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"Exactly, what MAKES fascism right-wing?"
Democrat propaganda.

Back when they were honest, they openly declared their love for Hitler. They called themselves "Progressives" then.
When Hitler's name became a dirty word, theirs did, too.
To rehabilitate their image, they took the name "liberal" since at the time that's what we called the Founders.
They never made even trivial changes to their political agenda and STILL hold exactly the same platform they had in their "we're proud to love Hitler" days.
Calling Hitler "right wing" was to better distance their image from him. It was only possible because he fought Stalin. Since Stalin was acknowledged as leftist, they "reasoned" Hitler must be right, ignoring the fact they fought over TURF, not the ideology they SHARED

Short version: Nazi = Democrat. There is literally NO difference.

Peace through blinding force, Yahoo Answers 61 Comments [6/15/2009 5:37:00 PM]
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Ja! Gott Mitt Uns!

9/11/2009 1:34:33 PM

I've notice plenty people communism=fascism

4/12/2011 4:34:26 PM


No, the Nazis were yours. It's a far-right thing.

4/12/2011 4:35:57 PM


Hitler and Stalin shared an ideology? Isn't that a bit like saying Hovind and Dawkins share the same views on religion?

4/13/2011 3:21:33 AM

1) Rejection of class conflict.
2) Alliance with established elites in the clergy, big business and the military.
3) Support for traditional values and conservative social mores.
4) Hobbesian, aggressive view of international relations.

Want more?

9/13/2011 2:22:55 PM


Nationalism, crony capitalism, social and religious conservatism, union-busting, militarism? Sounds right wing to me.

Ideology one:
Races are the basis of human history, they compete with each other, and races prevail by brute force, conquering land and mantaining racial purity.

Ideology two:
The development of productive forces and the economic systems in which they are organized drive human history.Each system has certain class relations - which are really property relations -, and classes have conflicting interests. When a system starts becoming a burden for further development, it gets replaced by a new system.
Capitalism is only the latest of several economic systems, and will eventually become obsolete. Socialism, by abolishing private property, eliminates class distinctions and therefore class warfare.

What exactly do these ideologies share?

10/24/2011 11:53:31 PM

Oh my Godwin.

12/30/2013 5:35:20 PM

Dr. Shrinker

Henry Ford and Charles Lindburgh were both BIG Hitler fans. Are you going to tell us that they were progressive left-wingers?

Oh please say yes. I would so enjoy the opportunity to humiliate you for doing so!

12/30/2013 8:04:51 PM

Short version: Republican = Moron. There is literally NO difference.


12/30/2013 8:13:23 PM

By the way;
You progress on your conservative platforms to become more conservative. progressive things (change) can't benefit or even exist by keeping the standard, always, mostly things (not change and never good).

It's a long list that has slavery/genocide at the top.

In other words if you're becoming evil more then you're progressively evil, which might be the best slogan for Republicans right now. No, can you imagine? votes would plumet but I'm worried the Southerners would still give them 25%.

1/1/2014 1:22:05 PM

And they are full of jews. Make up your mind

8/6/2015 5:07:37 PM

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