difference." shows you to be completely ignorant of the truth, history or meaning of the terms

6/15/2009 6:04:11 PM


Because fascist régimes really have no ideological quarrel with bolshevism.

6/15/2009 6:19:16 PM


Yeah, that Hitler with his gay rights, tolerance for different people and openness and understanding. What a democratic bastard!

6/15/2009 6:34:10 PM


Any political scientist would point out that the concepts of "liberal" and "conservative" are entirely dependent upon time and place. Andrew Jackson, with his steadfast promotion of free-market capitalism was a liberal in his time.

It's also noteworthy that liberal and conservative don't even fit cleanly into the democratic or republican parties. I sincerely question whether there'd be room for "Mr. Conservative" Barry Goldwater in today's republican party.

6/15/2009 6:38:45 PM

Old Viking

One of the most pig-ignorant observations in quite some time.

6/15/2009 6:40:51 PM


Yep. Hitler was a Democrat. You could tell by his love for gays, his respect for other religions and races, and his pacifist beliefs. We all know the Nazis loved those liberal Jews!

6/15/2009 6:43:13 PM


Hitler shared the following characteristics with the political right: a hatred of foreigners and people who weren't of Arian descent, a belief that there is an absolute morality and that it's the government's legitimate job to enforce it, a belief that the country's problems were the fault of scapegoats and a belief that the country's problems could be solved by beating the crap out of the people who were the "cause" of it.

6/15/2009 7:05:35 PM


Revisionist history makes me horny.

6/15/2009 7:29:33 PM


HAHAHAHAHAHA!! That was a good one, tell another!

6/15/2009 8:13:35 PM

rubber chicken

This wins my own, personal, "Most Politically Ignorant Comment Of All Time Award".

6/15/2009 8:23:29 PM


What the fuck?! I'm usually pretty good at deciphering this shit, but I need an English to Nutbag dictionary.

6/15/2009 8:25:29 PM



Check the political compass, Hitler was authorotain socialy and centered economicly. The authorotarian was as radical right as you can get. If you take, say, Ronald regan, he woud fall very close to the center socialy.

Yes, belief in total state controll is leftst. Right....

6/15/2009 8:39:33 PM


The difference between fascist and liberal [Dem] governments is that one relies upon belligerent tribal paranoia, and the other, simple laissez-faire cosmopolitanism.

It's not too bloody difficult to make the leap; just look beyond your tribal boundaries, and you'll notice other people simply getting along with their lives. Is that really such a threat to you?

6/15/2009 8:46:34 PM


Godwin'd in zero. Damn.

6/15/2009 9:14:52 PM


I'm assuming joke on this, simply for the sake of my sanity.

6/15/2009 9:20:25 PM

Enoch Jones

I'm not. Ultimate Godwin Award.

6/15/2009 11:43:46 PM

Mudak pretty much said it for me. The best you can do is try to define a two group of people, one of whom want more power to a majority and another to a smaller group, and even that can get a bit sketchy, since you need to define what constitutes "small" and what constitutes "big".

Tl;dr= You don't get to point fingers and call anyone you don't like Nazis, you losers.

6/15/2009 11:52:20 PM


Hitler didn't like gays, gypsies, Jews, anyone who wasn't of northern European extraction, and wanted to eradicate anyone who didn't think as he did. Sounds like a Right Winger to me, and to the rest of the world outside your glass bubble.

6/15/2009 11:57:29 PM


Stalin and Hitler did not share an ideology.

Nazis are not the same as Democrats, by a long shot.

The force you're using to achieve peace has blinded you.

6/16/2009 12:44:19 AM


I hate it when people don't know what they are talking about.

6/16/2009 12:54:20 AM

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